Tweets of 28th June


RT @yanoki_Ri: #OwenHamze with mommy ❤️ https://t.co/uV6zoXk2CW
06-28 23:32

RT @peopletv: The force is strong with this one! #DaisyRidley stopped by #PeopleNow to let @starwars fans know what to expect from #StarWar
06-28 23:31

RT @otonokis: in light of the new gacha shouldnt rei be using this https://t.co/YqUa625WPa
06-28 23:31

RT @sleemo_: I blocked @reylo4life a long time ago for stealing art from reylo artists and reposting without permission but look, they’re s…
06-28 23:30

RT @lemon_0zen: 何を描いているのだろう https://t.co/YfRBkHRwUs
06-28 23:29

RT @hpint_official: 【May'n】Cosplay Mania 2019出演決定!#mayn https://t.co/MWwcU4YHbQ https://t.co/iKwueiJGsf
06-28 22:58

RT @CosplayManiaPH: Next up on the tantalizing guest line-up for the 🎶JAM Concert🎶 powered by @animaxasiatv at 🔹Cosplay Mania 2019 🔸 is Ma…
06-28 22:57

RT @ilgrimmichi: #dmcreboot a stupid crossover https://t.co/x6205DW8Fa
06-28 22:14

RT @sleemo_: Me, as I cleaned my bedroom today: https://t.co/zWIbovxDLd
06-28 21:55

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: 今日のおにーちゃん観察会 https://t.co/xwviyAB0Jd
06-28 21:55

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: 取り留めもなくダンテ https://t.co/RT6n2pbCve
06-28 21:55

RT @lemon_0zen: ギャラリーのグリフォンのこの角度が可愛くて可愛くて https://t.co/s4cgwbXAAt
06-28 21:04

RT @musu_818: https://t.co/YaJuaFQp9S
06-28 21:03

RT @TonyxsteveStony: 🌚🌚🌚 https://t.co/L9DoY9bXOa
06-28 21:02

RT @kirishimasuwu: ignoring fandom wars and enjoying what you have https://t.co/9pIcy3L1Ji
06-28 21:01

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: 所感です https://t.co/tnEHdpvMVc
06-28 21:01

RT @MakeS_sei: 【アルタイル衣装追加のお知らせ】7/4(木)のアップデートで彦星をイメージした七夕衣装がショップに追加されます。さらに流れ星をイメージしたタッチエフェクトも登場します♪貴女は七夕の夜にセイとどんな願い事をされますか?どうか二人の願いが叶いま…
06-28 20:04

RT @u2__o: さくまさん https://t.co/hMgojaikHz
06-28 20:04

RT @ZonePhysics: For those who loves the moon ❤️ https://t.co/uDiuozbCGB
06-28 20:03

RT @twst_jp: ポムフィオーレ寮寮長、ヴィル・シェーンハイト。人目をひく美貌の持ち主で本人も自覚している。#ツイステ #ディズニー #twistedwonderland #ヴィランズ #白雪姫 https://t.co/bGB9o8cmcN
06-28 20:02

RT @jordoofus: omg I didn't realize this set came with the "holy shit I think I've just fallen in love" minifig https://t.co/YL0PGrqwIy
06-28 19:39

RT @evelmiina: Full artwork for What's Up Danger? Spider-Verse Tribute show at Gallery Nucleus, opening on June 29th https://t.co/U2TpNdq9F5
06-28 19:28

RT @DPInc_official: 【あんさんぶるスターズ!テレビアニメ応援企画!】本日は更に7月7日より放送の第1話から、総作監修正を公開いたします!本編のご視聴、よろしくお願いいたします!#あんスタ https://t.co/UqndwXrjCZ
06-28 19:28

RT @skylerchui: So this cat walked into campus for the art exhibition today https://t.co/EGRRXypYA4
06-28 19:28

RT @yamiakuzetsu: 🤔🤔🤔🤔 https://t.co/IDAjgz8vt4
06-28 19:27

RT @catarchives: Retweet for good luck https://t.co/2EIqL1v4kR
06-28 19:27

RT @Ryanna_838: #DMC5 #V https://t.co/NMYo3Xx6AF
06-28 19:27

RT @tkrb_ht: 刀剣乱舞公式設定画集「刀剣乱舞絢爛図録 三」只今予約受付中!7月9日(火)まで開催中のゲームイベント「特命調査 聚楽第」にて入手できる山姥切長義の設定資料をチラ見せ!ニトロプラスオンラインストアでは⑪氏、汲田氏の描き下ろし特典付きで7月2日(火)正午ま…
06-28 19:27

RT @scavengerren: Oooooo some very brief interaction between finn and kylo in #AgeofResistance #Finn oneshot preview I NEED MORE ! https://…
06-28 19:26

RT @sleemo_: same energy https://t.co/BGIm2Sw5ss
06-28 19:26

RT @mpychu: i don't know what compelled me to do this https://t.co/urjUGpbGLK
06-28 18:52

RT @ensemble_stars: 【イベント予告】30日15時よりイベント『燦々!笑顔のサンフラワーライブ』を開始予定です!アプリ内にも予告を掲載しました。『Trickstar』は近く行われる【サンフラワーライブ】に応募しようとするが、予算が足りず参加できないピンチに。…
06-28 18:40

RT @ensemble_stars: 【スカウト予告】29日15時より期間限定キャンペーン『スカウト!波乗りオーシャン』を開始予定です!『fine』と共にバカンス企画で海外に来ていた『UNDEAD』。人魚伝説の噂を聞いた四人は興味本位で島へと向かうが、船が壊れてしまい… #…
06-28 18:40

RT @s_696: 怒りの赤『ペルソナ5 メメントスミッション』第7話掲載の電撃マオウ8月号発売中です! #P5 Amazon≫https://t.co/o2lb4EV1ZSマガジン☆WALKER≫https://t.co/aL3ydqCrYJ試し読み≫https:/…
06-28 18:39

RT @MissBliss1294: The Bull and the Hourglass.Inspired by @ashesforfoxes lovely meta about the bull jumping scene in the TRoS trailer.#St
06-28 18:38

RT @Velinxi: 🌟✨⭐️ Star Wars ⭐️✨🌟I put up a bundle of my Star Wars prints on my store for those who wanted them!https://t.co/Oe4BDQKibl
06-28 18:38

RT @ObsKenobs: For your day:“I’m a hick,” I recall saying to him. “No,” Harrison answered. “You think you’re less than you are. You’re a…
06-28 08:00

RT @DonaldReignoux: Introducing #Detroit au @museegrevin : Connor, French Connor and Real Connor @BryanDechart ! https://t.co/pSYPOq3nhO
06-28 07:44

RT @tyatya_oe: 走りつかれたグリフォン描きたかった https://t.co/cIUSfvfMl0
06-28 07:43

RT @Masayoshi_Oishi: 箱根旅行の浅沼さん貼っとくね https://t.co/j58vM9uzkZ
06-28 07:42

RT @NOT_TAKASAKA: 池袋駅の北通路に、明日発売のあんスタスタステ2nd映像の広告出てるよーって教えてもらったから見に行ったの! えへへ顔写真も掲載してもらっちゃってうれしはずかし!(´,,>ω<,,`)楽しかった思い出が蘇るようだったよ! お近くにお立ち寄りの…
06-28 07:42

RT @RiseFallNick: This was an actual Bumper from Cartoon Network, it aired in the early 2000's.Fred just flat out had it. https://t.co/R1
06-28 07:41

RT @sleemo_: Daisy Ridley on #TheLastJedi: ‘This is where it proves that I am not the centre. It’s not based around my character – it’s so…
06-28 07:40

RT @blondebowhunte1: I've been playing a lot of Persona 5 lately, and I decided to try and draw V dressed up as Joker. He kinda just ended…
06-28 07:03

RT @ReyloWarrior: *NEW* Star Wars: The Last Jedi Retro Rewind Insert - Kylo Ren. First Edition Blue, [normal inserts Yellow, Red and Green…
06-28 07:02

RT @greyjedireylo: I vividly remember a Daisy interview where the interviewer matter of factly called her the lead & she very eagerly corre…
06-28 07:01

RT @sleemo_: It’s apparent that no matter what Daisy says or does, someone on Twitter will always find a way to twist her words to prove th…
06-28 03:53

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: 疲れるとネロくんフォルダが火を噴いてしまう癒し~~~ https://t.co/UaHQcG21dO
06-28 03:53

RT @speedstarsophie: the modern writers of spongebob have their moments https://t.co/SAqBPUKnw3
06-28 03:51

RT @FallonTonight: Daisy Ridley remembers J.J. Abrams revealing the ending of @starwars Rise Of Skywalker https://t.co/j9x3CWsxIJ https://t…
06-28 03:50

RT @TonyxsteveStony: Birb https://t.co/KYUSmkUZ7b
06-28 03:49

RT @ILMVFX: Happy birthday to our friend and collaborator, @jjabrams! Here, on the set of Episode VII in the UK. https://t.co/76w6Dwma7m
06-28 03:49

RT @Mesunmi: At The Ballet by Barba Streisand featuring Daisy Ridley and Anne Hathaway. So Underrated https://t.co/iQteqAv2yF
06-28 03:48

RT @edalnem: Last Goodbye https://t.co/Q4VKFbNN0q
06-28 01:43

RT @shin_shiros: 沖田さん https://t.co/TMfj8BYsrN
06-28 01:42

RT @nobodyanybody0: Love their facial expressions😊 https://t.co/nWfaZlVaZG
06-28 01:38

RT @TirolOzisan: https://t.co/Bl6knAm4Lt
06-28 01:37

RT @granblue_en: There's no summer Sandalphon yet in this event, but was anyone expecting Surfer Lucio? https://t.co/xxCZvoDIqA
06-28 01:36

RT @D89im: 「あなたの腕の中はまるで日陰のようだったんです」(Virgil) https://t.co/rgZAVJdt8T
06-28 01:36

RT @pakapaka0210: 雨がつづく… https://t.co/1gm1rs9e7E
06-28 01:35

RT @brimibuster: instagram vs twitter https://t.co/ze0zvzcW9a
06-28 01:34

RT @morumail_: 4Nにゃん! https://t.co/wn37lfaprc
06-28 01:34

RT @tomitamanu: うどん職人🐈 https://t.co/agekTXQM8v
06-28 01:34

RT @Dandelion_Ltd: 【浅沼晋太郎 ニコ生出演】「TVアニメ『#ダイヤのA』青心寮へようこそ!~actⅡも生ってこーぜ~」ご視聴ありがとうございましたー(*´∀`)♪ 7月はお休みですが、また8月にお逢いしましょ~٩( 'ω' )و (ダンデ2号) https:…
06-28 01:33

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