Tweets of 6th December


RT @Zcure1: Wow ! There is new footage and new scenes and in the Poe-centric Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker TV Spot 26 ! #StarWars #TheRis
12-06 23:13

RT @ExtraVirgin_OO: エーデルガルトくんフォドラ蹂躙しよ〜! https://t.co/lyZJ5FLiWr
12-06 20:25

RT @DPInc_official: 【あんさんぶるスターズ!テレビアニメ応援企画!】12月8日放送の第22話より、総作監修正を公開いたします!本編のご視聴、よろしくお願いいたします!#あんスタ #アニスタ https://t.co/ZP6iyNUeCX
12-06 20:25

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: 12月10日発売CHOKiCHOKi 2020 winter復活第2弾、表紙を飾らせていただきます!久しぶりのCHOKiCHOKi。これも皆様の応援のおかげです。ゲットしてね! https://t.co/1E2KrciqMm
12-06 17:18

RT @tiredemblem: 🗣 CONFIRMED 5TH FE3H HOUSE: THE JOLLY BEES The ELATION in mine and @diamondsong’s spirits upon having @WritingMadness @d
12-06 15:22

RT @IGN: The Force is strong with the latest The Rise of Skywalker poster. https://t.co/JE1THDxdkk
12-06 15:20

RT @reyssben: this is the intro of the most epic telenovela EVER https://t.co/R2halx0i6o
12-06 15:20

RT @_BlackDiam0nd: adam: “Hopefully [in The Rise of Skywalker], there’s a good moment where you really see him. Maybe, I hope."me: HOLDS…
12-06 15:20

RT @r_r_N_3: 劇団『ドラマティカ』の最強布陣たまらないです https://t.co/C0Ib4Wqdt7
12-06 14:08

RT @MeedaWrites: 4yo me going downstairs to tell my parents that i puked in my bed: https://t.co/xWWzu0jWC0
12-06 14:07

RT @starwarsjapan: 「―すべて、終わらせる。」衝撃の結末に備えよ!42年に渡り紡がれてきた伝説の物語、「スター・ウォーズ」が遂に完結!光と闇、レイと #カイロレン の戦いの行方、ジェダイの運命とは―『#スターウォーズ/#スカイウォーカーの夜明け…
12-06 12:37

RT @AdamDriverUK: Adam not-spoiling-anything Driver https://t.co/Cv73jNY38m
12-06 12:05

12-06 12:05

RT @freckIedmess: apple music users logging into twitter and seeing everyone posting their 2019 spotify wrapped results https://t.co/Dub9vS
12-06 12:04

RT @skylosolo: john boyega is truly the biggest kylo ren stan https://t.co/4IHRt6NoAp
12-06 12:04

RT @thumosren: adam making a circle with his hands like 5 times during this, he tried so hard to keep his mouth shut his hands had to spell…
12-06 12:02

RT @jjaibrams: TROS Kylo keeps proving that he’s the superior look https://t.co/2zODx0pMAj
12-06 12:02

RT @sleemo_: *sets alarm* https://t.co/8pVe50Sjh3
12-06 12:02

RT @daisridles: im shaking guys https://t.co/fJoFBaljWE
12-06 12:01

RT @reysbensolos: why he looking at the camera like he's on the office https://t.co/azU15HNezW
12-06 08:52

RT @sithIord: https://t.co/WHG3j5iYnt
12-06 08:08

RT @rensorgana: i need this picture supersized and hanging on my wall https://t.co/YDheA30hHI
12-06 07:12

RT @Riri19911: I really wanna know what this joke is. https://t.co/uf4Z23V8kr
12-06 06:33

Thank you Toby Fox for spending 29 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #spotifywrapped https://t.co/dvuUsMtkT6
12-06 06:32

RT @reysbensolos: his smile after "surprising" - i see you sir i see your bad poker face https://t.co/83GWBtOwJ4
12-06 06:29

RT @wkwkrbn: 鷲獅子戦 https://t.co/SJKNmSB4Al
12-06 05:11

RT @starwrsarchive: close ups of daisy at the rise of skywalker press conference yesterday. photos by @ desireeeaglin on instagram ✨ https:…
12-06 05:02

RT @thetiffopotamus: Sing for me? Please, Annette?🎶🎸/ a rock band au that absolutely no one asked for https://t.co/1UnMTSQpI3
12-06 05:01

RT @kurakichi36: キバナとドクター♂剣盾キャラデザ良すぎですねぇ… https://t.co/Ik9OZL7nDE
12-06 03:39

RT @starwars: Check out this new poster inspired by @StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker! Art by @tracieching. See the film in theaters December…
12-06 03:39

RT @yokukandetaberu: クロレス あんたと世界の夜明けが見たい https://t.co/oTtAJKd0xT
12-06 03:39

RT @balancedpadawan: Adam Driver knowing Kylo’s arc for 6 years and it coming to fruition in #TheRiseOfSkywalker“It’s not something he [K…
12-06 03:37

RT @ox79xo: https://t.co/96T2OoXOZ4
12-06 01:01

RT @aozora_010203: なんじゃの https://t.co/LrzEhVWfKT
12-06 01:00

RT @TsubaTako: フォウマタイムラプス https://t.co/IOsxOVfzTp
12-06 00:53

RT @occult_box: 舞台『おそ松さん3』🍎🐳🌵🍆🍌🍑東京7日目ありが特大サヨナラホォォオオムラン!今日も最高に楽しかったなー!たくさんの笑顔を今日もありが盗塁王!今日はなんと純矢くんが観に来てくれたよ!十四松の袖やってくれた!元気出ましたんこぶ!✨…
12-06 00:49

RT @_misica: Claude #FE風花雪月 #FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/B0pnQYZDxj
12-06 00:48

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: 松ステ3舞浜7日目、ご観劇ありがとうございました!今日も楽しかったねー!!また動画撮ってみた。アイツが来るかも… https://t.co/BSVKpEChLx
12-06 00:46

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