Tweets of 11th June


RT @DisneyFrozen: The past is not what it seems. The new trailer for #Frozen2 is here. https://t.co/YZOYrPXSGA
06-11 21:57

RT @AdamParkhomenko: GTFO https://t.co/G9z9SDsZlv
06-11 21:57

RT @RDJlock: https://t.co/UBY1IXsHGc
06-11 21:08

RT @Yananiris: https://t.co/dZOEr95Xow
06-11 21:07

RT @GirlswSabers: Please, @jjabrams @starwars I want the Reylo wedding to look just like this @elithienart Rey's dress, Kylo's cape (with t…
06-11 21:07

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: Vくんにロックオンされたいエンプーサ向け https://t.co/moJ0Tb6zy6
06-11 21:06

RT @memento1113: SHADOW #DMC5 #V 🐈 https://t.co/lrxbh2bu0G
06-11 19:39

RT @bread0702: 차타고 가다 봐도 프라다 관상이다 https://t.co/lSUpZs11jU
06-11 19:39

RT @comacaron: ちっちゃいおじいちゃん鍛刀したい(˘ω˘) https://t.co/yFoeIvQnTP
06-11 19:39

RT @MaiKohandz: 友達とマルチできるようになってヘッドセットを買ったので独り言プレイを試し録りしたのですが推しが喋るムービー開始数秒でこのザマ過ぎて実況者さんって凄いなと(声注意) #PS4share https://t.co/0FkglH15kj
06-11 17:53

RT @D_F_M_F_C: 지팡이 다시 가져오는 장면 대좋음ㅠ #DMC5 #PS4sharehttps://t.co/3Y2DRPv36f https://t.co/3YxKb6rO4n
06-11 16:37

RT @ELID00: E3 2019 완벽한 요약! https://t.co/sSg3x9fQcy
06-11 16:30

RT @cloudyfacewith1: https://t.co/6yV73CNNdV
06-11 16:24

RT @kylofucker: is this yall irredeemable villain 😤 https://t.co/tcESGCJgJk
06-11 15:50

RT @racheljpierce: REUNION TIME BABEY #FF7R https://t.co/iG0ymFQt8C
06-11 15:50

RT @Jiugeart: "There's nothing like a trail of blood to find your way back home."Although when I was drawing this image, the song <Beautif…
06-11 15:48

RT @MarvelGames: We are thrilled to announce the cast of Marvel's Avengers! @PlayAvengers@nolan_north: Iron Man@TroyBakerVA: Bruce Banner…
06-11 11:45

RT @sami_jen: Best parts of #E3 #XboxE3 #BE3 https://t.co/W0yM9I3k1G
06-11 11:42

RT @IGN: Bruce Banner and Tony Stark hash another one out in the character-driven campaign of Marvel's Avengers #E32019 #SquareEnixE3 https…
06-11 11:41

RT @IGN: Here are they are - your voice actors for Marvel Avengers! #E32019 #SquareEnixE3 https://t.co/eX1En9OUX3
06-11 11:40

RT @IGN: Square Enix just showed us a lengthier look at last night's FFVII Remake trailer (and yes, Cloud rides the bike) #SquareEnixE3 #E3
06-11 10:37

RT @aoi0608: スーツネタまだやるんかいっていう 仕事中に思い浮かんでしまって…すいません https://t.co/m5u5MaoWRc
06-11 10:19

RT @FizzySodaWave: Favorite thing about detective Pikachu: his silly expressions https://t.co/zjKBEW3p68
06-11 07:12

RT @Tidalwave93: 뭘 낙서한건가..... https://t.co/G93KjtE73U
06-11 02:16

RT @redsaxs_game: Vㅓ질 https://t.co/O4xua86M2O
06-11 01:50

RT @Pei_C_: 안경을 그려오려 했었는데 안경은 어디로 갔는지 잘 모르겠고 나는... 재밌었으니 됐다(야) 왠지 알로하가 굉장히 잘 어울릴 거 같아서 어쩔 수 없었음😎 https://t.co/hsBMntaYCk
06-11 01:47

RT @tokugawat02: 表紙予定です https://t.co/0mxqNw21ys
06-11 01:47

RT @aoi0608: Vちゃんがスーツきてたらガンホルスターにグリフォン入れてたらやだなあと https://t.co/g7MjjeIwzH
06-11 01:47

RT @laurenlys: The Kiss of Death, white marble sculpture, set up in 1930 in the Poblenou cemetery in Barcelona. https://t.co/iUW27xM0eW
06-11 00:19

RT @tkg_movie: 💥世界初ポスターサイズ ムビチケ発売💥『#東京喰種S』第2弾ムビチケ解禁‼#石田スイ 先生に「今回の映画のポスターを先生なりに描いて欲しい!」とお願いをしたところ快諾いただき、描き下ろしビジュアルが実現👏6/11(火)24時より全国1万枚…
06-11 00:16

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