Tweets of 6th August


RT @suzuko236: rkgk https://t.co/QMUmCE4Rsc
08-06 22:46

RT @edadandan: 浮き輪いっぱい貰ったVちゃん。 https://t.co/df6ffv3F4j
08-06 22:46

RT @tomitamanu: 力を誇示するシャドにゃ https://t.co/tEZWTEtFkS
08-06 22:45

RT @Jack_Septic_Eye: Videogames and gaming communities have done so much good for people. They’ve changed the lives of so many of my friend…
08-06 22:16

RT @memento1113: 【カモミール】花言葉:逆境で生まれる力 透明水彩・絵墨 #winsorandnewton #Watercolor https://t.co/Cy34wEvchN
08-06 21:53

RT @Masayoshi_Oishi: アンブレラマサヨシ https://t.co/Ygi1CXc6pQ
08-06 21:53

RT @gayrauder: me, really me, readingconcentrated four pages reading slow vs…
08-06 20:35

RT @MOG_HIKARI: 『るろうに剣心』の「逆刃刀・真打」が史上初の日本刀として誕生&展示!! 見に行って、作刀したスゴ腕の刀匠に製作秘話を聞いてきたよ! – ロケットニュース24 https://t.co/vYo26BBWbP @RocketNews24から
08-06 19:32

RT @artgate2: animate the picture https://t.co/j64GLtWwHX
08-06 19:32

RT @SunhiLegend: #DevilMayCry5 https://t.co/RbAQ3Z5tDZ
08-06 19:30

RT @ari1654: #DMCbouncy nidhogg hatchling which no one asks for https://t.co/0eZppin0pj
08-06 19:30

RT @3nrrr1: Cats who bring presents to your bed https://t.co/MD1VwktWqA
08-06 19:29

RT @kureha_6n6_: さあ唄ってごらん https://t.co/JOEkfmu8h7
08-06 19:29

RT @pullssack: トキヤくんお誕生日おめでとうございます💜#utapri_tokiya_BD2019 https://t.co/MzETmhhjR6
08-06 19:29

RT @comacaron: 転寝おじいちゃん https://t.co/I9yYp1Uo7b
08-06 19:28

RT @AMENOHIff15: 画稿子要画傻了摸V酱放松一下 https://t.co/Vu8TDRcG3x
08-06 19:28

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: 台風発生しすぎじゃない? https://t.co/VJQvt7LkuY
08-06 19:28

RT @s_696: official comic『PERSONA5 mementos mission』#P5 https://t.co/Hwy9Rzv4Y2 https://t.co/gmv8tGeQ54
08-06 12:12

RT @Bunniehkins: twitter is now:- Shadowbanning people who RT their art- Hiding posts with more than one hashtag- Hiding said Retweeted…
08-06 12:11

RT @yasuta_kaii32I: 水滴を描いた https://t.co/9wRTP1VC4T
08-06 11:27

RT @March_AB: 織田吉法師💥#FGO https://t.co/TnPLQa7YQ6
08-06 11:26

RT @halcyon1796: 아기 아지라파엘 은근 말썽쟁이였음 좋겠다 https://t.co/gty9zKE70d
08-06 06:53

RT @FLICTERIA: https://t.co/bp7YmhQgQB
08-06 06:53

RT @luoman19921: 😎😎😎 https://t.co/olWlpAfTBX
08-06 06:51

RT @dzrhnews: As of 2:08 am, narito ang mga lugar na #walangpasok ngayong August 6, 2019 dahil sa masamang panahon na dulot ng #HannaPH | #…
08-06 05:32

RT @SnowyWinterNght: Sup yo~ https://t.co/NsKjZ74e9I
08-06 03:31

RT @angelsbouquet: asmr kuro uses british terms of endearment https://t.co/4ubivWsisZ
08-06 03:31

RT @angelsbouquet: here's undead being moe and glittery should anyone need it https://t.co/8S1GwGuCWG
08-06 03:29

RT @russelldels: drew that new girl #persona https://t.co/ufGKlDFrMO
08-06 03:12

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: リクエスト消化・M18よりネロ「自分に戻ったのさ」の後の顔と、「帰れ」の後の顔 https://t.co/ZK8VgYCyL9
08-06 02:53

RT @lemon_0zen: フォロワーさんと「冬になったらVくんのモコモコ描きたいです」という話をしていたのにすぐに描きたくなってしまって描きました。ちょっと変な形のコートとかきて欲しい https://t.co/Q6E36WYD8C
08-06 02:53

RT @taco1704: 눈동자로 얼굴형 라인 측정 방법 https://t.co/rLeInvQSUK
08-06 02:53

RT @luoman19921: I love Nancy! https://t.co/rb3t8fQzg7
08-06 02:53

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: 顔が良すぎて撮らずにいられない😇 https://t.co/VW7gEDZDqA
08-06 02:53

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