Tweets of 28th December


RT @_wandayou_: セテスお誕生日おめでとう〜 (セテレス前提だよ) #seteth https://t.co/F1B2HOJ5cM
12-28 23:02

RT @CaliaDomenico: Long exposure of a plane taking off https://t.co/giLGYMW14s
12-28 23:01

RT @bistormtrooper: "You got a name?""Rey.""Rey."Han accepted "just Rey". No question. He understands. https://t.co/foS2BEcnUo
12-28 22:21

RT @ponchoreys: enemies to lovers excellence https://t.co/yp73fxgOj5
12-28 22:14

RT @reylomyhalo: THIS. FUCKING. SCENE. RIGHT. HERE. @rianjohnson THANK YOU I LVOED THIS SO MUCH https://t.co/F1WeDw63i9
12-28 22:12

RT @cyborbo: if i am slaughtered by supreme leader kylo ren DO NOT prosecute him, cause HE caught me SLIPPING. that is on ME https://t.co/P
12-28 22:12

RT @velarisben: The twinkly music in this part GETS ME https://t.co/i2cPS5V5Db
12-28 19:40

RT @Kojima_Hideo: https://t.co/WRqcCHfUyY
12-28 19:39

RT @raspbearyart: i wanted to draw something that combined my love of inosuke and textiles at the same time https://t.co/dmKG6TQDMi
12-28 19:32

RT @akiratotsuka: good end: gacha announcement tomorrowbad end: no gacha announcementtrue end: gacha announcement out of literally nowher…
12-28 19:32

RT @bensoloshenley: he wasted the vader cultists and tkor no problem, he would have had no issue ending her but look... he wasn’t trying to…
12-28 19:32

RT @FashionSurvivor: 【FASHION SURVIVOR 2nd Collection】 https://t.co/0snejeVIOA
12-28 19:32

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: FASHION SURVIVOR 第二弾!解禁&予約開始しました!!今回、ロンTとバンダナ!使い勝手いい感じにしたので、色々組み合わせられると思う(*^^*)是非ー!! https://t.co/9FPTeOfITA
12-28 19:30

RT @reammm: มัยชิป //ซับหัวตา https://t.co/IYIA9qe6f1
12-28 12:01

RT @reammm: https://t.co/abRmKYx9yg
12-28 12:00

RT @Rad_Braybury: #fbf - sketch of Rey I did at SWCC while waiting in line. https://t.co/bguKgNsJDa
12-28 11:11

RT @altostellar: Happy birthday, Seteth 🎂🥬✨#FireEmblemThreeHouses #ThreeHouses https://t.co/J5vHYXDIpg
12-28 11:11

RT @kyloreyn: ben looking at rey throughout the st https://t.co/BHbDSQ4RIU https://t.co/YhVrpVXmf5
12-28 11:10

RT @akei0710: タロット https://t.co/2hQtLvukgE
12-28 11:10

RT @kylodarcy: A saga https://t.co/nnrltLtR44
12-28 10:02

RT @ARealTrashAct: 🌗Dyad🌓 https://t.co/sDEDM5Z7RL
12-28 09:59

RT @KrazehKai: A quick update! With "Inktober" being trademarked, I changed the title of my zine to "Monochromatic" and also updated the co…
12-28 09:44

RT @fantrashpanda: @jullika08 No joke my boyfriend is salty about how much I adore Claude. "You should spend your activity points more wi…
12-28 07:36

RT @Reylo4Life: Apparently, this leak from 4chan says that there is another TROS ending that was cut or kept hidden for unknown reasons. #R
12-28 07:36

RT @dicksgraysn: oscar isaac said he wishes they had killed poe off in tfa instead of them constantly belittling/hurting his character, sai…
12-28 07:34

RT @Tsutsujimoris: CHUUOKU DIVISON DEBUT SET FOR FEBRUARY 30TH 2021!!!Nemu Aohitsugi aka Soft Heart(CV. Saori Hayami)Ichijiku Kadenokou…
12-28 04:23

RT @PandoraYoungArt: I've painted this little tribute to two souls whose stories meant a lot to me. #StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalker #BenSolo
12-28 04:22

RT @stars_animation: 【最終話記念】第6回目は、キャラクターデザイン・総作画監督をご担当いただいた下谷智之さんからです。本当にありがとうございました!※データに不備がございましたので、再度投稿させていただきます。申し訳ございません。#あんスタ #アニスタ…
12-28 04:12

RT @roguekylo: rey hella terrified and dark rey is like hey sis lol https://t.co/w9SjhddvCy
12-28 04:11

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