Tweets of 19th December


RT @rrin_reen: Im going bonkers look at those tibbies https://t.co/oRWHBu30Xr
12-19 20:18

RT @Deme__game: 「ベレトくんかわいいね~今日はだれのお洋服なの?」ベレト「しんそさま!!」「あら~~^^いいわね~~^^^^」 https://t.co/r9GfrWa3yD
12-19 19:02

RT @pe_tep115: 立ち絵好きなぁ… https://t.co/cmvah4HqGP
12-19 19:02

RT @dengekigirls: 『MakeS -おはよう、私のセイ-』2周年記念ととまめさん描き起こしイラスト公開! https://t.co/9u4aF3JuRn #私のセイ https://t.co/NjgRQUMgZ7
12-19 19:01

RT @Makibao_2: リーガンをオトコマエに描けるように日々模索してる https://t.co/1Nn9URPtzX
12-19 18:42

RT @thumosren: someone better tell me how disney had the chance to balance the galaxy once again by repairing the palpatine vs skywalker le…
12-19 18:40

RT @GAME_KURUU: クロレス 君が喜ぶと思ったから着たのに https://t.co/DlCzJHwfbh
12-19 18:12

RT @spookyreylo: “what we do with kylo in tros is really fun” https://t.co/zaoAE6fuNR
12-19 18:10

RT @urct: ネズ https://t.co/qUfDxl8FGO
12-19 16:39

RT @pkmn_soda: 上着脱いだときのギャップがさ https://t.co/WTyXEBEuBx
12-19 16:35

RT @_loganautumn: impeachment ≠ removal from officeimpeachment ≠ removal from officeimpeachment ≠ removal from officeimpeachment ≠ remov…
12-19 16:32

RT @Pokemon: https://t.co/VAbr6kEcKH
12-19 16:32

RT @ensemble_stars: 大川ぶくぶ先生による四コマ漫画 第105話【メリークリスマス☆】公開☆『スターライトフェスティバル』をテーマに書いていただきました!ガルスタオンラインの紹介記事『ぶくスタメモリアル』も公開中です! https://t.co/XIkxU
12-19 16:31

RT @tyomateee: こんなテクニックがあったとは… https://t.co/OImP5Ui8KJ
12-19 16:24

Goddess here!!! #FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/2JL7W5YE8o
12-19 16:20

RT @lechefrita_: 👏 This is also a thing in yume/self-insert/reader-insert what have you (see hypmic for the best examples, they change char…
12-19 15:37

RT @humanmgn: Detail of my Death Stranding illustration.#DeathStranding https://t.co/EumLq7KqRT
12-19 15:34

RT @er0_takuan: https://t.co/guzFo8b8XS
12-19 15:34

RT @jenelleriley: Adam Driver explaining why he doesn’t like to watch himself. Ironically, I’d never seen this because I don’t watch myself…
12-19 15:34

RT @MakeS_sei: 【White Xmas衣装追加のお知らせ】12/24(火)のアップデートにて、ホワイトクリスマスをイメージしたエレガントな衣装がショップに追加されます♪貴女とセイが過ごすクリスマスが特別な時間になりますように☆゚+.#私のセイ https:…
12-19 15:24

RT @EverSoReylo: Me: You should wait until you see the movie to pass judgement Also me: RIAN JOHNSON WOULD HAVE DONE SUCH A BETTER JOB AN…
12-19 10:06

RT @NintendoAmerica: It’s time to step into the outfit of your dreams—literally!The Sothis Regalia is available now for players who purch…
12-19 10:06

RT @sorcilencer: has this been done yet https://t.co/XrYqHA1ISE
12-19 10:05

RT @lootcrate: 🤫🤫🤫 https://t.co/wU7Nh8758x
12-19 03:33

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