Tweets of 8th June


RT @kzxxx: すわっとナイツくん https://t.co/eP18a5ey5v
06-08 17:47

RT @nobunaga_s: ねみつぐ。 https://t.co/rx9dnTbKtm
06-08 17:45

RT @Xiaolingdu: 【(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) 💜❤💜New original drawing for my V ~~】hope u like it~~💜#DMC5 #DevilMayCry #DevilMayCryV #DevilMayCry5 #gameart #…
06-08 16:28

RT @lunatech4105: 💋 https://t.co/MjuP8OJjex
06-08 16:12

RT @nmk_gt: 煽り力高いVくん #PS4sharehttps://t.co/ZcSrmlNPwD https://t.co/LAW0mFGebi
06-08 15:06

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: おはよー。昨日、ヒロステ上海公演初日を迎えることができました。ご観劇、誠にありがとうございました!上海の熱気も凄まじいね。中国でもそれだけ愛されてる作品なんだってことが伝わってきた。公演は短いけど、全力で。しん、ひろきと…ジャージを。…
06-08 15:06

RT @0918seigi: COOL NEW ENSTARS UPDATE: right below the 'turn off mini events during event course' option is a new option u can toggle on.…
06-08 12:37

RT @sleemo_: “She's strong with the Force, untrained but stronger than she knows.” https://t.co/aPSXevM5yI
06-08 12:24

RT @hypmic_en: Prototypes for the previously announced Nendroids of the TDD members have been posted: https://t.co/2KOkFW6OmR
06-08 12:22

RT @sleemo_: The official STAR WARS DX app from Japan includes relationship charts for different characters and @jordoofus was kind enough…
06-08 04:39

RT @Stayback_child: 그래도 첫 플레이때 덕질하면서 찍은게 많아서 이렇게 비교가 가능하네 https://t.co/T5nV7xV296
06-08 03:00

RT @dhekgml456: 오늘 4화중에서 V가 섹시해보이는 모습만 캡쳐했다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 피범벅된 V모습너무너무 좋아!!!ㅋㅋㅋ #devilmaycry #DMC5 #DevilMayCry5 https://t.co/feckwUaG3F
06-08 02:09

RT @doreen11032: 몸은 부서지고 있으면서 저렇게 버질한테 웃으며 말하는 브이😭브이도 버질과 같아서 그렇게 행동이 우아한거였나#dmc5 #V #브이 https://t.co/kbkiD4Ijq6
06-08 02:07

RT @3DS_NYS: DMC5 Nero & V & Griffon やてみて下さい / try it ! https://t.co/7n8cnvxCe7
06-08 02:07

RT @Ginna_RenSolo: "Ready my ship!" -- Kylo Ren, Star Wars: The Last Jedi© 2019 Lucasfilm Ltd under license to Fantasy Flight Games. All R…
06-08 02:06

RT @lemon_0zen: なるほど… https://t.co/JtbBhm1t10
06-08 02:06

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: Devil May Cry 5 – Visions of V – 4話更新されました。https://t.co/orBK84NkzL https://t.co/3ISFblRt28
06-08 02:01

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