Tweets of 5th November


RT @pepepegle: 💍💍💍#FE3H https://t.co/L4LGDxvhNC
11-05 21:03

RT @JoeZieja: If you haven't seen mine and @SimplyAllegra 's meme review video yet, here's a teaser. The full video is at https://t.co/SxPG
11-05 21:03

RT @reysidaisy: https://t.co/xRV80x78uK
11-05 21:01

RT @KRStou: 槍術指導↑↑↑#ディミレス https://t.co/hD6DUBFbLK
11-05 21:01

RT @matsu_kotaro_: 猊下専属 https://t.co/i8orVo4cP0
11-05 20:54

Such sarcasm!!#FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/Ii4eCubuln
11-05 20:51

RT @SSJ3Goku90: Okay what the FUCKThis is too much of a coincidence https://t.co/B8h8FYNd1d
11-05 20:38

RT @jjaibrams: maam thats hot maam https://t.co/6ZaFxt7HW1
11-05 18:35

RT @S3Junk: ディミトリ>>>>ベレス(+クロード) https://t.co/Z7brD88LOw
11-05 09:11

RT @meintaiko: welcome to the golden deer house, lets get schemin https://t.co/nQ8SykkLtS
11-05 09:10

RT @d0u00u0b: nsfw https://t.co/OBRvApIlGY
11-05 09:10

RT @doirkokuchiyou: はーーーーーーもうヨコハマはこれだから…(推す) https://t.co/5QZmQNB6jN
11-05 09:10

RT @behindjinfinity: Another case of Not My First FE3H Plan But My Friends Are Enablers so here’s a Felix costest while I was having a grea…
11-05 09:09

RT @christianhull: When I bought this shirt folder I didn’t realise how much joy it was going to bring me! 🥳🤯 https://t.co/IaxwZQ3xvN
11-05 09:09

RT @AwwwwCats: Politely asking to be pet https://t.co/01XCeM1nk6
11-05 09:08

RT @SimplyAllegra: Ohoho, it me! I'm voicing Hilda in @ArcSystemWorksU' #BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle 2.0. Check the game out Nov. 21 on Switc…
11-05 06:45

RT @nagi_momoka: Shall we dance? https://t.co/tGSyEZJzDG
11-05 06:45

RT @koou_san: 戦装束の配色で現代風に。その参 https://t.co/hbQKJIugrL
11-05 06:27

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