Tweets of 30th September


RT @dazzridleyposts: https://t.co/KVxhO5npos
09-30 14:46

RT @Wtforceshow: AniBen popped out. How much reverse Anidala are we going to get? https://t.co/2LTuUieSQC
09-30 14:45

RT @whalemarch: kofi request: blossoming maiden https://t.co/EfSRlM3V81
09-30 14:44

RT @HisokaKillMe: 자기전에 하나 ㅎㅎ https://t.co/udEiJ8iyNK
09-30 14:44

RT @Pei_C_: 야밤에 갈 곳 없는 애정 쏟기 https://t.co/BF0pp7JdBM
09-30 14:44

RT @dazzridleyposts: https://t.co/hoYmTTOzQR
09-30 14:43

RT @jakkudesert: all of daisy’s galaxy edge footage just reminds me of this 😂 https://t.co/GgfjNHly9u
09-30 14:42

RT @sadboykyIo: More footage of Rise of the Resistance. https://t.co/4S3nmpmm6e
09-30 13:08

RT @raz_swirl: You don’t *need* sex to have a loving, healthy relationship.You don’t *need* sexual attraction to have a loving, healthy r…
09-30 12:47

RT @kylorenrey: I am literally having a breakdown there are tears on my calc homework I love she https://t.co/6rZ62kbcN5
09-30 12:47

RT @cosmicreas: RISE OF THE RESISTANCE https://t.co/NLpzVJmfjV
09-30 12:42

RT @devilmaycry_jp: 電子コミックサービス「LINEマンガ」のオリジナル作品「Devil May Cry 5 – Visions of V –」(隔週土曜日更新)第11話掲載中!力を使い果たし、再び夢の中へと誘われたV。そこで現状を打破するための糸口を見つける…
09-30 12:42

RT @sadboykyIo: Here is the Rise of Resistance footage from Galaxy’s Edge: Adventure Awaits. https://t.co/EBWSBTU6Oe
09-30 12:42

RT @SHIMADA_FE: クロレス https://t.co/WDIb8THonV
09-30 11:40

RT @Diardri: Nevermind it's super easy to do! Pre-Orders are LIVE baby, I will close them on the 12th of October. You can grab it here:htt…
09-30 11:33

RT @nagi_momoka: #クロレス https://t.co/sWj6Zh4opy
09-30 11:28

RT @Kawells00: https://t.co/RpwEBBsAYI
09-30 11:28

RT @Kawells00: #FE風花雪月 #FE3H https://t.co/esI2UpJRll
09-30 11:28

RT @femfamme: おふとん https://t.co/JGiP83AAV5
09-30 11:27

RT @gravitydusty: | #FE3H | spoilers !!"p-professor..!?" https://t.co/UL7ZrqZvch
09-30 11:23

RT @tI5iuyLV6A3c7IL: FE/クロード https://t.co/5k02P2vI8U
09-30 10:53

I am so glad I chose to do GD last. 😎#FE3H
09-30 07:52

RT @Hector_E_Alcala: Byleth when they accidentally land a critical hit. #FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/GcxPkG7ppn
09-30 07:50

RT @IGN: Death Stranding's Jar Baby can speak through the PS4 controller's speaker 👶https://t.co/Iuym5EGaBk https://t.co/p5mHnIriyQ
09-30 07:47

RT @chyoellll: 재밌게 그렸던 앙스타 유닛 일러들💗😊 https://t.co/xRqI6jOZvI
09-30 07:46

RT @classickylo: bathed in red. bathed in blue. https://t.co/iHuYhpfwq6
09-30 07:46

RT @ylceon: homework done means i get to draw lio until i pass out (which is unfortunately rigt now goodnigtht_ https://t.co/A3NJCQGFaL
09-30 07:45

RT @riseofbens: "When Ren takes off his mask, there’s a nakedness about him with Rey that he doesn’t express to anyone else." https://t.co/
09-30 07:44

RT @YouReysMeUp: New TV spot trailer holy shit I’m shaking. https://t.co/G4RUFPwEhe
09-30 07:44

RT @sleemo_: ‘Rian was inspired by J.J. and now J.J. and Terrio are inspired by Rian’ We love teamwork 👏👏👏 https://t.co/UHi8B1GNPx
09-30 07:44

RT @hereforbensolo: it's been too long let's all think about this perfection for a moment https://t.co/hUOWBxTJp9
09-30 02:51

RT @mermaidsayo: cant sleep https://t.co/AC67pt2g03
09-30 02:50

RT @kylorenperor_: "The pair's dance around the pull of light and darkness is one of the key tensions at the heart of the sequel trilogy, a…
09-30 02:50

RT @redlips0131: けいこ https://t.co/rAtMyaDfY7
09-30 02:48

RT @pikatl: Cake appreciation club 🍰#FireEmblemThreeHouses #FE3H #FelixHugoFraldarius #Lysithea https://t.co/W8ySxPB8BV
09-30 02:35

RT @moonjellies1: Rumor has it that if you explore Garreg Mach at 4AM you'll find Dimitri making mac n cheese#FireEmblemThreeHouses #Bluel
09-30 02:27

RT @nanokyanon_1212: わんこはわんこだな。おやすみなさい。 https://t.co/r7f9jTmp5l
09-30 02:27

RT @toma_co: ✨ https://t.co/exgHm7vMXt
09-30 02:27

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: 待ってたわよォ〜♪ https://t.co/1TaBMkA9cr
09-30 02:26

RT @idkaila: Reminder that JJ originally planned for Kylo to unmask himself earlier in TFA, but made a conscious decision to save that mome…
09-30 02:26

RT @asyukonbubu: 抱いてほしい https://t.co/qyxndjRGug
09-30 00:38

RT @nanokyanon_1212: 舞台『あんステDR』本日で全45公演が無事に終わりました。キャスト、スタッフさん、観に来て下さった方々、本当にありがとうございました。朔間零という男として生きれた事とても嬉しく思います。そしてUNDEADの皆んな、一番側で支えて…
09-30 00:32

RT @sleemo_: I tried to extract the best quality version of this image that I possibly could and got this one that’s 2048 x 857 🤗 https://t…
09-30 00:29

RT @Zcure1: @sleemo_ https://t.co/m5H9vt6DTN
09-30 00:29

RT @caitlinplesher: dance——tensions——-heart https://t.co/mpNqWobxZ1
09-30 00:29

RT @manizumi_bot: こんしゅーの人型ナイツ!(`⌒´*) https://t.co/Ctn3zeq7kv
09-30 00:29

RT @sleemo_: Chris Terrio: “We’ve tried to pick up that complicated relationship that really has been present ever since the interrogation…
09-30 00:28

RT @TonyxsteveStony: finally done!! cover for my next @Spardafamily book!! 🎉🎉 https://t.co/M4VeIwWjAb
09-30 00:28

RT @Comfeer_: #FE風花雪月#FE3H AU(о´∀`о) https://t.co/NtiJSumH5G
09-30 00:28

RT @CamVeeFX: i wonder what could be causing such light and such force in that hangar 🤔 https://t.co/B6x06ccUjD
09-30 00:25

RT @occult_box: 『あんさんぶるスターズ!エクストラ・ステージ』~Night of Blossoming Stars~ 明星スバル役で出演させて頂きます!小澤廉です!最高にキラキラしたステージを!✨お届けできるよう!精一杯頑張ります!暖かい応援よろ…
09-30 00:25

RT @nanokyanon_1212: ディレイ配信始まった!! https://t.co/Gxgm81zehO
09-30 00:24

RT @Masayoshi_Oishi: 【ご精査ください】←櫻井孝宏さん→オーイシマサヨシ#ダイヤのA https://t.co/0KEFNwWkLC
09-30 00:24

RT @Dandelion_Ltd: (*」´□`)」{『ダイヤのA actⅡ The ORCHESTRAⅡ』ありがとうございました。素晴らしい演奏、ありがとうございました!そして、浅沼くんの久々の燕尾服姿はいかがでしたか?皆さんもとってもお似合いでした(≖ᴗ≖ )☆ あ、下野…
09-30 00:24

RT @memento1113: CHECKMATE #DMC5 #V https://t.co/Pz6lzXHdoA
09-30 00:24

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: はたらく細胞Ⅱ3日目もご観劇、誠にありがとうございました!客席細胞の皆様も楽しんでくださってるのが伝わってきて、ますます力が湧きます。本当に。公式Twitterにもあがってたけど、ステージから見るムンプスの大群…凄いよ。笑明日は休演日…
09-30 00:24

RT @kaminagakeisuke: あんステ、全45公演終演しました。たくさんの応援ありがとうございました!紅月がたくさんの方に愛されていることが、本当に嬉しかったです。佑、紅月を守り抜いていてくれてありがとう。直輝くん、悩みにぶち当たったときに支えてくれてあり…
09-30 00:23

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