Tweets of 10th February


RT @goroships: launching the akechi fancam feel free to use it in arguments with locals https://t.co/r4OBgeIbA2
02-10 22:41

RT @IGN: Director Rian Johnson has hinted that the Knives Out sequel will present a whole new cast, mystery, and location. https://t.co/Yyu
02-10 22:40

RT @bensolovesrey: It’s official! #Oscars https://t.co/kAlrtq6UK5
02-10 22:39

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: BDイベント大阪1部!ありがとうー!※掲載了承済み https://t.co/k7agybobEv
02-10 22:39

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: BDイベント大阪2部!ありがとうー!!※掲載了承済み https://t.co/ra3Q1fCcuv
02-10 22:38

RT @ansta_goods: あみあみで予約開始!10%OFFメルクストーリア×あんさんぶるスターズ! アクリルキャラスタンド https://t.co/Mb5diDILFA https://t.co/SzwmrP1atd
02-10 20:25

RT @radiostarkiller: they are celebrating national pizza day https://t.co/G8s1xaHMYt
02-10 17:37

RT @soshikihakase: ストーブ様に今日の祈りを捧げてた https://t.co/JmrAQrPtPw
02-10 17:37

RT @russian_market: https://t.co/39QtOWL1j3
02-10 17:16

RT @fauxlacine: Behold the meme that has rendered me completely paralyzed with laughter https://t.co/5ZRfjEeOg6
02-10 15:00

RT @BugGirlOfficial: valentine’s day collection part two https://t.co/ZjmjgNDfij
02-10 15:00

RT @UPROXX: Salma Hayek: "I can now officially say that I've held an Oscar on this stage"Oscar Isaac: "Congratulations, #Oscars not so wh…
02-10 12:14

RT @ensemble_stars: 【アプリ公開まであと28日!】本日のエブリデイは、Edenから「七種茨」「漣ジュン」のイラストと、同キャストからのお祝いメッセージを公開!! #あんさんぶるエブリデイ #あんスタ https://t.co/2cQYmi64vu
02-10 12:13

RT @isobelridIey: crying https://t.co/PBzkRFr4By
02-10 11:52

RT @TheAcademy: #Oscars Moment: @JanelleMonae kicks off the #Oscars with an opening number that leaves everyone feeling alive! https://t.co
02-10 11:31

RT @aosuki88: 体育祭の伊之助ちゃんとひささん🐗🧓 https://t.co/aXwZQT8rar
02-10 09:51

RT @ChappellTracker: This gif is going around Tumblr and I think this is the most optimistic young generations have been in years https://t…
02-10 09:46

RT @JoeZieja: I've never been prouder of my time in the Air Force https://t.co/qYEfLXW4Yt
02-10 07:09

RT @sithreeepio: "He [Rian] was more set in the vision he had and JJ was more like maybe we'll try this or maybe we'll that"💀JJ really di…
02-10 07:03

RT @lukeisamazing: I was yesterday years old when I learned that footage of Samuel L. Jackson talking George Lucas into a purple lightsaber…
02-10 06:38

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