Tweets of 6th January


...since I removed FB, I've nowhere to uo this. https://t.co/gzCOo2bkPX
01-06 12:10

RT @michelledeidre: Happy 78th birthday to the master, Hayao Miyazaki, who gets it. https://t.co/y6vjdPdRb0
01-06 12:07

RT @MothershipSG: Raising Leonardo da Vinci https://t.co/EZAPwFyz4u
01-06 12:07

RT @urade_neyo: 委ねる https://t.co/4a1bv1cU4s
01-06 12:04

RT @EmrgencyKittens: *amazon: your package has been shipped* https://t.co/l6IH3XK8Ly
01-06 12:04

RT @AbemaTV: /🍑#ももいろ歌合戦🍑🎤#ヒプノシスマイク による応援ラップ見逃し配信スタート💡\今日のためだけに作られたオリジナルラップ❗️生で見た方も見逃した方も、何度でもご視聴ください✨#momoclo #ヒプマイ @hypnosismic
01-06 11:12

RT @toridamono: 酒吞童子 #FGO https://t.co/iJIIyTofcO
01-06 09:09

RT @jeremybornstein: Recently a Japanese monk was issued a citation for driving while in his traditional robes and in response, other monks…
01-06 09:09

RT @kawanocy: 流子ちゃん https://t.co/5d0a4Xp6Rf
01-06 09:09

RT @pvc_parfait: if your convention is gonna run through a "Cosplay is NOT consent" banner at least have a woman staff assigned to assistin…
01-06 09:08

RT @NickTyson: Coolest @McDonalds commercial ever?#IntoTheSpiderVerse #SpiderVerse https://t.co/tq6hLBb33S
01-06 09:08

RT @narusasukudasai: NS2019❤️ https://t.co/Xiu4mqfo0X
01-06 08:28

RT @mirshroom: my first hawks for 2019~ https://t.co/WqWc7aTbtP
01-06 08:27

RT @nemurihm: 進捗🐴 https://t.co/yjHRqGo4EH
01-06 04:44

RT @aoaoaoaoaoaoa: 🌸🎍🐺🎍🌸先生絶対和服似合う・・・・・;;; https://t.co/KepYl0rH15
01-06 04:44

RT @JohnBoyega: 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/mqxNlQ7dtU
01-06 04:43

RT @nbcbrooklyn99: If these pecs could talk, they'd tell you there are only 5️⃣ DAYS until #Brooklyn99 is back on your screen! https://t.co
01-06 03:40

RT @toboso_official: ブロードウェイで見たアナ雪ミュージカルのクリストフのスタイルがあまりにカッコ良くて最近毎日背中ばかり描き続けている【枢】 https://t.co/BVb9KqSvto
01-06 01:16

RT @os_Amaniwa: りおうちゃん https://t.co/esNM446HU4
01-06 01:11

RT @DaiKing_boy: しんたさん、れいおう君、お誕生日おめでとう!!焼肉行こうね!! https://t.co/pJO1ARft1R
01-06 00:23

RT @Dandelion_Ltd: 今日がお誕生日の浅沼くんと明日がお誕生日の土田くん。武道館ライブのリハで皆さんにお祝いしていただきました.。゚+.(・∀・)゚+.゚ありがとうございました!あんスタ武道館ライブまであと1週間!皆様、お楽しみに(ง •̀_•́)ง(ダンデ2号…
01-06 00:20

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