Tweets of 8th November


RT @jullika08: i'm overwhelmed i dunno what to do - indulge in dlc by playing, indulge in dlc by drawing the content or....finishing my oth…
11-08 22:36

RT @KRStou: 銀雪の真実 https://t.co/Ji6wJg5a70
11-08 22:35

RT @_goldenHAM: Boy.......... #HAMdraws https://t.co/daL7qHppoR
11-08 22:00

RT @0zep0: 试了试五年后!感觉很少画到有时间跨度的角色,脸的变化好有趣(、 https://t.co/uPSzPXIIe2
11-08 22:00

RT @enstars_events: いよいよ明日AGF2019が開催です!今年は『Live Ensemble!』をテーマに、ブースでは「ぱぺマス!!」のジオラマ展示など盛りだくさんでお届けいたします!また、9日のイベントステージの模様を配信サイトにて生放送予定です。ぜ…
11-08 21:59

RT @sodapeche: WAIT WHAT IS THAT do they have names this is so cute and funny i love you aegir hound https://t.co/3MqcWjatLu
11-08 20:52

RT @toi9988: fe/クロード https://t.co/t5yGGR4rlh
11-08 20:51

RT @_goldenHAM: U LOOK SO HAMSOM BB https://t.co/rxcOq7fAgI
11-08 20:34

RT @senacynical: IS THIS AN ASSURANCE that we will get "bloomed" CGs with multiple boys in it???? PLEASE???? This is absolutely Gorgeous ht…
11-08 20:33

RT @Bradbersity_: *FAINTS* #FireEmblem #ThreeHouses #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/ekytKBoqKg
11-08 20:32

RT @Tesereil: *sees claude**starts steaming* #FireEmblem #ThreeHouses #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/YJdtRsi24g
11-08 20:31

RT @nickjr: Family portrait goals #BluesCluesandYou https://t.co/TbyoD6pBwG
11-08 20:30

RT @ansta_goods: あみあみで予約開始!25%OFFTVアニメ『あんさんぶるスターズ!』 ビジュアル色紙コレクションvol.3 https://t.co/s11MStJjUW https://t.co/u4GiTWSjTb
11-08 20:30

RT @Dandelion_Ltd: 浅沼くんがこちらのイベントに参加させていただきます。よろしければぜひ( ・ᴗ・ )⚐⚑ (ダンデ2号) #ワールドフラッグス https://t.co/FDUK66IJsr
11-08 20:30

RT @DPInc_official: 【あんさんぶるスターズ!テレビアニメ応援企画!】11月10日放送の第18話より、総作監修正を公開いたします!本編のご視聴、よろしくお願いいたします! #あんスタ #アニスタ https://t.co/HFkhpw3w8m
11-08 20:26

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: 「あんたが俺を選んでくれてりゃあなあ」 https://t.co/V37B9kF7St
11-08 20:25

RT @devilheukheuk: 엽서 글이고 있긴합미다... https://t.co/jMRN0Bw7PP
11-08 11:31

Quality gaming!!!!#FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/ujgFSEfBJc
11-08 11:28

Oh no....#FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/9CNyFHbCch
11-08 11:27

RT @tattsunss: THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL IM TEARING UP https://t.co/TiM7ppIbBf
11-08 10:43

RT @hypnosismic: We just added subtitles 【ENG / JPN】 to “Hoodstar” Music Video❗️Please turn on subtitles and select your language✅🙌@You
11-08 10:42

RT @IGN: With both Scarlet Witch and Loki’s shows tying into Doctor Strange 2, it looks like Disney+ will be integral to Phase 4 of the MCU…
11-08 10:36

RT @NintendoAmerica: Conquer new quests, dress up with new outfits, sweat it out in the new sauna activity, and interact with animals in th…
11-08 10:36

RT @kiha_ki: Another #FireEmblemThreeHouses Tarot Card test print. I use curious ice gold paper so it’s a bit sparkly!Preorder info SOON! #…
11-08 10:24

RT @Subakeye: Some #fanart I did for #fireemblemthreehouses last week. https://t.co/sAaF1WBLRv
11-08 10:20

RT @yuune___: ok one more @animeimpulse Sneaky Eating Challenge fanart, i love the way Joe keep eating even though he lost like that's defi…
11-08 10:13

RT @Blankzy_: I lost it when he licked his hand https://t.co/YktVwohYPT
11-08 10:09

RT @CatsAmazed: If a royal bloodline exists for domesticated cats, Vivo is their King. https://t.co/nq7WMre6XC
11-08 10:08

RT @DisneyPinsBlog: Closer look at the Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker limited edition pin releases today at Disney Parks! https://t.co/7Om
11-08 10:07

RT @yueko__: byleth #fe3h https://t.co/Q6jFXfKfTc
11-08 10:01

RT @jullika08: i made a twitter moment for all my fe3h/claudeleth art!! 🤗✨#claudeleth">https://t.co/d3wslRIQG5------#claudeleth #fe3h #クロレス
11-08 09:53

RT @DisFunko: First look at Target exclusive The First Order - GITD Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Pop and Tee!.📅 12/20💰 $24.99📟DPCI: 323-01-3…
11-08 09:00

RT @Jack_Septic_Eye: Y'all ready to get freaky with Norman Reedus and his amazing Fetus!?Death Stranding starts now!https://t.co/huX6nDVc
11-08 09:00

RT @r_r_N_3: #ひらいて赤ブーあん♪んぶる☆ーズモデル経験者(瀬〇泉、遊○真、鳴○嵐、椚○臣)プチオンリーを是非お願いします!! https://t.co/QXLftLXi7d
11-08 06:24

RT @mochi_cocco: 11月10日22:30 https://t.co/Zmv33jkWW7
11-08 06:24

RT @toi9988: fe/クロード・ベレト・ベレス https://t.co/FczHfii7rP
11-08 06:23

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