Tweets of 29th November


RT @Kukumomoart: https://t.co/x8VKRzPu4j https://t.co/TFcT2Bk7jz
11-29 23:54

RT @tecchen: piers & obstagoon!#PokemonSwordShield https://t.co/o5tX3TCOJy
11-29 23:54

RT @info_seoyeon: who is the cutest reptile in the world🤔 https://t.co/zjvwkIoplL
11-29 23:46

11-29 21:17

RT @ox79xo: https://t.co/bQHO2LjAQw
11-29 21:16

RT @yiliawantsfun: We’ve come this far#reyandkylo #kyloandrey https://t.co/yGLJFrBgMV
11-29 20:41

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: 「やっと、か」 https://t.co/ukkRouTtHZ
11-29 20:40

RT @hiranosandayo: https://t.co/pCVqIDHixr
11-29 20:17

RT @Joansallen: I roughly translated the press release 4 StarWarsKabuki show @sleemo_ @sel3nette TLDR: Father/son portrayed Kairennosuke ie…
11-29 20:16

RT @nagi_momoka: 那是彼时我无法碰触的东西 https://t.co/FdFqaWKhNo
11-29 19:06

RT @DrawKill: this is what happens when you name your pokemon before you know what it evolves into. https://t.co/dVSBTrA8GL
11-29 19:05

RT @cym0rg: https://t.co/cv38QYOfHM
11-29 19:05

RT @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN: It’s been 3 weeks since the launch. To Sam Porter Bridges in the world, thanks for connecting the world. The ones addi…
11-29 19:04

RT @jullika08: Claude: wears gold and flashy colors Byleth: likes to dress in black Claude: ......wants to wear partner outfits and color…
11-29 18:58

RT @starwars: “Episode 9 will be the conclusion of a story over 40 years in the making.” See #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters Dec…
11-29 18:58

RT @mako_mickt: ゴリランダー!!!たくましくなったな! 好き!!!インテレオン!!!スマートになったな! 好き!!!エースバーン!!!キミだけ中学生くらいで成長止まってねえか!!? 好き!!!!!! https://t.co/qolFmE6RbB
11-29 09:47

RT @motikiro2: おもちゃ置いてから鳴く時は「この人間はおもちゃを持ってきたことに気づいていない…鳴いて知らせねば」って感じだけどたまに「今ぁぁぁああ持って帰って来てるぅぅぅうう」って鳴きながら戻ってくる https://t.co/ZHEFLiRsys
11-29 09:46

RT @jullika08: You smell so nice ------Claude is a huge sucker for snuggles, just sayin#claudeleth #fe3h #クロレス https://t.co/Bz8mqFGEYU
11-29 09:41

RT @silverpresso: (●///▽///●)Don't even ask it :"D *hides with embarrasment#ClaudeVonRiegan #FE3H https://t.co/ZP3LjgEWbQ
11-29 09:41

RT @zassooishii: ペンいれたら没になる気配を察知 https://t.co/ndEBLqBUmu
11-29 05:28

RT @starwars: The final chapter arrives. #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker is in theaters December 20. Get your tickets: https://t.co/EbJ0vDHK
11-29 04:35

RT @reysbensolos: "the final word in the story of skywalker." - #bensolo https://t.co/Q4j9Okliys
11-29 04:34

RT @Zcure1: There's cool new footage in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker TV Spot 13 "Duel" ! #StarWars #TheRiseofSkywalker https://t.co/QAcx
11-29 01:24

RT @friedpotat: tried some young gym challenger designs https://t.co/DzeorUwfNt
11-29 01:20

RT @IGN: Food Coma: Chapter Two https://t.co/HEiTuobAWh
11-29 01:19

RT @ensemble_stars: 【お知らせ】アニメ放送記念の復刻スカウトを開催!明日15時に『MaM編』『Valkyrie編』がそれぞれスタートします。CDジャケットイラスト限定カード(衣装付き)も追加されますのでお楽しみに♪ #あんスタ https://t.co/V
11-29 00:36

RT @MightyKow: By closer inspection, I learned the truth. https://t.co/XRxzY5nMpM
11-29 00:35

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