Tweets of 30th May


Heeheehee..Lam na dis.#OP #PW3 #MerameraBattle https://t.co/MhEDvfnxYl
05-30 23:03

When Sabo appeared in game.Me: Me too Luffy, me too. https://t.co/AngbP2fLLi
05-30 23:01

Can't take my hands off you. FOR SABO!!! https://t.co/2QaggGsy96
05-30 15:05

RT @tokenMOL: 現世遠足のしおり さにわとのやくそく1「お茶にさそわれてもついていかない」 https://t.co/g4beTq5dt0
05-30 13:49

RT @TheGespenst: The world needs to see these pieces of concept art for Ken and Koromaru in P4A/U https://t.co/1i58Q6qtMq
05-30 11:46

Luffy: *spam Jet Pistol*Law: *spam counter shock*Ussop: *spam Rafflesia*Me: OvO
05-30 00:34

Whoa! 2 Liars! XD https://t.co/YrtJtgwzTt
05-30 00:23


Rasiel Lou

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