Tweets of 3rd May


RT @SteamyTomatoes: Colors Flying High <3#Persona5r #Persona5TheRoyal https://t.co/kIEXVtdRum
05-03 23:16

RT @DE_MI_DE: https://t.co/s1kTrDM5zK
05-03 23:08

RT @luoman19921: 😀😀😀 https://t.co/sp3yfwDjuD
05-03 23:08

RT @Ray_FJT: ダブル左京!!ありがとうございました!!#fujitaray #dustz #エーステ #古市左京 https://t.co/VNrXAck2a1
05-03 23:07

RT @cyanwhisky: #AvengersEndgame thank you, Tony, for everything🍑🍑🍑 https://t.co/egfbbSKh8q
05-03 23:07

RT @Kei_R_Kenway: [DMC5] Before we going to fight!All boys in DMC5 have very shining lip 💋✨I LOVE it 💖 https://t.co/z4J0upXek7
05-03 23:07

RT @IGN: Alolan Darth Maul's form changed as a result of its desire to rid Westeros of human life! https://t.co/mfehc0ff3f
05-03 23:06

RT @takasaki_shota: 2日目ありがとうございました!ツーショットを撮るまで…。#舞台カラマリ https://t.co/1HLPSqbM2S
05-03 23:06

RT @MangaMaterials: How to draw the face:Cause of discomfort and the correcting method #2The Face : Tutorial Summaryhttps://t.co/nfFeDOH
05-03 23:05

RT @W20190308: ダンテのシルエットが足を意識するとどうしても細くなってしまうんだけどもっとムキムキのはずなんだよね…… https://t.co/WansSkdMpM
05-03 19:03

RT @agikun: V and (supposed to be) Urizen. Might be a forever WIP coz the file i've been working on iPad suddenly got corrupted... "luckil…
05-03 17:28

RT @IraMotionless: https://t.co/FhUj9XG1Ua
05-03 17:28

RT @akira_exhale: The truth is...I wanted to be protected and loved. https://t.co/s3tiKksB0r
05-03 17:28

RT @syndecim: I've been drawing edgelords all week 💦#DevilMayCry5 https://t.co/ht8JDJGBuc
05-03 17:28

RT @kinakov2: ついったーにあげてるやつまとめました〜【腐】DMCログ | イ子 #pixiv https://t.co/tYjba5OBMy
05-03 16:58

RT @ingomiex: Vさんとナイトメアくんのツーショット #DMC5 https://t.co/7HQASduoa2
05-03 16:09

RT @ingomiex: Vとナイトメアのツーショット2 戦闘中はカメラ引いてるからあんまり意識しないけどやっぱりでっか〜い! #DMC5 https://t.co/b5E1pdKgeR
05-03 16:08

RT @PhilSzostak: #TheLastJedi costumes for Kylo Ren and General Hux are newly gracing the cases at Lucasfilm/ILM, via @alohamaddy and the P…
05-03 16:07

RT @CEvansNews: “Happy 11th Birthday to #IronMan, released on this day in 2008.” - @RobertDowneyJr via Instagram https://t.co/SBWSpzhaIK ht…
05-03 16:06

RT @TANUkittunelM: 見て!!!あんスタに!!!課金しろと言わんばかりの!!! https://t.co/YEOTKG72g2
05-03 16:06

RT @_kenny90: 아..아니지...다들 브이 한 번 잡솨봐 https://t.co/CALln8Ndm7
05-03 16:06

RT @itosnr: 大量ダメージ https://t.co/X15IGeDl5X
05-03 16:06

RT @AnimeExpo: We're very excited to welcome model & actor Ryo Kitamura to #AX2019 for his first overseas convention appearance!Learn mor…
05-03 15:50

RT @IGN: 🍔 https://t.co/Cp4y2DRNyf
05-03 09:11

RT @zoesaldana: Thank you!!!!! https://t.co/alxup4vBkv
05-03 09:10

RT @raeoffrecord: See full process, 1080p, 24x timelapse on youtube: https://t.co/3sRUD7fJkt https://t.co/r3QBJ5q48e
05-03 09:09

RT @IGN: RIP to a legend 💔 https://t.co/wJcMmlZfkk
05-03 09:08

RT @lotusjuice: こんな写真あったわ。多分初日前日の23日。いいセットだったな。#ペルライ https://t.co/EUULqYWNdd
05-03 09:07

RT @Marvel: Eleven years ago today, he became Iron Man. #TodayInMarvelHistory #Marvel80 https://t.co/ddhtVe6Xoh
05-03 09:07

RT @IGN: Language! https://t.co/3m003rtf88
05-03 08:28

RT @cocolock0105: わんこに撃たれる渉 https://t.co/GbNuBNaMqX
05-03 08:27

RT @IGN: BREAKING: Original Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew has passed away at the age of 74. https://t.co/TkyBwO8dQH https://t.co/2vUuXpNs9k
05-03 08:27

RT @racheljpierce: pour one out for noobsmasher69 #Endgame https://t.co/GD4wQwBYlQ
05-03 08:26

RT @stcrksgauntIet: Remember when thanos said something that the rest of the mcu didn't say ? https://t.co/W7rulQWT1P
05-03 02:55

RT @TOG_GOT0: 트리시랑 레이디랑ㅇㅇ ㅇㅇㅇ찐임🥰 https://t.co/McrPXu71Gd
05-03 02:54

RT @HamillHimself: May The 2nd Thoughts You Harbor Not Haunt You Forever
05-03 02:53

RT @MarkRuffalo: Then vs. Now #TBT #Avengers📷: @USAToday https://t.co/aiCmQQw8Ey
05-03 02:52

RT @k2u2_e: ヘッダー用に描いたグリフォンとシャドウです https://t.co/5sbATtoySQ
05-03 02:52

RT @ChrisEvans: Does that mean I can start posting set videos on Monday? https://t.co/X9c946pFW6
05-03 02:49

RT @doreen11032: 와...브이표정 진심 진짜 너무 이뻐.#dmc5 #V #브이 https://t.co/mJOKwxUu9O
05-03 02:49

RT @lemon_0zen: このトリミングでも割と絵になっている気がする https://t.co/IgGpKCBlyg
05-03 02:48

RT @lemon_0zen: ヨハン・ハインリヒ・フュースリーの絵画「夢魔」オマージュでVくんを描いてみたかったので描きました #DMC5 https://t.co/nkz0M7qOMn
05-03 02:48

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