Tweets of 30th January


RT @sleemo_: I still love this poster promoting the deleted scenes + home release of The Force Awakens. Can’t wait to see the one for The L…
01-30 16:37

RT @picturecats: A black hole warping space-time right on top of a duvet https://t.co/Vh6KhTBA2J
01-30 16:32

RT @totalfilm: Meet the man whose job it is to remember the ENTIRE Star Wars canon (and what he'd change) https://t.co/TRBkMr3jLK https://t…
01-30 16:31

RT @sleemo_: Creepy but intriguing: “Snoke’s retinue includes mute alien navigators who originated in the Unknown Regions. Were it not for…
01-30 16:29

RT @sleemo_: This poster came out March 26, 2016. Two days prior to that was when we got this deleted scenes teaser https://t.co/lssJ7fp3RH
01-30 15:51

RT @pablohidalgo: Somebody's gonna spend a lot of time being angry on my timeline about this today, right? https://t.co/za4pHQPmmc
01-30 15:50

RT @plantblogger: oh my god this han-inspired outfit from TFA concept art 😭💕💕 https://t.co/6LDAB92TEM
01-30 15:49

RT @jungsnrk: (2) ยาวๆ https://t.co/24lB43Jc9U
01-30 14:24

RT @jungsnrk: (3) กาวๆ https://t.co/vZFDsZ3UEH
01-30 14:24

RT @jungsnrk: (4) ตอนนี้มีเท่านี้ น่าจะ1/7ของเรื่องได้ 😐 https://t.co/387nx4ZJKw
01-30 14:17

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