Tweets of 6th August


RT @TheGespenst: Everyone is like "Ren is so badass, he stopped a sword with a gun" but did you look at Yu's face? He's not fazed be that a…
08-06 18:49

RT @p_kouhou: 【ペルソナQ2 11月29日発売!】ワガハイたち怪盗団も活躍するペルソナシリーズRPG最新作の最新映像を公開中!公式サイトも更新してるぜ!ぜひチェックしてくれよな!https://t.co/0zVzZNSDyl #PQ2
08-06 16:38

RT @BryanDechart: 🤖⭕️ LIVE NOW Streaming #DetroitBecomeHuman ⭕️🤖< RETWEET for an chance to WIN an autographed copy of @famitsu #Famitsu w…
08-06 06:52

RT @Boxel839: ハム子~~~!! \ハム子おめでとー!/ https://t.co/TMenutZqrm
08-06 05:08

RT @BryanDechart: ⭕️ LIVE NOW! ⭕️Autographed #Detroit Premiere Prizes signed by @David__Cage and the @Detroit_PS4 creative team! < Retwe…
08-06 05:07

RT @BryanDechart: #ConnorArmy< RT & JOIN toWIN Autographed #DetroitBecomeHuman prizes during our ⭕️ LIVE STREAM ⭕️ in about 2 HOURS on ht…
08-06 04:17

RT @BryanDechart: ⭕️ LIVE NOW! ⭕️< Retweet to INVITE & Join Us! >#DetroitBecomeHuman #ConnorArmy @AmeliaRBlaire https://t.co/mzukSx0xBf
08-06 04:17

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