Tweets of 23rd October


RT @esasi8794: https://t.co/cDxrn3Tcaq
10-23 21:56

RT @livedoornews: 【祝】声優・逢坂良太&沼倉愛美が結婚を発表https://t.co/E3yrPgEdEG声優の逢坂良太と沼倉愛美が23日、所属事務所の公式サイトで結婚を発表した。
10-23 21:56

RT @StarWarsUK: She’s a survivor. Wish Emilia Clarke, Qi’ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story, a very happy birthday below... https://t.co/yXU6ZsJ
10-23 21:54

RT @hypnosismic_arb: 【新情報】#ヒプマイARB に登場するキャラクターたちの異なる表情…「ANOTHER SHOT!!!」を公開!ラストの第12弾は、シンジュク・ディビジョン『麻天狼』の観音坂独歩📷⚡MVはコチラ▶ https://t.co/UhnVQ3
10-23 18:39

RT @lilac_knight: braid #クロレス https://t.co/gnoMiTToDU
10-23 17:56

RT @sadboykyIo: the WHAT fans https://t.co/A0q2amU7P5
10-23 11:19

RT @missmayim: SO excited to announce that I will be one of the judges for the Build My Droid contest!! As a lifelong @starwars fan, I'm ho…
10-23 11:19

RT @TheRiseofRyer: I don’t know a better trilogy. https://t.co/78I9EtRCr9
10-23 11:19

RT @Chuwenjie: Hilda’s inviting Claude to a party at her mansion and Ignatz is drawing Fruits Basket fanart 💀#fe3h #FireEmblemThreeHouses
10-23 09:44

RT @jullika08: a cozy morning stroll #Claudeleth https://t.co/kw0eCkhZx1
10-23 09:27

RT @mememe0915: 「Halloweenーー」🎃🎃🎃#クロレス #claudeleth https://t.co/Sw2Xnk2fYo
10-23 09:26

RT @jullika08: HHGGG i just wanna keep drawing themmm really hope i can finish all those doodles sooN™ ( //꒳// )love...them...so much....…
10-23 09:26

RT @Wtforceshow: Wow someone compiled them in this fan made edit @_afterblossom_ https://t.co/BfWG31Gw18
10-23 09:26

RT @starwars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker trailer GIFs are now fully operational on our @GIPHY page: https://t.co/gsTaDXtIqgJust search for "#The
10-23 09:25

RT @_afterblossom_: I feel like I have to bring this up again. For those who doesn't tag L E A K S or S P O I L E R, she will come for you…
10-23 09:25

RT @laceygilleran: Look at my desktop in all ITS GLORY #StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalker https://t.co/K7Vvxmb7KZ
10-23 09:24

RT @AwwwwCats: Darn i broke meh bed https://t.co/N5ePVxnMKm
10-23 09:24

RT @IGN: We see your meme @JohnBoyega we raise you one Captain America. 🇺🇸🍑 https://t.co/l9tQg74VPA
10-23 09:21

RT @HellyonWhite: "I want to support this person's art / original content but they RT too much and I only want to see their own stuff" http…
10-23 09:20

RT @animeimpulse: C O M I N G S O O N🦅: @FayeMata @SimplyAllegra @BillyKametz 🦁: @ChrisHackneyGGK 🦌: @JoeZieja @WritingMadness 🐟: @de
10-23 07:55

RT @hellyeahyoda: The absolute fucking SERVE when the Star Wars Instagram puts “The force brought us together” with this picture of them fi…
10-23 07:55

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: https://t.co/Fh4hKcm9My
10-23 05:36

RT @Zcure1: Here is the textless variant of the Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker theatrical poster. #StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalker https://t.…
10-23 05:36

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