Tweets of 16th August


RT @DevilMonC: 좋은 아빠 되기 짤보고 생각나서 🌼 https://t.co/wpU25W5fRT
08-16 23:12

RT @ensemble_TMI: • https://t.co/mvJdGWairq
08-16 23:12

RT @tamago_gamer: ピカチュウのような人気者になりたい一心でピカチュウの擬態をするに至ったミミッキュの仮装を超人気者のピカチュウ本人が行ってるの、中々に業が深い https://t.co/vnZIpgrGLr
08-16 23:12

RT @IdoElise: 🍕 p i z z a 🍕#dmc5 https://t.co/sUZrXFghbt
08-16 22:46

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: https://t.co/dbGOvgI45p
08-16 22:46

RT @Sanrio_Apps: 🎤ヒプノシスマイク SANRIO NAKAYOKU EDIT🙌コラボキャラクター発表!🎉✨第ニ弾はヨコハマ・ディビジョン「MAD TRIGGER CREW」の三人♪碧棺左馬刻×バッドばつ丸 入間銃兎×クロミ 毒島メイソン理鶯×タキシ…
08-16 21:12

RT @TirolOzisan: まとめの表紙になるはず https://t.co/6dOUzocDTD
08-16 19:39

RT @lemon_0zen: 今これ見たらコミカライズの流れとなんとなく雑に合ってて笑いました(再掲) #DMC5 https://t.co/0y1Zfj0yAm
08-16 19:38

RT @edadandan: 浮けなくたっていいじゃない。 https://t.co/dMTATeTuAo
08-16 19:38

RT @davidtenncnts: alright dt stans where are y’all sitting https://t.co/lhPqGUePxp
08-16 09:16

RT @NatureSuperLit: The mighty roar of the pika can be heard for hundreds of miles (sound on, but be careful it might blow out your bass!)…
08-16 08:25

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: 朝からオニイチャン観察会 https://t.co/7YEDwL9l1t
08-16 08:20

RT @AbroadInJapan: I think this could legitimately be the new opening to every Abroad in Japan video. https://t.co/7uDM5YDWxm
08-16 08:20

RT @angelsbouquet: ( kaoru - feather live )challenge: i swear this really is love?incomplete: won't you take my hand?complete: maybe i j…
08-16 07:51

RT @aimoahmed: She really enjoys the soup, Barmaid-chan.#FireEmblemThreeHouses #FE3H #FE風花雪月 #byleth #jeralteisner #art #comics https://t.…
08-16 07:46

RT @TonyxsteveStony: daddy knows who likes to read since he's a baby...🥰 #spardafamily https://t.co/HJb3MzVKYx
08-16 07:45

RT @linvaniin: more feral claude doodles #fe3h https://t.co/tBtvvTasoO
08-16 04:43

RT @gravitydusty: cause i wanted my first golden deer route art to be #RedrawRiegan claude @ the professor https://t.co/pUExriWjzL
08-16 04:10

RT @wuukidookie: First day at work #redrawriegan https://t.co/HxG99c3dyk
08-16 03:25

RT @Hikazio: P r o f e s s o r ! #FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/gm5uGW9FDh
08-16 03:25

RT @TerrifiedMouse: Gotta be vigilant on the battlefield#FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/q4QccQgCAG
08-16 03:21

RT @veilstonecity: Fire Emblem: Three Idiots #FE3H #FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/fAEVuntnQT
08-16 03:20

RT @tecchen: byleth's professor level is just a measure of how many meals they can eat in one sitting#FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/M
08-16 03:20

RT @poopue_: What is updog?? ☝️🐕??#FireEmblemThreeHouses #FE3H https://t.co/P1w6doADkB
08-16 03:19

RT @KaloMiva: *wakes up after 5 years* o boy i hope #RedrawRiegan is still a thing haha#FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/oTdGnkFCwt
08-16 03:18

RT @ironicbluebiird: i have been meaning to upload this here because of the anime so here you go! every izumi sena's solo in all of Knights…
08-16 01:56

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