Tweets of 26th August


RT @kyloreyn: WHY IS HE SO DRAMATIC https://t.co/vnPmHosKjW
08-26 22:56

RT @reylomyhalo: Darth Maul please come and collect your daughter in aisle 66 please https://t.co/sq0PxY588F
08-26 22:55

RT @sleemo_: ❤️ #TheRiseOfSkywalker https://t.co/CUe49XEvJG
08-26 22:55

RT @sleemo_: This is EPIC #TheRiseOfSkywalker https://t.co/BfNqeZp5P6
08-26 22:55

RT @sleemo_: REY! #TheRiseOfSkywalker https://t.co/Cf6S6J0STb
08-26 22:54

RT @FashionSurvivor: FASHION SURVIVOR 1stLOOK image https://t.co/Z73w9cuM0A
08-26 22:54

RT @northgalis: Hi look at the ground https://t.co/yKkbAIM1aS
08-26 22:53

RT @slipgoingunder: 👀👀👀 https://t.co/0fKr7aU0i4
08-26 22:53

RT @JoystickChevron: With the switchblade lightsaber sound effects: https://t.co/vj7tC4LlLh
08-26 22:52

08-26 22:51

RT @starwars: The story of a generation comes to an end. Watch the #D23Expo Special Look for Star Wars: #TheRiseofSkywalker. See the film i…
08-26 21:28

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: FashionSurvivor RELESE EVENT8.31 13:00〜遅くなりましたが、詳細です!整理券とかもあるので時間などお間違えのないよう!SHORT SLEEVE HOODIEBLACK/PURPLE2色展開です…
08-26 21:25

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: 割と気に入ってるけど上げ損ねてたVくんたち https://t.co/31fJzkICj3
08-26 21:24

RT @sleemo_: Good morning, Star Wars fans! #TheRiseOfSkywalker @GMA https://t.co/qB1nCi9Wf8
08-26 21:24

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: 今日、涼しいねぇ。いっそこのまま秋にならないかな。笑そんな今日は!あさてぃとCDJournalさんの取材でした(*^^*)一松トークを繰り広げてきたよー!!いっぱい喋ったので、楽しみにしていてください!! https://t.co/
08-26 19:49

RT @misokatsup: love https://t.co/2CFyoDiuM0
08-26 15:18

RT @omiso_train: 年上組の関係性 #何度でも見てほしいお気に入りを貼るタグ https://t.co/HTXgZudKg2
08-26 15:18

RT @sleemo_: “It’s the clearest indication that there’s a big old emotional story arc happening.” #TheRiseOfSkywalker - https://t.co/ck69Gi
08-26 15:18

RT @5046kcal: スーツ🐦 https://t.co/qbyHhqB18B
08-26 15:18

RT @sye_rii: trickstar・・・ https://t.co/T7tmqGr2LY
08-26 15:17

RT @itahibi: when someone says persona 4 golden is the best game in the series https://t.co/EuUBx59PD7
08-26 15:17

RT @haloren1st: That moment when Rey’s familiar theme hits our ears but it’s revised completely dark and menacing https://t.co/X4xn5o3sIe
08-26 15:05

RT @Yahiamice: my favorite image on the internet apparently has a sequel https://t.co/rOGPWgukDJ
08-26 15:05

RT @ensemble_stars: 【お知らせ】本日15時にスターメダルショップへ新規カードを追加いたしました!嵐のアイドルロードには新規ストーリーがついています♪ #あんスタ https://t.co/If1DWJzcaH
08-26 15:05

RT @emmaegamboa: Ben Solo/Kylo Ren will always be baby. https://t.co/mzNWZovY9Y
08-26 15:03

RT @racheljpierce: just checked to see who kicked me out of the gym, never been owned this hard in my entire life https://t.co/LoRfBU8Er0
08-26 15:03

RT @Aydana11918794: https://t.co/KyZkqeP18X
08-26 13:26

RT @3DS_NYS: DMC5 V BP98 1:26 no damagewaste nightmare DT... oh no.....🥺#devilmaycry5 https://t.co/BR224IZgBN
08-26 13:25

RT @APEntertainment: "Star Wars" stars Daisy Ridley and @JohnBoyega tease a potential "Dark Rey" after fans saw new footage from #TheRiseof
08-26 13:24

RT @RiseFallNick: Nobody:Discord: https://t.co/H9nzhLIdNO
08-26 13:24

RT @staff_aoi: そして今日は我が家の愛猫アシュベルのお誕生日でした。8歳になったよ✨✨動画は誕プレにチュールをもらったアシュくん。なんか爆音で私の猫なで声も再生されてしまうので聞く時はご注意下さい…。 https://t.co/lFwBZWEmCA
08-26 13:23

RT @TheSebNews: 📸 | The first poster of Disney+ new series “Falcon and The Winter Soldier”! https://t.co/Ef1A988wa0
08-26 13:23

RT @sleemo_: J.J. Abrams on whether there were changes to the ending: “No. The ending is the ending. It’s been a bit unusual [...] much of…
08-26 13:23

RT @sleemo_: “Yeah, it’s a great ending. Really good ending. Genuinely great ending.” https://t.co/TbdOwboCUt
08-26 13:22

RT @VAMPlREBASTARD: when rei goes baby mode around ritsu breath if you agree https://t.co/jfwtCNUezW
08-26 13:21

RT @die_everyday: #DMC5 #DV用用看clip筆刷你哥貓爪搞事 https://t.co/92at4lkaoM
08-26 13:21

RT @MCU_Direct: The first official #BlackWidow poster has been revealed at the #D23Expo! https://t.co/V4uVA98vq3
08-26 13:21

RT @nyalink_: #DMChttps://t.co/hlTnPy0Bsk
08-26 09:50

RT @ironicbluebiird: enstars anime: Knights are here~KnightsPs in my tl: CHECKMATE!!!!! LIONHEART!!!!!! IZUMI DDD SCANDAL!!!!!!!me: http…
08-26 09:49

RT @SnowyWinterNght: I think they're hot, don't you?a;woeifj;woifj;owiejfe https://t.co/TksmqGmhFs
08-26 08:12

RT @shinagawatsu406: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/IAR1XPnoOv
08-26 08:11

RT @Torilv13: #ObamaOutdidTrump in every way. It's like comparing Neosporin to Preparation H. One is good for soothing everything the other…
08-26 08:11

RT @stars_animation: 【OA】この後22:30より「あんさんぶるスターズ!」第八話「亀裂」が、TOKYO MXにて放送&AbemaTVにて同時配信開始です!お見逃しなく!https://t.co/Y1Of1iJspR#あんスタ #アニスタ https:/…
08-26 08:09

RT @kamome_ansuta: Knightsが来る〜っていう嬉しさで軽率にも描き始めてしまった……… https://t.co/sCWcpTyPym
08-26 08:09

RT @kyono_iyashi: 猫専用のレインコート https://t.co/67nuFtcmad
08-26 08:09

RT @haloren1st: Still dumbfounded by the fact that some people are actually mad at the media asking Daisy about her relationship with Kylo.…
08-26 08:08

RT @nmtk002: カフェV。早々に疲労。 https://t.co/dGJvYQCrkm
08-26 08:08

RT @sleemo_: You can watch snippets of the Walt Disney Studios panel (minus the exclusive footage) in the video below. The Star Wars portio…
08-26 08:08

RT @sleemo_: Anthony Daniels on C-3PO’s role: “I’m front and center in this one, for a lot of it.” #TheRiseOfSkywalker - https://t.co/dYdtD
08-26 08:07

RT @sleemo_: “With Poe, I think people will be surprised to see that he has more of an ambiguous past [...] The dynamic of their relationsh…
08-26 08:07

08-26 07:10

hehehe https://t.co/0AIqgghiOJ
08-26 07:09

あああああああ~~ #FireEmblem #ThreeHouses #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/6jNGogM4ZT
08-26 07:07

MORE CATS!!! #FireEmblem #ThreeHouses #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/A2DRicuXFz
08-26 04:53

hehehe... I like these guys... #FireEmblem #ThreeHouses #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/Df20nivfNW
08-26 04:52

RT @sleemo_: It looks like @EW edited their piece and replaced “behind-the-scenes sizzle-reel” with “saga sizzle-reel” so I hope that means…
08-26 03:44

RT @racheljpierce: y’all ready for a whole week of Loki https://t.co/BlcBmDa2VN
08-26 03:43

RT @joshuahorowitz: For those keeping track of Daisy Ridley’s GAME OF THRONES viewing she was very excited to tell me she’s now on season 4…
08-26 03:43

RT @Holdp_A: 3d3v 카페도 보고 싶어져서 슬쩍 븨랑 네로는 일 잘 할거 같은데 단테랑 버질은....음 으음 흐으으으음 으므으으으음 원래 가르숑은 얼굴이니까 https://t.co/1OtQotQpBv
08-26 03:42

RT @fuji_166: アニメが終わり、ずっと描きたいと思っていた絵を描けた… https://t.co/DzBHoNqer1
08-26 03:42

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