Tweets of 23rd December


RT @neekosiah: write me an endless song https://t.co/kVJLVEw4rP
12-23 21:30

RT @vicccccc123: #FireEmblemThreeHouses really enjoy paint the leg part https://t.co/FK3ZBMTL8w
12-23 21:30

RT @reysbensolos: anyway. ben solo. https://t.co/3FN2Xizxs1
12-23 21:30

RT @winter_of_her: [ a softer world // i'll carry your heart // intertwined // a different path ] - working on post tros concept art whic…
12-23 20:32

RT @Josh_Small: I’ll never understand why the crawl for #RiseofSkywalker didn’t start with:In the year since the Battle of Crait, word of…
12-23 20:31

RT @ikolism: 1) rey initiated the kiss2) ben very much wanted to kiss her3) he let her be the one to make the move on her terms4) probab…
12-23 20:31

RT @stars_animation: 【最終話記念】第2回目は、総作画監督をご担当いただいた松元美季さんからです。本当にありがとうございました!!#あんスタ #アニスタ https://t.co/AVBKbbSRn5
12-23 20:30

RT @freyasolo: https://t.co/qfT3WC3oJX
12-23 16:11

RT @nerdist: Ben Solo deserved better in the Skywalker Saga. https://t.co/e4Uh8UnxzS
12-23 14:21

RT @thumosren: the fact that his grandfathers helmet got smashed to FUCK but all he cares about is that rey is in his bedroom 😌 https://t.c
12-23 14:19

RT @mako_plz: tsunderey https://t.co/2wjHz2vmmR
12-23 14:19

RT @BelleParadisa: #AdamDriver never said it better! #TheRiseOfSkywalker #KyloRen #BenSoloDeservedBetter #BenSolo #JJAbrams https://t.co/MD
12-23 14:17

RT @ironicbIue: The true war between Eichi and Rei... https://t.co/rhpk1OJZwj
12-23 14:17

RT @michelledeidre: Kylo Ren is for the children. #GalaxysEdge #KyloRen #TheRiseOfSkywalker https://t.co/aufNVZ4FSC
12-23 14:16

RT @AliaLink101: 2019 said fuck powerful and strong women they either have to die or live alone for the rest of their lives. https://t.co/o
12-23 10:10

RT @kylebuchanan: The moment where Finn gives Rose a just-friends pat on the shoulder and then ditches her for the whole movie is 100x more…
12-23 10:10

RT @kylotargaryenx: kylo ren taking his mask off https://t.co/emzJjq63qX
12-23 08:27

RT @ochimusha108: Oda's message from Jump Festa:Next year he suggests that Sabo, Vivi and Hancock may be in a tough situation. He also sai…
12-23 08:26

RT @Hikaru_Mitsuki: "It's fine if I'm being lied to, as long as I just get to kill demons. However... https://t.co/BpEma9OstY
12-23 08:03

RT @clakearts: A little animation (65 frames 😅) of what should’ve been canon #finnpoe #TheRiseOfSkywalker @JohnBoyega https://t.co/YD8a3tZ
12-23 08:00

RT @reyssben: that chaotic Solo energy#HanSolo #BenSolo https://t.co/M8k7iVP4CE
12-23 08:00

RT @gwendy85: #BenSoloDeservedBetter https://t.co/n4IW9LdHy3
12-23 07:59

RT @jullika08: A thousand touches are not enough for me to caress you....to feel you closer than ever.------https://t.co/mu2LrijtM0✨🔞 ns…
12-23 07:55

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