Tweets of 18th October


RT @HeroZeroArt: A model I made in Blender based on a piece by @sandraghart. I love the way she does shading/highlights on the characters s…
10-18 22:53

RT @marvmembers: 【マベメン先行受付のお知らせ】『あんさんぶるスターズ!エクストラ・ステージ』~Night of Blossoming Stars~ https://t.co/zVl5LlAYap 受付期間:10/21(月)12:00~27(日)23…
10-18 22:53

RT @UltimateSSZeroX: Happy B-Day @mpwhitten! https://t.co/bqk8QE4eIk
10-18 22:51

RT @enter_stage_en: Yui Ito (伊藤優衣) plays Sakura Haruno in Live spectacle 'NARUTO -Akatsuki no Shirabe (Melody of Dawn)'.She says 'I am so…
10-18 22:51

RT @upaupamimi: 花の魔術師 https://t.co/OOSzlMeAiG
10-18 22:14

RT @o_yamast: 新次元の男 https://t.co/jr4V9DCXKP
10-18 22:13

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: DMC5コミカライズ Visions of V 第1巻をよろしくお願いします!!!!ね!!!!! https://t.co/7s1sslwwpY https://t.co/wRA63fjdnl
10-18 22:12

RT @kuroguro7111: 腹減り https://t.co/UdXJusBpII
10-18 07:39

RT @CakeCaptorLily: Day 17 - Ornament The FutureThe SchemerThe Protector#Inktober2019 #Inktober #FireEmblemThreeHouses #FireEmblem3Ho
10-18 07:36

RT @PigeonSenpai: Golden Deer dudes with Kirby! 💛🦌Golden Deer gals with Kirby: https://t.co/pbllaIxvmj#FireEmblemThreeHouses #fireemble
10-18 07:34

RT @Chuwenjie: So it begins...#fe3h #FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/wKrsL01vC1
10-18 07:32

RT @jun_mdesu: 『ヴァニタスの手記』⑦巻発売まであと3️⃣日✨✨✨本日は、昨日上げたメイキングGIFに解説をつけてみました。ーーーが、果たしてこれは解説と言えるのだろうか…………。 https://t.co/E72m0FA1Mz
10-18 07:32

RT @Menadoensis_: « Happy birthday, Papa 💚 » #FireEmblemThreeHouses #ThreeHouses #FE3h #FE16 #FE風花雪月 #Seteth #Flayn https://t.co/essNYgr
10-18 07:29

RT @vibeswithcisco: they are living their best life. stay fucking mad. https://t.co/3tPQhwIkhx
10-18 07:29

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