Tweets of 31st December


RT @JimJeroo: 😊😕😬😩😭😭😭😭🎨✨ https://t.co/m2wIsVdFU0
12-31 14:25

RT @fdawnmc: ED後のクロレス https://t.co/unetT8e988
12-31 14:21

RT @SHAKEhizi_BSK: 同じ日に生まれたはずの姉妹 https://t.co/kW6G3A9x4x
12-31 14:21

RT @fractalsea: as an Asian female, i couldn't find more disturbing on this Terrio's "choose your family name yeah" thing. The surname inhe…
12-31 14:20

RT @cantobear_art: king of no sense of direction #PokemonSwordShield https://t.co/d4wjf5dL0z
12-31 14:19

RT @JimJeroo: Healer ✨🎨(Graphite / Bristol Board) https://t.co/NdV7PO7i0J
12-31 14:10

RT @granbluefantasy: 【グランブルーファンタジー】新召喚石「ベリアル」登場!加護:[メイン]闇属性攻撃力が100%UP/闇属性キャラの最大HPを上限20000に固定   [サブ]与ダメージが最大15000上昇/最大HP30%DOWN召喚:6ターンごとに…
12-31 12:51

RT @EmrgencyKittens: Attac Mode: ENGAGED https://t.co/aFo4B488Nv
12-31 11:04

RT @winter_of_her: between worlds [detail from the rough concept for my first 2020 art orpheus + eurydice in space rey as orpheus. inspir…
12-31 11:02

RT @avaleste: adam driver promoting the star wars sequel duology. it's a shame they never got to make a third, but adam was too busy winnin…
12-31 11:01

RT @aukives: "Care to join me?" https://t.co/Vseqyxplnw
12-31 10:54

RT @daisyhoIland: thinking about how rian johnson created the most beautiful star wars movie of all time https://t.co/DwptgqioOs
12-31 10:50

RT @weebplug: anime swordsman: *opens and closes his sword*anime villain: https://t.co/QyUiIWHuLf
12-31 10:50

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