Tweets of 3rd December


RT @JennerallyJenn: centiskorch is my favorite i dont know what else to tell ya https://t.co/4G160QTkfc
12-03 22:56

RT @Ginna_RenSolo: Daisy Ridley X GQ British #StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalker #Rey #GQBritish 📸 Alexi Lubomirski https://t.co/cb1Cfa9rIi
12-03 22:56

RT @houseofthedrgon: “i’ll have your daughter home by 8” ——> “your daughter calls me daddy too” https://t.co/9nfAKAGugG
12-03 22:56

RT @sleemo_: You had a chance to talk to Daisy Ridley and this is what you waste it on? 😒 https://t.co/BCDGrKGM9r https://t.co/tRBQ06Dmd2
12-03 22:50

RT @sleemo_: Tousled hair ✨✨ https://t.co/q4MqcWGtUe #DaisyRidley https://t.co/wXtkJy3p74
12-03 22:27

RT @Jack_Septic_Eye: It's the end of the decade soon & I turn 30 next year.I'm going to make sure that I test my creativity and get out of…
12-03 20:35

RT @_moofn: 怒った先生の瞳孔が開く所が見たい https://t.co/7INBHyHGUu
12-03 20:20

RT @ifpfilm: Congratulations to the BEST ACTOR winner at the 2019 IFP #GothamAwards ADAM DRIVER. https://t.co/VJa1rK9Ie1
12-03 18:27

RT @OoCPokemon: https://t.co/XRXF96GdX4
12-03 18:26

RT @onegingek: From voting poll 🙌 https://t.co/rty25xqw74
12-03 18:03

RT @jjaibrams: How is she a real person? That remains as a mystery https://t.co/mptoMWdw9R
12-03 18:02

RT @EnochLee_art: 因为自己太菜,上一个练习失败了这次选择了鬼灭之刃的水呼吸希望不要再失败吧:) https://t.co/jHbBS2tY1o
12-03 18:02

RT @adamdriversputa: King and Queen of side profiles https://t.co/SYAXhzeJZ2
12-03 18:00

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: フェルディナントの5年 https://t.co/YSiRvwKfj2
12-03 17:59

RT @letmebreathe8: Ben falling for Rey confirmed 🍵🍵 thank you entertainment weekly https://t.co/lHllArwK6z
12-03 10:01

RT @benwillrise: kylo ren: https://t.co/cvqOqng98M
12-03 09:47

RT @RollingStone: How Adam Driver’s angst and brooding intensity made the world fall in love with a #StarWars villain https://t.co/Ii6Q1xqk
12-03 08:42

RT @sleemo_: wow https://t.co/bO2nmKWp2K
12-03 08:41

RT @aozora_010203: エンディングの嵐ちゃんが最高にかわいい💮 https://t.co/ONtZaEnzHh
12-03 08:32

RT @haruno102030: キバナさんアレやってー!😆 https://t.co/RJAP8nmaK7
12-03 08:30

RT @HabiteerWS: Claude's (@JoeZieja) relic bow all done, now to make a box big enough to fit it lol. 2 relics down 2 to go for the main cas…
12-03 08:23

RT @yuune___: i want to catch a Claudechu pls tysm 😤⚡️ #FE3H #FireEmblemThreeHouses #ClaudeVonRiegan https://t.co/eeHQERHOOl
12-03 08:23

RT @PlayStationTR: Gelecek senin ellerinde. @Kojima_Hideo #DeathStranding #PlayStation https://t.co/XXY3RThHFD
12-03 08:22

RT @aukives: Revali, but a birb. https://t.co/sJt8YkPzGJ
12-03 08:11

RT @SHIMADA_FE: めっちゃらくがきくろれす https://t.co/qI1jONNr4o
12-03 08:10

RT @mahapuranyanyan: rkgk https://t.co/Oz0BDzMhvH
12-03 08:09

RT @BigNickMerriman: This is my #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade nomination https://t.co/KfRJDYdirr
12-03 08:09

RT @elZapato_: @brehaorganas @sleemo_ @people @Zcure1 @peopletv @JohnBoyega ⠀ (\__/)   (•ㅅ•) adam _ノ ヽ ノ\ __ / `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y…
12-03 08:07

RT @Persona_Central: Cyber Monday Extension @EightySixed sale includes discounts on official Persona 5 merchandise.- Masks T-Shirt: https…
12-03 08:07

RT @gunsnrosesgirl3: This is a resurrection plant. It’s a desert plant that can survive almost complete desiccation. During the dry weather…
12-03 08:05

RT @jullika08: The stars above look down on us while I'm the only fallen one------noticed i never posted the full piece, so here i serve…
12-03 08:05

RT @JohnBoyega: Watching Star Wars 9 for the first time tomorrow https://t.co/EMUUITXxIy
12-03 08:00

RT @bergamot_teacup: now that its december, the three lords wish to spread some good ol’ holiday cheer!! https://t.co/u1Wx8yWC78
12-03 04:57

RT @mpychu: thank you rolling stone for also appreciating adam’s silhouette and side profile https://t.co/s5T8Ij2VRS
12-03 04:56

RT @funyanrinpa: santa claude (and the golden reindeers) https://t.co/95wTEpbkOV
12-03 04:02

RT @sleemo_: The live Q&A with the cast of #TheRiseOfSkywalker will be streamed on Periscope https://t.co/rHSFDkOe7k
12-03 03:58

RT @jullika08: Good mornin' my love------https://t.co/QBhfG9wLc7✨🔞 nsfw!! 18+ 🔞✨ #claudeleth #fe3h #クロレス https://t.co/fJOK0OgkMz
12-03 03:58

RT @CuteFluffyDino: ADAM DRIVER for @RollingStone BTS #starwars #kyloren https://t.co/dTXGpGIlSB
12-03 03:57

RT @ar1aster: i got kelly’s attention and showed her my rose buns and shirt!! cc: @Scavenger_Jess https://t.co/iTOM4CeRkC
12-03 03:57

RT @Scavenger_Jess: LOVES OF MY LIFE!✨ https://t.co/Fjb9fBEjHc
12-03 03:57

RT @akiratotsuka: 👑 Requiem (Knights repayment) translation thread 👑Couldn't keep my hands off this one!! The ultimate Knights event! 💓…
12-03 01:19

RT @RollingStone: “It seemed that because I was scared of it, maybe it was a good reason to do it.”: Adam Driver reflects on ‘Star Wars Epi…
12-03 00:42

12-03 00:42

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