Great way to start March?


So, my good friend got me the Dark Fate game since I can't afford it!!
Even if I had the money, I don't know how to pay for it as I need to travel to the capital for that. lol



I started with the Tsukinami's as I have a list of the characters that I like and I'm starting with the least favorite which is Shin. I know Shoutaro Morikubo is a well known seiyuu/singer but I'm not much of a fan of him.
On the story proper, at first, thanks to the spoilers on Tumblr, I learned that the Tsukinami's father's sister, Mene was held at the Demon King's Castle. In there she seemed to have had a relationship with the King and had a daughter whom we identify as Cordelia. As they follow their evidences and with the help of a Pureblood Fanatic, Mertz (?)/(obviously Richter), they were led to where Yui is and enters the school to capture her.

I am still at the beginning of Shin's chapters so I'll stop here for now.
My progress is posted here.


Rasiel Lou

Author:Rasiel Lou
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