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RT @Persona_Central: English subtitles for the newest Persona 5: Dancing Star Night and Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night trailers.Makoto: htt…
02-27 16:41

RT @starwars: The past, present, and future of Star Wars converge in "Wolves and a Door" and "A World Between Worlds." #RebelsRecon explore…
02-27 15:08

RT @OJMOVIE: 冬のレイロ https://t.co/oyonBwJlmD
02-27 14:51

RT @kylosjedi: "Heir apparent to Lord Vader" https://t.co/YvswInqVe8
02-27 14:41

RT @sleemo_: An ad showing a quick preview of the deleted scenes which will be available on the blu-ray edition of Star Wars #TheLastJedi -…
02-27 13:32

RT @noctilin: oh right I forgot to post the original ones!! i'm only going to use this to test glitter epoxy charms with, but if you guys w…
02-27 13:26

RT @ATLUS_goods: 2月27日発売の電撃マオウ4月号には、斉藤ロクロ先生の描くコミック版『P4U2』第33話が掲載。世界を滅ぼそうと企むヒノカグツチ&鳴上 悠が激突! 悠の身に危機が訪れた時、ついにあの男が立ち上がる! 一方、皆月翔はミナヅキと邂逅を果たし……。緊…
02-27 13:00

RT @hataraku_maguro: コミック版『P4U2』第33話、無事校了しております。2月27日発売の電撃マオウ4月号に掲載されますのでお楽しみに♪ 第33話は鳴上悠、皆月翔、そしてこの男の存在感が特に素晴らしいです。『P4』の事件を乗り越え、いろんな意味でMAXの、…
02-27 13:00

RT @sleemo_: BTS of Kylo Ren and Snoke in the throne room from Star Wars #TheLastJedi - https://t.co/0LQvjw9WMB #AdamDriver @andyserkis htt…
02-27 13:00

RT @sleemo_: I just love how a lot of the early Kylo Ren / "Jedi Killer" designs had him on a cool bike.[Concept art by Dermot Power - ht…
02-27 13:00

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