Tweets of 22nd January


RT @jewishbensolo: the single GREATEST moment in tv history and thats that on that https://t.co/aJEQ2KYMSQ
01-22 20:21

RT @milliemuns: RT 💞 STORE OPENING + GIVEAWAY#FireEmblemThreeHouses enamel pins are available for Pre-order! Choose your path - will it be…
01-22 19:08

I picked Claude in the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event!https://t.co/3dzlCRPyek#FEChoose
01-22 15:07

RT @mcomocco: 新衣装のアクリルスタンド(再販分)が届いたんだけど配置交換していつまでも遊んでいられる やばい楽しい https://t.co/bY8gFOSOac
01-22 14:45

RT @IGN: The Witcher Season 1 is on track to become the most-viewed first season in Netflix’s history. https://t.co/N5eMvVHVEh https://t.c
01-22 14:32

RT @behindjinfinity: I can explai https://t.co/Z2m1fhN0X1
01-22 14:32

RT @SuperGroupiesEN: Must check our limited sale for the #FireEmblem collaboration series❗This #ThreeHouses inspired bag and scarf are fea…
01-22 14:07

RT @WttTN_: 前髪下ろした嵐ちゃんが描きたかったんだけど途中から誰描いてるか分からなくなったらくがき https://t.co/9eeAASMGYg
01-22 13:58

RT @siesta0831: 🌹 https://t.co/keEVqM4G0e
01-22 13:49

RT @TR38402301: Adams SNL tv spot https://t.co/BMhZ0NQYzn
01-22 13:11

RT @NinNakajima: https://t.co/rrVAXkQEfH
01-22 13:11

RT @destroymuse: this is the bitchiest screenshot of felix ive ever seen https://t.co/HSU2oN8bun
01-22 12:56

RT @hiko_gleeman: 戴冠🌸とまとめ👑#ディミレス https://t.co/okeMT7N1Ql
01-22 12:56

RT @ttguweiz: 🍃 https://t.co/JRQ25HZWAi
01-22 12:54

RT @Gabgrielle: Coronavirus has reached Philippines. First in Cebu and allegedly in Manila. Human to human transmission is also confirmed.…
01-22 12:43

RT @SokkaJuWakka: Quite possibly my favorite moment from #ANIMEimpulse2020 this weekend. I’m still laughing. And all the other VAs reaction…
01-22 12:40

RT @whatcgwrong: https://t.co/DIKzCvKc0N
01-22 06:55

RT @MemesFoIder: https://t.co/3uHVEwhIw0
01-22 06:54

RT @cats_cursed: https://t.co/T2TX0hmFhQ
01-22 06:38

RT @Ume_jojo8: #fe3h #claudeleth #クロレスclaudeleth manga(1/2) https://t.co/f33dqX6rOy
01-22 04:54

RT @KnivesOut: This is a twisted web, and we are not finished untangling it… #KnivesOut is coming to Digital 2/7, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DV…
01-22 04:53

RT @ADAMDRlVER: but wow what a moment, i will never forget, a moment that is most pleasing to me in my career https://t.co/gNgMtuSoku
01-22 00:09

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