Tweets of 20th November


RT @theofficialmads: Death Stranding nominated for 9 categories at @thegameawards 🤩You can vote for BEST PERFORMANCE: MADS MIKKELSEN and…
11-20 22:47

RT @Detroit_Game: Detroit: Become Human PC is coming on December 12!Pre-order it NOW: https://t.co/xgPvB8DWS0 https://t.co/LDzM3cX8FH
11-20 22:39

RT @Bana_bana_Na: 裁定を https://t.co/xRVLf5L1ev
11-20 22:13

RT @sashacall: https://t.co/bsQARyRAl1
11-20 20:46

RT @strangerwriters: gonna tell my kids this is the avengers https://t.co/BkYt39BiqK
11-20 20:46

RT @bk2128: New Sakura Wars - Brand-new character introduced:Murasame Hakushu (CV Sawashiro Miyuki)A swordswoman who also taught sword sk…
11-20 20:45

RT @byousoku15m: 焼き芋屋「買うまで離れねぇからな!!!」 https://t.co/Wqv931H0uE
11-20 18:26

RT @MN8251: レトディミのでぃみとくろ〜どくんその2 https://t.co/wEdSBcIn2M
11-20 18:15

RT @dreamdeviant: markus in the ps4 launch trailer vs the pc trailer! #DetroitBecomeHuman https://t.co/HRl1M61DYb
11-20 18:15

RT @Kojima_Hideo: TOMORROW IS IN YOUR HANDS.#デスストでつながれ#デススト#WorldStrandTour2019#DeathStranding    #TomorrowIsInYourHands https://t.co
11-20 18:15

RT @MissBliss1294: Don't Go.Inspired by the latest TRoS clip. #TheRiseOfSkywalker #StarWars #starwarsfanart #reylo #Bendemption https://t.…
11-20 18:12

RT @gwendy85: TROS Wide Angle + SLOW MO with New Clips #TheRiseOfSkywalker THREAD (1/10) https://t.co/V5bSTIgOD0
11-20 18:12

RT @Zencsss: I’ve been laughing for 10 mins straight😭 https://t.co/YWLypWrlLe
11-20 18:12

RT @ensemble_stage: 【キャラクタービジュアル解禁】『あんステ』~Night of Blossoming Stars~、Ra*bitsのキャラクタービジュアルが解禁となりました!https://t.co/oolC0kxX0yローチケにて11/22(金)12…
11-20 18:11

RT @Zcure1: What good Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker images will we get tomorrow ? Here are textless versions of the EW covers. #StarWars
11-20 18:11

RT @automata02: 灰色の世界から(クロレス)FE風花雪月/リーガン家に行った時 https://t.co/DaQAxfqel2
11-20 18:10

RT @sleemo_: They answered my prayers! Full version: https://t.co/PmaysAZWAd #TheRiseOfSkywalker https://t.co/mfS7bJA4Al
11-20 10:21

RT @eddskaspbraks: why is this so funny https://t.co/MR54SSovgC
11-20 10:19

RT @BABA_angstar: [리퀘박스]사쿠마 레이(ver.해적)@ViciiiS2rei https://t.co/W4mim11h4c
11-20 09:56

RT @eel12: 【クロレス】クロード君が先生に手を出す話。先生はヒルダちゃんにセクシーな下着で誘惑するんですよ!と言われたのでインナー姿でお茶会に誘いました。 https://t.co/jsa2rCuXmL
11-20 09:56

RT @SarahSahim: a tall, gentle and understanding man https://t.co/P1fpJGCxdR
11-20 09:55

RT @AwwwwCats: Can I get some warmth https://t.co/X4fCv7ghlF
11-20 09:55

RT @IGN: Superman actor Henry Cavill says he hasn’t given up the cape just yet. https://t.co/TvwaxNH0Zi
11-20 09:54

RT @NintendoAmerica: The Legend of #Zelda: Link's Awakening, #FireEmblem: Three Houses, and #ASTRALCHAIN are just a few of the #NintendoSwi
11-20 09:36

RT @gaileyfrey: [Desperately googling How To Get Cursed] https://t.co/J8434FiWSN
11-20 09:35

RT @KojiPro2015_EN: #DeathStranding has been nominated for 9, yes, NINE #TheGameAwards! including the GAME OF THE YEAR!Check out for all…
11-20 09:34

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: 手に取った感想自分で言うのもなんですけど(私の絵……紙に印刷されると最高だな!?)って感じなのでだいぶ買って欲しいですね 表紙裏にVのタトゥーが銀色でギラギラに印刷されててかっこいいんですよめくってね!! https://t.co/Zx
11-20 09:32

RT @Nupawru: CINDERANCE NO https://t.co/VPRewhJWuI
11-20 07:57

RT @nin_h: https://t.co/u3hx39lUx7
11-20 07:57

RT @FM_mulbang: 활쏘는클로드(인데활이업는 https://t.co/P0fqbbwG3m
11-20 05:26

RT @EW: #TheRiseOfSkywalker star Daisy Ridley on those "Reylo" theories: "It does not bother me... It's really fun hearing them" https://t.…
11-20 05:00

RT @Kawells00: https://t.co/rHNBzapGFU
11-20 04:12

RT @StarWarsUK: Let the past die, kill it if you have to. But before you do, wish Adam Driver, the man in Kylo Ren’s mask, a very happy bir…
11-20 04:09

RT @penpenpen2222: リクエストより千景と至 https://t.co/ZFcxULCSAc
11-20 04:09

RT @SnipSnipArt: Three Crowns#FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/JDPgzd1Q0u
11-20 04:09

RT @balancedpadawan: HEY!!! Go support @sleemo_ on Kofi!! I set up monthly donations for all of her hard work bringing us content for #TheR
11-20 04:08

RT @sleemo_: Kylo Ren | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts https://t.co/ME7UUoX2dG https://t.co/V3EMn2sTU3
11-20 04:07

RT @sleemo_: Ben Solo is baby https://t.co/4MYjvf9oCk https://t.co/s4cdhhaFM9
11-20 04:06

RT @starwars: “We’re all in this. ‘Til the end.” See @StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets: https://t.co
11-20 04:05

RT @sleemo_: “Even when they’re not together they still haunt each other in a way – they are each other’s unresolved business…” https://t.c
11-20 02:22

Garururu.... #BreathoftheWild https://t.co/bXUECXUIdi
11-20 02:22

RT @sleemo_: This film is going to kill me. https://t.co/1MlAps5pFJ
11-20 02:16

RT @rkgk_as: ネコチャン…… https://t.co/a83XJcqweH
11-20 02:11

RT @occult_box: 『あんさんぶるスターズ! エクストラ・ステージ』~Night of Blossoming Stars~』ビジュアル解禁!✨明星スバル役の小澤廉です!今回はエクストラ・ステージ!キラキラなステージにするために全力で頑張るので暖かい応援…
11-20 02:10

RT @sleemo_: New clips!!! #TheRiseOfSkywalker https://t.co/roAYDEw7fI https://t.co/DxsX5rtSch
11-20 02:09

RT @sleemo_: LOOK AT THEM https://t.co/zpbTsjK6MU
11-20 02:09

RT @Fanoaka: クロレス「上手くいかないことだってある」 https://t.co/CtKxfMbHpJ
11-20 01:48

RT @yrfreakyneighbr: To the eternal flames with you, Areadbhar... https://t.co/KIIu3Izdpm
11-20 01:46

RT @starwars: Check out the @DolbyCinema exclusive #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker poster. See it in theaters December 20. Get tickets now:…
11-20 01:45

RT @EW: "It's a very good ending."Daisy Ridley, @JohnBoyega, Oscar Isaac and more from #TheRiseOfSkywalker break down @starwars' grand fi…
11-20 01:44

RT @StarWarsUK: Just one month to go until Star Wars #TheRiseOfSkywalker arrives in cinemas! Have you got your tickets? https://t.co/gt414c
11-20 01:44

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