Tweets of 7th November


RT @aimoahmed: What will the Golden Deer kids do when their Teach is spirited away by the enemy at the start of "Price of a Dream"?! https:…
11-07 20:30

RT @avery_helm: fire emblem: four spouses https://t.co/NSYNKab17h
11-07 20:29

RT @s_kamio113: Spotify限定の未公開トークも含めてやっと聞けた!左馬刻様のお悩み解決が流石過ぎる…とりあえず炊き込みご飯を炊こうと思ったわ!何度でも聴けるのいいねぇ、これは銃兎も楽しみだわ→→→Spotify【https://t.co/RsFy8kQL47
11-07 20:17

RT @comacaron: 帰り道にいないかな(˘///˘) https://t.co/hlivfy3h99
11-07 20:17

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: 紙媒体になると思ってたより1億割増くらいでかっこいいです 11/15発売です https://t.co/glpZIqMaHw
11-07 20:11

RT @gekirea_baito: #北村諒(@Ryo_Kitamu)さんの写真集発売イベントサポートが #激レアバイト に登場❗https://t.co/T9ZIOtNVUV控室の準備やアテンドなど普段は見られない舞台裏で働けるチャンス💕#factor #写真集…
11-07 10:03

RT @alicexz: You know how Degas did studies of ballerinas? Well I do studies of Tom Holland performing Rihanna’s Umbrella ayyyyy 😂 https://…
11-07 08:21

RT @kaza8na: 5年後、喜びの再会(クロレス) https://t.co/RC9UIegygX
11-07 08:18

RT @TroyBakerVA: Helluva night. Honoured.#DeathStranding #TomorrowIsInYourHands @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN @KojiPro2015_EN https://t.co/aNDYkOQ
11-07 08:18

RT @TonyxsteveStony: I've finally got some wips to show😭 @spardafamily https://t.co/ymZMawMxLR
11-07 08:17

RT @maryscavenger: john 😂😂 https://t.co/Wb6jaUBzvy
11-07 08:16

RT @jullika08: You’ve become quite expressive, haven’t you?------#claudeleth #fe3h #クロレス https://t.co/nrVgL6Tz3r
11-07 08:15

RT @sinnygoto: doodles of some kiddos🐥 #FE3Houses https://t.co/pZMmtXSrZ9
11-07 01:32

RT @homestuck: WH4TS TH1S NOW https://t.co/HGaVYg0h5j
11-07 01:31

RT @ZORIIBLlSS: cleansing the tl with this cute moment. https://t.co/6rzqC5A1fJ
11-07 01:16

RT @_BlackDiam0nd: okay so daisy was asked about rey's romance two times (listen to the vid for the second one)and both times she nearly…
11-07 00:19

RT @ma10ba: どんな星よりも眩しい https://t.co/hpMH6CgfSX
11-07 00:04

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