Tweets of 29th September


RT @savannah_moon_: enjoy this video of my cat’s 6th attempt to jump on the counter. https://t.co/D1nnhVMG09
09-29 16:42

RT @Gelabird: Dimitri finally learns the truth... #FireEmblemThreeHouses #FE3H #UntitledGooseGame #ThoseWhoHonkInTheDark #Dimitri https:/…
09-29 16:40

RT @Roxushi: daydreamer#fireemblemthreehouses https://t.co/9fARTeCByu
09-29 16:02

RT @mayn_tw: Finally!Finally!! We were able to meet!!!! Hello, halo haloooooooooo😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 https://t.co/mxSIOp79Q6
09-29 16:00

RT @ensemble_stars: 【あんさんぶるランウェイ】UNDEAD の新ビジュアルムービーを公開!!新章展開『あんさんぶるスターズ!!』での新たなユニット衣装・ロゴを公開する「あんさんぶるランウェイ」。次回は10/2公開です。お楽しみに!https://t.co
09-29 16:00

RT @superlark: was completely thrown by the pronunciation of this one lol https://t.co/jtcO0lmt8o
09-29 15:59

RT @samatoki: i j. just https://t.co/X8H107X1uM
09-29 09:56

RT @gloomytroutfish: since sasara is now a big thing on the hypmic fandom let's bring back one of my favorite panels from the manga https:/…
09-29 09:44

RT @AwwwwCats: Oh sweet Jesus I think I'm going to be sick https://t.co/ky4qwrVskd
09-29 09:43

RT @Fe3hMeme: https://t.co/xiyOjNVWfU
09-29 07:14

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