Tweets of 8th October


RT @AigisFricker: Breath of the Wild Link throwing a hightail lizard, bokoblin guts, 2 acorns, and a mighty banana into a random cooking po…
10-08 22:29

RT @Comfeer_: #FE風花雪月#FE3H AU Girls of Blue lion https://t.co/PBFb9bT5Qt
10-08 22:29

XD https://t.co/4CPGDmPm08
10-08 16:25

Uuuuuuuuuuugh!!!!#BreathoftheWild https://t.co/c4UrI1BxHA
10-08 16:25

RT @PiichiKing: #fe3h #facialhairspoilers https://t.co/6zW1MWYLOi
10-08 14:53

RT @animeimpulse: STRIKE EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! After a day of getting that Garreg Mach education, what better way to spend the afternoo…
10-08 14:52

RT @toast_ryu: an ode to claude, because he's a dumbass https://t.co/tccR40hP1z
10-08 14:50

....Always. 🤣 https://t.co/cRzCgX8iqy
10-08 14:48

RT @JoeZieja: It's Monday. Are you crushing it? You should crush it. Even if crushing it is just getting out of bed and not succumbing to t…
10-08 14:48

RT @hikokuji: ✨ひこくじ『MakeS -おはよう、私のセイ-』 ページオープン✨私のセイ×ひこくじのくじページがオープンいたしました☆゚+.→https://t.co/RvsxrpLhgh描き下ろしイラストも大公開💘💘10/15(火)18時より販売開…
10-08 14:48

RT @gokunobaka: Linhardt bae <3 #linhardt #LinhardtvonHevring #inktober #FireEmblemThreeHouses #ファイアーエムブレム風花雪月 #ファイアーエムブレム #風花雪月 #FE風花雪月…
10-08 14:45

RT @ensemble_stars: 【あんさんぶるランウェイ】Ra*bitsの新ビジュアルムービーを公開!!新章展開『あんさんぶるスターズ!!』での新たなユニット衣装・ロゴを公開する「あんさんぶるランウェイ」。次回は10/11公開です。お楽しみに!https://t.c
10-08 14:36

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: https://t.co/drJhp2ps8n
10-08 14:35

RT @juhaihai: #FE3H Blue Lion babies in kindergarten AU 💙🦁 Pardon the ugly layouting at 2am but will turn these into stickers someday..! #B
10-08 05:07

RT @parfait1807: Vibe check ✨#marianne #linhardt #FireEmblemThreeHouses #FE3H #untitledgoosegame #fanart https://t.co/nQs5mcpzc8
10-08 05:06

RT @needmoreVergil: https://t.co/03edCSWoZK
10-08 05:05

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