Tweets of 12th May


RT @theshadowsfx: The lunch has confessed. #ShadowsFX https://t.co/AfrG7bTngA
05-12 16:01

RT @yuni_ut: “We’ll make our guests tremble in fear! Fuhahaha...☆”“You seem kind of dazed, are you tired?”“Why did you pinch meee!?”“…
05-12 15:56

RT @ensemble_stars: 【イベント予告】15日15時よりイベント『恐怖!玉依の人形屋敷』を開始予定です!アプリ内にも予告を掲載しました。つむぎにとって最後の『学院祭』。そんな様子に宙は参加をまだ決めていなかった『学院祭』へみんなと参加したいと思い… #あんスタ…
05-12 15:08

RT @edadandan: おなかー#DMC5 https://t.co/cuYdMso6bD
05-12 14:53

RT @aidorutaku: Since enstars is almost finished it's first event in the new year, I made a unit event/gacha timeline to look back at what…
05-12 13:42

RT @cacao_chocotto: KiD🃏 https://t.co/sfDNiXWNO4
05-12 13:37

RT @NVantes: I was supposed to watch Alien 3 tonight but V... he... well.#dmc5v #vitale #DevilMayCry5 #digitalpainting https://t.co/akYtvd
05-12 09:11

RT @nmk_gt: https://t.co/9E1Zq3Rg3z
05-12 09:08

RT @lord_krab: "Got you."#DMC5 #DevilMayCry5 https://t.co/DGduqAQcy5
05-12 08:39

RT @Mr_Meowwwgi: Stressed? Watch this. https://t.co/BCzcsWTdKh
05-12 08:39

RT @IGN: The writers of Avengers: Endgame were unaware that Spider-Man: Far From Home would introduce the concept of a multi-verse 🤯https…
05-12 08:39

RT @lemon_0zen: ぬくぬくというにはちょっと暑い。5月だものね https://t.co/ReeH81xN5Z
05-12 08:38

RT @TonyxsteveStony: me when i used V in the first round...😂 #DMC5 https://t.co/ohkFoKcypE
05-12 04:59

RT @memento1113: チャンネロ〜 https://t.co/PZJWrpqYnu
05-12 04:56

RT @marumaru0563: バージルと比べるとVちゃん薄い…細い…#DMC5#PS4share https://t.co/n1XnDKUyvp
05-12 03:40

RT @k2u2_e: コミカライズ2話の何とも言えないVとグリフォンの関係性が好きです(こんなことしてない) https://t.co/eWKWwthhZg
05-12 03:38

RT @chiduk0: https://t.co/cPzDNTboSu
05-12 03:37

RT @kinakov2: https://t.co/qWd1B9KYnc
05-12 03:35

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: 保存用 Vくん手招き https://t.co/Lu93Xkelhh
05-12 03:34

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