Tweets of 18th July


RT @japantimes: BREAKING: A fire has engulfed Kyoto Animation's studio. NHK reports that more than 30 people are injured, including 10 crit…
07-18 18:13

RT @pomesshu: 晃牙おめでとう🐶 https://t.co/7XyHXCupb8
07-18 18:04

RT @IGN: Weta Workshop brings the sword from Disney's Mulan, as well as figures from the Final Fantasy 7 remake, Alita: Battle Angel, and m…
07-18 18:04

RT @balancedpadawan: https://t.co/XyB71nL191
07-18 18:04

RT @abata_ekb: 衣装チェンジ大好き侍です https://t.co/UZNIuoBJEU
07-18 18:03

RT @KAI_YOU_ed: 【The Dirty Dawgの咆哮】「ヒプマイ」が壊す次元の隔たり EVIL LINE RECORDSフェスレポート(写真80枚超)https://t.co/thryXzGtzp サイプレス上野とロベルト吉野、ももクロ、イヤホンズら1…
07-18 18:02

RT @beniya_0608: いつか塗りたい!!!あっタトゥ忘れた https://t.co/tdbvLk1jXq
07-18 17:04

RT @BlueJaigEyes: Here’s part one of the Stromtrooper video that plays at the exhibit. It includes behind-the-scenes footage of how the Sit…
07-18 17:03

RT @idkaila: exclusive video of JJ talking about the Sith Troopers at the Lucasfilm booth at SDCC! https://t.co/bnvUaAnJwR
07-18 17:03

RT @mpychu: how do you look at this development and not ship them https://t.co/3SCJMXwnKI
07-18 17:03

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: よろしくおねがいします! https://t.co/lKdljtkEjf
07-18 17:02

RT @anzu17141: .うざったい雨だって、あいつにとってはLeo @anzu17141Photo @han7654 https://t.co/2grIoxwVDg
07-18 08:13

RT @xxxnxoxnxxx: ネロVくつろぎ〜('、3_ヽ)_ https://t.co/wQHsBjB9Xj
07-18 08:13

RT @AwwwwCats: Kitten sees a fan for the first time https://t.co/z81dISI6WB
07-18 07:52

RT @dekuslovebot: Idk why other anime’s even try anymore nobody can reach the level of comedy genius that this scene is https://t.co/srZeyX
07-18 07:50

RT @Jiugeart: Next poster roughs.I think it will took me a long time to finish the coloring, hope it will turn out as epic as I wish. So mu…
07-18 07:48

RT @umino_hoya: アニさんぶるすたーずちゃんと観てるけどセナがアニメーションダンスで例の気高き蹴りをするシーン見たいです。OPからお師さんバリバリ出る感じなんでれおくんもバリバリ出てくれよな! https://t.co/pbWg2y2ssv
07-18 07:48

RT @PornIsWayOfLife: When I see a dope piece of art on Twitter but my feed auto refreshes before I can Retweet it. https://t.co/PPst855frU
07-18 07:48

RT @racheljpierce: RETIREMENT IS FOR BABIES ⚡️ #Thor4 https://t.co/xlQ3AKih4W
07-18 07:48

RT @Renner4Real: ENDGAME.... literally...haha ! @ChrisEvans @RobertDowneyJr @MarkRuffalo @chrishemsworth #whateverittakes #Avengers https:…
07-18 07:48

RT @lemon_0zen: V https://t.co/hreLpJ8PBt
07-18 07:47

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