Tweets of 8th January


RT @mermaidensblog: Pride & Prejudice (2005) commentary with director Joe Wright https://t.co/m1FyPFuz9N
01-08 23:39

RT @hypnosismic: さあさあお待たせ🤗感じてるハマカゼ🌊⛴ジャケットイラストドン💥アングル真横目線逸らす理鶯3人ただ佇む🌛🌛🌛 なんかハラハラする👀煙モクモク🌪オリ得はホクホク🍠アーイ🙌#ヨコハマのJKhttps://t.co/woCslYc
01-08 22:23

RT @dmc_zodiac88_: https://t.co/3D03tkGgAa
01-08 22:22

RT @ensemble_ensky: 【あんスタセレポ2020】キャラクターごとの人気no.2絵柄をご紹介、続き参ります!お姫様方〜!🏅Knightsです!!▼ご注文はこちらから▼https://t.co/jFvR0yOJZB#あんスタ#エンスカイ#s
01-08 20:31

RT @KaroshiMyriad: Fate/Grand Order is Twitter's most talked about game of 2019.https://t.co/oPq3oocoC6 #FateGO #FGO https://t.co/NQpvfxs
01-08 18:57

RT @MissBliss1294: Kylo Ren rebels against the TRoS script. Ben Solo is a feminist. Rey follows her heart. Love saves the day. A crack comi…
01-08 14:04

RT @pacificwandere1: But why would I expect people to understand their own movies? https://t.co/2weJYDJns8
01-08 07:02

RT @AdamDriverUK: [scan from Star Wars Insider] Adam Driver (#KyloRen) rehearses his combat moves on the set of the Supremacy, during filmi…
01-08 07:00

RT @AITAF: A message from AITAF Founder Adam Driver https://t.co/EFbSSSn2q0
01-08 04:50

RT @Werkbau01: 1/7 https://t.co/raRpJZTxih
01-08 04:30

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