Tweets of 26th December


RT @theselittlefics: everyone's arguing with blue checks, quick, while no one's looking, measure the big dick energy in this screengrab htt…
12-26 21:42

RT @mcomocco: Knightsユニコレお疲れ様でした!同じ方向を向いて進む彼らの未来に光あれ https://t.co/nnQLbEx8vs
12-26 21:01

RT @VistaAnimals: Osprey 🦅via: joinus12345 https://t.co/z7accg7gEJ
12-26 21:00

RT @Scavenger_Jess: My family got me Kylo’s saber & the first thing they say is: “Sorry, we got this before IX came out, we can go throw it…
12-26 19:11

RT @kyloreyn: I love one powerful couple who’d do anything to protect each other https://t.co/tKMwTlMZJf
12-26 18:55

RT @kybrrey: the cinematography for the battle of crait remains unmatched https://t.co/DtGukTu4ya
12-26 18:29

When you finally decide to come down to meet your family. #BreathoftheWild https://t.co/jdADd4K8xj
12-26 18:26

My fave part!! #BreathoftheWild https://t.co/lA5E5A2edJ
12-26 18:22

RT @queenxofice: the witcher but make it gay https://t.co/DE1YVHbTET
12-26 18:04

RT @PlayStationUK: Here's Mads Mikkelsen in a Santa hat wishing you merry Christmas, what more could you need. 🎁 https://t.co/vexlM0pPXU
12-26 18:03

RT @mura010: スタフェス なる https://t.co/kgtOSVHq8V
12-26 16:38

RT @CrayonChewer: Don't give up, I believe in you! ✨💪🌊#PrinceSidon #BreathoftheWild #TheLegendofZelda https://t.co/gjlTXo2tHW
12-26 13:49

RT @Mochi_Chuu: "They say that the world was built for two"No okk IMAGINE #sidon TEASING #link FOR BE A TINY BABY (✿ ♥‿♥)#sidlink #prince
12-26 13:39

RT @Yencatx: I've added this two to 【https://t.co/Pc4CNwEBFB 】because I wanted them myself-- 💗#sidon #PrinceSidon #zeldabreathofthewild #ka
12-26 13:38

RT @xfwipsx: my vers. of Hylian Prince Sidon!!! =<= aaaah my prince~ if i could meet you again a thousand times 🦈💪🍆🍆❤️👌 #PrinceSidon #Sidon
12-26 13:38

RT @GhosteKey: Some messy sketches of Prince SidonI just really like him ... huhuhu#PrinceSidon #BreathoftheWild https://t.co/fNG6J9BGSg
12-26 13:35

RT @Yencatx: I just want to draw themmmmmmm together--#sidon #PrinceSidon #zeldabreathofthewild #kass https://t.co/gg4fOsqJI5
12-26 13:35

RT @vibeswithreylo: LOOK AT HIM https://t.co/oEWZh1BeTW
12-26 12:43

RT @vibeswithreylo: https://t.co/2BHd9uZx1C
12-26 11:12

RT @AdamLanceGarcia: THE LAST JEDI remains the best STAR WARS since EMPIRE send tweet
12-26 09:35

RT @remembersolo: I’m pretty sure if Ben had lived and Reylo got their happily ever after Reylos woulda made up that difference in the box…
12-26 09:34

RT @reylosdestiny: it’s funny because I’m crying again https://t.co/FmZoaHmeuD
12-26 09:34

RT @ZeppoN562: こわい #ポケモン剣盾 #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/BkzrTkmiUc
12-26 09:34

RT @musicalgroot: ok but why does this make me so emotional??? like wtf https://t.co/4NJJA1qqsV
12-26 09:33

RT @Grahamalott: My brother was watching my stream and decided to come surprise me LMAOOO https://t.co/KS6LA7xTNW
12-26 07:28

RT @Kawells00: ☕️🥊 https://t.co/kkYOfShpY9
12-26 07:27

RT @theofficialmads: Here's Mads in a Santa hat wishing you merry Christmas, what more could you need. 🎁 https://t.co/LlThfbXq5M
12-26 07:26

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: #ぼくのじゃないはきみのもの恐れ多くも、歌わせていただきました。これは凄い企画だ〜!!色んな方が歌ってるので、そちらも是非!![ぼくのじゃない 北村諒 ver. MV]https://t.co/fChZhSsG9I https://t…
12-26 07:26

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