Tweets of 26th November


RT @Evolution_ygo: https://t.co/ETLaQDVDGb
11-26 23:24

RT @nin_h: 😇🙏 https://t.co/IFD2rQnUDH
11-26 23:23

RT @yukikimisawa: きたむーが見に来てくれた!嬉しい!!!みーーーんな仲間さ!いつまでも✨#NARUTO#イタズラな君ちゃん#北村諒#愛しかない https://t.co/oSfda4TCHu
11-26 23:23

RT @sleemo_: She said she was NOT the one who accidentally left the script under their bed but that there’s someone else coming on the show…
11-26 22:41

RT @thetvjp: /12/11発売「週刊ザテレビジョン」お正月超特大号(¥420)#荒牧慶彦 @ara_mackey #北村諒 @Ryo_Kitamu Amazon限定特典ブロマイド絵柄決定🎊\ご予約はコチラから!パターンAhttps://t.co
11-26 22:41

RT @Joric_art: You do look like a JoJo now @LilNasX https://t.co/V39D1NKvsf
11-26 22:10

RT @rizuNM: アストルフォかいた https://t.co/apaJdmtI60
11-26 22:10

RT @sadboykyIo: TROS promo in Times Square! https://t.co/lrRck4wqXb
11-26 22:09

RT @kapymui: rascals!!!! https://t.co/Rz8kTwIdGC
11-26 19:00

RT @KSUWABE: ゲンガー https://t.co/8l7eUtQO7B
11-26 19:00

RT @QuagsireYsma: Me at a party full of strangers #PokemonSwordShield #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/dWtwu0uVLx
11-26 18:57

RT @reybencyera: When I say Dark Rey vibes I MEAN Dark Rey vibes https://t.co/L3YEgtDBlL
11-26 18:55

RT @nijuunanayo0827: お兄さんといっしょ https://t.co/ffhiyy4hgU
11-26 18:54

RT @ohthatlook: claude: TELL ME THE FUCKING SECRETS!!!!! claude when they tell him the fucking secrets: https://t.co/ffjjXgWsWd
11-26 18:53

RT @Kawells00: rough https://t.co/qVHhiNA55l
11-26 18:49

RT @FallonTonight: Daisy Ridley raps a recap of all 8 @starwars films! #FallonTonight https://t.co/CxNyY9mSg9
11-26 18:49

RT @sleemo_: “Kylo won’t put on a shirt, Kylo is kind of a flirt” 😂 #FallonTonight https://t.co/6ECkWLteKP
11-26 18:49

RT @ultemanicebody: 凍る https://t.co/CrawC2FPOn
11-26 13:10

RT @leon_xx00xx: キバナ君のダイマックスの表情#ポケモン剣盾 https://t.co/pk5qfsuKKW
11-26 12:59

RT @mizuyoshiappare: #corkscrew はじめて スプリング無しのマットレス で立てた!#tricking #girl #やればできる https://t.co/nw6E7Tp2yM
11-26 12:58

RT @movieposterguy: Star Wars #TheRiseOfSkywalker alternate #MoviePoster. - Used all the assets from the character posters and combined the…
11-26 12:57

RT @rizuNM: https://t.co/3Z6r7ghjbx
11-26 12:57

RT @fenkko: #mp100 https://t.co/7pWWS975BK
11-26 12:56

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: https://t.co/a05uleEHbe
11-26 12:55

RT @rizuNM: https://t.co/9K8XTgo3IC
11-26 12:31

RT @anniesscribbles: Rt this if you are a Reylo who loves Finn! He deserves more appreciation in this fandom. He was one of the first ST ch…
11-26 12:17

RT @devilmaycry_jp: 電子コミックサービス「LINEマンガ」のオリジナル作品「Devil May Cry 5 – Visions of V –」(隔週土曜日更新)第13話掲載中!ダンテに依頼をする為、ついに仲介屋・モリソンを見付ける…!?PROLOGUE&第1…
11-26 12:16

RT @sleemo_: Yes ma’am 🔥 https://t.co/Zscsfitrmm https://t.co/11nQ8TZqyk
11-26 12:16

RT @japicasso97: This is how I first imagined the other post before adding grown-up Elsa but I think this tender moment also deserves its o…
11-26 07:47

RT @sebhaal: these are the superior disney “princes” i take no criticism https://t.co/o44Ynyqceq
11-26 07:47

RT @roxiqt: When women turn 30, they have to pick a subclass:• sea witch• forest witch• fire witch• air witch• space witch
11-26 07:40

RT @nanocornalter: hydreigon's eating animation is making me fucking lose it https://t.co/Yh9jYv5XIT
11-26 07:40

RT @maplekeurig: 📱🌟 https://t.co/Bfz1Fo9uI3
11-26 07:39

RT @rizuNM: https://t.co/qcOsxHoo2w
11-26 07:34

RT @starwars: Taking a look at the magic within The Art of #StarWarsJediFallenOrder: https://t.co/ENC1w4LgwF https://t.co/xnTKhxXIEi
11-26 07:33

RT @AMENOHIff15: #FE風花雪月 #FireEmblemThreeHouses - https://t.co/kpq1lOfrUP
11-26 07:32

RT @jullika08: don't worry about me teach...... let me claim your lips instead------#claudeleth #fe3h #クロレス https://t.co/QSn4droWC3
11-26 07:31

RT @riseofbensoIo: John:" When you meet under extreme circumstances like Rey and Finn, it binds you together. They hang onto each other. Bu…
11-26 03:19

RT @sleemo_: This was her response to the question "Aber gibt es eine Botschaft, die der Film vermittelt?" meaning "Is there a message conv…
11-26 02:58

RT @sleemo_: "Rey doesn’t give up on Kylo. She firmly believes that he could still turn. That's a nice message: seeing the good in people,…
11-26 02:58

RT @planarbindings: unfortunately being an artist includes having to draw things. shocked and upset
11-26 02:34

RT @Gurija332: 全員救えたらな... https://t.co/fSqXmq3MZ7
11-26 02:34

RT @reylo_prompts: Prompt: “When Rey helps her lifelong neighbor Leia clean out her attic, Rey comes across dozens of love letters her chil…
11-26 02:34

RT @6666Rui: i've been playing #fe3h for months i can't believe it took me so long to draw trash fanart#comic #FireEmblemThreeHouses http…
11-26 02:14

RT @RschC: Death Strandingクリアしたし、やり始めて少し経った頃からやりたかった新旧交じっているがエヴァトライク🏍それと気になる仮説が一つこのトラック、上から見た時のフォルム、そしてCICADAまさか俺たち配達人は、長いセミ生活を終えた@Koj
11-26 02:14

RT @TandCmag: Introducing our December 2019/January 2020 cover, starring Keri Russell. The powerhouse actress stars in the upcoming Star Wa…
11-26 02:13

RT @NetflixQueue: Issue 2 of @netflix Queue Journal is here. Featuring cover stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, @DaVineJoy, @LauraDern, Scarl…
11-26 01:47

RT @IGN: Watch the latest clip from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker right here! https://t.co/f0RR9nmPX2
11-26 01:21

RT @joshgad: Hey Daisy, guess what? I don’t need you anymore!!!!! I got @jjabrams now. Haha https://t.co/7JWHKv4zRe
11-26 01:19

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