Tweets of 26th May


RT @BryanDechart: ⭕️🤖🙏 < RT to CELEBRATE! >Today is #DetroitBecomeHuman's One Year Anniversary!Thank you ALL for making this a beautifu…
05-26 16:14

RT @Ghostinthereal: 明日発売!なのでチラ見せ!アームズマガジン2019年7月号北村諒さんの連載記事(記事執筆担当)『LEAD』今回は諒さんは何を配信しているのでしょうか。是非ご確認をお願い致します!アームズマガジン2019年7月号は5月27日発売…
05-26 16:13

RT @kiyoponnnn1: waiting https://t.co/T8JmVsa7cm
05-26 16:13

RT @TODAYshow: May the force be with you! “Star Wars” was released on this day 42 years ago. https://t.co/iTk7RIbOFI https://t.co/dnazeJ1A
05-26 15:40

RT @1_5aji: https://t.co/isfRYrJFPg
05-26 15:39

RT @edadandan: https://t.co/nxUMQPBkv8
05-26 15:39

RT @neroikemen: \33729/M7 ネロ&Vのテレフォン比較 #DMC5 https://t.co/cQVeV3J0dJ
05-26 13:30

RT @lilithsaur: boyish charm #reylo #theBFjacketPartVI #iThink #lilithART https://t.co/0awH4YHQ4E
05-26 13:29

RT @obujiru: 名間諜ピカチュウ https://t.co/crLcHvxxHw
05-26 13:28

RT @Purilly: I wish I had as much control over my life as this person has with this fork https://t.co/EffKwRTULi
05-26 13:28

RT @IGN: We're waiting, George. https://t.co/oPpIDWUZ7f
05-26 13:27

RT @riseofreylo: rt this video of george lucas saying star wars is “not about spaceships” to ruin a dudebro’s day https://t.co/4P9FlWvC33
05-26 13:26

RT @LordGao: #DMC5 https://t.co/YzoYmRofQn
05-26 11:05

RT @AMENOHIff15: 无料终于赶完了腿个局部已经连续一周通宵了感觉身体有点吃不消啊 https://t.co/gPmwuvE73r
05-26 10:30

RT @shinomori812: アtttttッツイからやる気出ない https://t.co/XpbkryfHG8
05-26 10:30

RT @r_r_N_3: リーダー代行の代行になりたての嵐ちゃんに書類のアドバイスを伝えにくる蓮巳、なんて光景もあったんじゃないかなぁっていう妄想!(リクエストの蓮巳と嵐ちゃん!ふたり一緒に描かせていただきました🙏) https://t.co/VPmr9GiOjF
05-26 10:30

RT @kureha_6n6_: これを、こうして、こうして、こうじゃ https://t.co/bOUXIo4yRK
05-26 10:11

RT @Detroit_Game: Detroit: Become Human is turning 1 today! Thank you, all deviants or not, humans (or not?) to celebrate the #DetroitAnn
05-26 07:23

RT @NOyene: the duality of a man https://t.co/XaOlgdQ6g0
05-26 07:23

RT @northgalis: Apparently unique complaints about TLJ - “the plot twist was done Wrong, it’s too recycled, the humor is too stupid and it’…
05-26 07:23

RT @leospointytooth: https://t.co/UowQikTte0
05-26 07:23

RT @apric0tfield: You've yee'd your last haw'd https://t.co/H1HdYMH2r8
05-26 07:21

RT @sleemo_: “And then they commit the single dumbest mistake in the entire trilogy. They unmask Dark Vader.” 😂 https://t.co/vF8skqzH8Y
05-26 07:21

RT @lemon_0zen: 魔人化バージルの重ね系パーツが鎧っぽくて好きというらくがき https://t.co/w94owtpfa1
05-26 02:23

RT @seuga1116: https://t.co/EKzUj6yIdq
05-26 02:22

RT @kuroguro7111: まだまだ沢山あるから https://t.co/HWWWsCtqGX
05-26 02:22

RT @lord_krab: V.#DMC5 #DevilMayCry5 https://t.co/vN6gju2CB6
05-26 02:21

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