Tweets of 18th June


RT @lemon_0zen: かきました>RT https://t.co/oEHUHU1wFW
06-18 22:39

RT @robert_pig: 플라티나 들으면서 그렸네~ https://t.co/9HgRhrPmrT
06-18 22:38

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: ハッピー仲良し時空でちょっとずれてる感じのお友達しててほしい https://t.co/rD87zMADcL
06-18 22:27

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: 翼についてる鉤爪が特に好き https://t.co/1bgtSAu6aL
06-18 19:19

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: 観察眼がハナクソなので、ネロの翼ちゃんが武器をしっかりホールドしてる事についさっき気が付きました😇 https://t.co/kCbwaYIt0i
06-18 19:19

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: 角度を変えて撮りたかっただけだけど、色が綺麗だな~ https://t.co/GGT39L5Jub
06-18 19:19

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: https://t.co/aRaOfHWnuY
06-18 19:19

RT @AnimaBella909: It’s Pride Month and we’re all sleeping on Haruhi who’s a non-binary ICON https://t.co/DljgdZQ5w4
06-18 19:18

RT @FedkoSerhii: Happy Father's Day from Dante and Vergil 🤘Also @tomqe - hope you will like it!#FathersDay #cosplay #DevilMayCry https:/…
06-18 19:17

RT @nastyamayerr: we all right now just like: https://t.co/XMy3mRJQxO
06-18 16:04

RT @ruirui07: おそろ https://t.co/e8DmwKeXVs
06-18 16:02

RT @bb_kate_art: Palpatine’s ghost is possessing the Death Star and Han solo’s ghost in possessing the falcon and the final battle is just…
06-18 08:26

RT @FF_XIV_EN: One of these guys is determined, strong, and agile. The other is @HannibalBuress. Watch @TomHolland1996 become the Warrior o…
06-18 08:25

RT @leospointytooth: imagine getting into enstars from the fun goofy gag anime & transitioning from that to the og story which depicts a he…
06-18 08:24

RT @doreen11032: 버질과 버질..천쪼가리 뒤집어쓰고 비틀거리면서 걷는모습..아래에 완전 반듯한 모습이랑 엄청 비교되잖아ㅜ#dmc5 #vergil #버질 https://t.co/pCv3Td60gd
06-18 08:16

RT @RiseFallNick: Cartoon Network bought local airtime to air this commercial on Nickelodeon. and it only ever aired on Nickelodeon. For ho…
06-18 08:03

RT @toboso_official: #プロメア #PROMARE https://t.co/1nQZK4cV2r
06-18 03:12

RT @moonlitchase: in case you haven't seen him right yet https://t.co/YU0JMA0A56
06-18 00:02

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