Tweets of 24th November


RT @sqshiijelly: https://t.co/aWehqDESkr
11-24 23:19

RT @OoCPokemon: https://t.co/q3DwPE2mc0
11-24 23:16

RT @yu__ta_rina: 完成しました〜亥年のうちにどうにかあげられてよかった…! https://t.co/ozKls70BXE
11-24 23:16

RT @Mr_Meowwwgi: Beautiful little weirdo... https://t.co/KBvJbwmZ5k
11-24 23:14

RT @stars_animation: 【BD&DVD情報】第4巻12月25日発売!「fine」の描き下ろしジャケットを公開しました!ピクチャードラマは「紅茶部」「ゲーム研究部」を収録!「Fan Meeting Tour」7/5(日) 大阪・夜公演の最速先行抽選申込券も封入!…
11-24 23:14

RT @reyyjedi: heres the hd version of the image https://t.co/AIJuE5QxL8
11-24 23:14

RT @enstars_music: 【お知らせ】あんさんぶるスターズ!!MusicショートMV公開!!本日は『UNDEAD』の『Melody in the Dark』です!こちらはサインパネルプレゼントの対象ツイートです!詳細はサイトをご覧くださいhttps://t.c
11-24 23:13

RT @reylosource: ok I slowed it down - he's DEFINITELY already impaled that dude on his lightsaber holy moly https://t.co/iFmcGHvcl4
11-24 16:53

RT @Kaizerkunkun: 台湾のファンの方にいただいたBB Pod風バッグで遊ぶ小島監督。Hideo Kojima playing around with the BBPod-ish bag that he received from the fan in Taiw…
11-24 16:52

RT @mpwhitten: I don't think I'm doing this right... help me @greg_chun o.O #VAalarms ...also, I nominate @deva_marie next 💚 https://t.c
11-24 16:50

RT @sadboykyIo: that’s han solo’s son https://t.co/jeuRCBC8JV
11-24 12:47

RT @AWDEKO: pls give us this power https://t.co/OM5zMiTZZq
11-24 08:39

RT @mmmagnolia: Every inch of me is tremblingBut not from the cold #frozen2 https://t.co/BY3T1WkxFf
11-24 08:38

RT @Yuyucow: They did justice to The Run so I've officially welcomed the 3D Lupin movie into my heart https://t.co/xDzLbVJJtd
11-24 08:38

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: https://t.co/k0jYjfo5Xc
11-24 08:38

RT @starwars: “Your journey nears its end.” See #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets: https://t.co/EbJ0
11-24 08:37

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