Tweets of 5th December


RT @KSUWABE: アーマーガア https://t.co/tEwznVQVJZ
12-05 22:06

RT @twst_jp: 改めて皆様に、ディズニー映画『#ヘラクレス』の世界観からインスパイアされた、死者の国の王の勤勉な精神に基づく「イグニハイド」寮をご紹介。https://t.co/Uqvzlo6rwD#ツイステ #ディズニー #ヴィランズ https://t.c
12-05 22:04

RT @Loudwindow: https://t.co/ikQiv5J8dD
12-05 22:03

RT @THEFORCEBENDER: I will miss this cast so much 🖤 https://t.co/UC3KeXGj3a
12-05 20:47

RT @heroaca_anime: [ホークスが来た!!]プロヒーロー"ホークス"がTVアニメ4期に先駆けて12/20(金)公開『僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE ヒーローズ:ライジング』でのアニメ初登場が正式発表!そして演じる声優は #中村悠一 さんに決定!!…
12-05 20:30

RT @HollyFig: uncle claude https://t.co/Af0RbhUKPE
12-05 20:29

RT @devilmaycry_jp: 【コラボ】「haraKIRI」×『デビル メイ クライ 5』コラボアクセサリー第二弾が受注開始! 今回は「V」と「バージル」がモチーフに。また、12月7日~15日には「新宿マルイ アネックス」3階にて、期間限定の試着受注会が開催!取扱…
12-05 20:28

RT @_12939: ギュギュと… https://t.co/rNukfJJRE3
12-05 14:12

RT @sleemo_: Woah, I completely missed that. One of the many BTS footage of them that they hid from us 👀 https://t.co/Cb38mobtfH https://t.…
12-05 14:09

RT @OriginalFunko: The Dark Rey Pop! is on display at #TheRiseOfSkywalker junket! https://t.co/VCIrVMudcf
12-05 13:21

RT @vibeswithcisco: no one: not a soul:me: https://t.co/EzFnluXCZs
12-05 13:19

RT @Julie_Nathanson: Me: Cocoa!Son: Thanks! Wait... I’m allowed to drink out of your cursing mug?Me: Proper grammar is more important t…
12-05 10:12

RT @OriginalFunko: Let the final battle begin. What Pop! from #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker is your favorite?#Funko #FunkoPop #Pop #Star
12-05 08:46

RT @Ignacio__RC: "The Duel" So excited to announce that the illustration I made a while ago for #TheRiseOfSkywalker has officially been lic…
12-05 08:00

RT @itotamago: 剣盾#FGO #FateGO https://t.co/YwDJoOJt2I
12-05 07:59

RT @nyaneyan: nekoma third years https://t.co/i9mClqFfLd
12-05 07:58

RT @realbdw: As one chapter ends...the journey continues. I’m so honored to be a part of the legacy#TheRiseOfSkywalker https://t.co/SkcQY8
12-05 06:26

RT @kylorenvevo: He really is out here living to push the boundaries of fashion https://t.co/Twx6NwpUbY
12-05 05:46

RT @bensforce: “emotional stuff with adam” angst hive lets go https://t.co/QBSnz9RIIM
12-05 05:46

RT @AdamDriverUK: First look at #KyloRen in Rise of the Resistance! https://t.co/2VsEhnmvnk https://t.co/yqo0vgNEx3
12-05 04:23

RT @_Tvilin: Here's my final piece of Seteth for the @3MaisonsCouture zine !Everyones turned out so good, thank you so much for having me!…
12-05 04:21

RT @rizuNM: インテレオンいいよね https://t.co/hZiujY8NRM
12-05 04:07

RT @TheNerdsofColor: The entire castEVEN ADAM!#starwars #TheRiseofSkywalker https://t.co/lFlo32z3Rs
12-05 03:26

RT @mnzkworks: ヒーア二メ化めでたいたのしみ!しかしひたすら沼の浅いとこでチャプチャプ芸人だから動くいちろうくんに身がもつかしんぱいだな… https://t.co/oUtAxWAeBU
12-05 03:24

RT @naoscifra: oh you know ;) https://t.co/31C28dmk1P
12-05 03:23

RT @laughing_place: And here it is in action. #StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalker https://t.co/6C0GuXXpzU
12-05 03:23

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: これを…みんなに見てほしい…#unoのCMっぽい#クソ松 https://t.co/F3MnZeBO1O
12-05 03:20

I'm selling Nendoroid Caster/Merlin: Magus of Flowers Ver. for ₱2,000. Get it on Shopee now! https://t.co/5CarlJ5AkW #ShopeePH #Merlin https://t.co/1Ezg7SY5Wu
12-05 01:45

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