Tweets of 3rd April


RT @hypmic_en: 1st announcement: Wendy's & First Kitchen x HypMic collab starts today.2nd announcement: Titles and composers for the album…
04-03 22:01

RT @013Kashiba: 3 Hours left till I can go to bed, so yeah.. Have to fill up my time, right? I'm so tired, but that's okay. xDBtw.. This…
04-03 21:43

RT @IxionVII: *SPOILERS*Ok so DMC V has been out a while and I wanna showcase a few new pics that may contain spoilers. I do apologise in…
04-03 21:41

RT @013Kashiba: I should..actually.. sleep. _(┐「ε:)_#DMC5 #DMCV #DevilMayCryV https://t.co/l4uU68frhG
04-03 21:41

RT @013Kashiba: Had too much fun parrying at the end of mission 07 xD#DMC5 #DMCV #DevilMayCryV https://t.co/xs0MhMLzHo
04-03 21:40

RT @013Kashiba: This cat ay.. He never stops. #DMC5 #DMCV #DevilMayCryV https://t.co/dtK3LuwHqy
04-03 21:36

RT @TVguidePERSON: 【「TVガイドVOICE STARS vol.9」好評発売中】第3特集「この2人だからこそ、奏でられる音がある。」にはJack Westwoodこと #武内駿輔 さん(@jack___shunsuke)と #LotusJuice さん(@l
04-03 21:01

RT @Lumeru_33: 사쿠라쨩 https://t.co/aeFRFejMkX
04-03 19:26

RT @wata_i_: おそらくポスタ https://t.co/7XsCraxHG3
04-03 12:27

RT @kyloreyn: even their lightsaber poses are the same I- https://t.co/LMJDjlN8gN
04-03 12:24

RT @atutcha: Lady and trish ⚡️🧨Pls give me a dlc of these two i’m begging #DevilMayCry5 #DMC5 https://t.co/zqoDfwQvhC
04-03 12:22

RT @Kei_R_Kenway: [DMC5] Doodle V & Trish. Poor baby boy~ https://t.co/kXLoPyeHzN
04-03 12:21

RT @SunhiLegend: #DevilMayCry5 https://t.co/UGy7Zfm4yU
04-03 11:10

RT @venomchaffs: #DevilMayCry5 #XboxShare https://t.co/2ftPF5e9Bd
04-03 11:06

RT @JamesBBRogers: STAR WARS REFERENCE #DevilMayCry5 https://t.co/MlC5QLKH7t
04-03 11:06

RT @luwhart: goes without saying https://t.co/rQRgFJzHYn
04-03 11:01

RT @all_need_is: 位置について https://t.co/SjGn50HZ8w
04-03 11:01

RT @FallonTonight: .@Maisie_Williams reveals a major spoiler about the last season of @GameOfThrones 👀#FallonTonight https://t.co/lKlqW4utYP
04-03 09:16

RT @io31_n: 忍に召喚されたUNDEAD https://t.co/hvTitX5PEh
04-03 09:11

RT @PlayOverwatch: It’s time to get in the groove!Pre-order your Lúcio statue today from the #BlizzardGear store!🎶 https://t.co/8gAhXZ1
04-03 06:43

RT @thearcanagame: Asra, Nadia, and Julian's routes have come to a close, but new stories are on the horizon. Stay tuned for Muriel, Portia…
04-03 06:43

RT @mmt_910: 3/31昼公演前アナのときの舞台袖妄想らくがき⚜影アナ用マイクふつうに描くの忘れたからヘッドマイクでってことで…でも実際2つくらいのハンドマイクにみんなで顔くっつけてぎゅうぎゅう状態で喋ってたらかわいい!!!5人でどうマイク回してたんだろ〜!マジで影…
04-03 02:27

RT @GameOfThrones: The great war was here. #GameofThrones https://t.co/hWSeyHVIPe
04-03 02:26

RT @cacao_chocotto: 終幕 https://t.co/Ag7RQggVmq
04-03 02:25

RT @s_kamio113: 4月12日26時10分から放送予定の『みんなで語る番組 かたりぽ』に出演致します。どうぞ宜しくお願いいたします! https://t.co/DwVdY6y5ZF
04-03 02:25

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: 今日もヒロステ稽古。お父さん役の…あ、エンデヴァー役のゆーすけくんの誕生日だよ!!稽古場でみんなでお祝いした(*^^*)屋上ワンダーランドぶりの共演で、実はウキウキしてるのです。おめでとう!! https://t.co/Vtt3zY
04-03 02:25

RT @GizGunslinger: I’m always saying that politeness is the best way to kick asses.#GizTheGunslingerArt #TheDeadDontDie #RonaldPeterson #…
04-03 02:25

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