Tweets of 18th February


RT @Roncha6060: 【助けて下さい】今、印刷所さんからポストカードが届いたのですが、なんと…注文数+100部も届きました!!!!!!!!!!左2枚は新刊のノベルティで、右は希望者のみとしておりましたが、全員に配らせて下さい!!!!助けて下さい!!!!!(在庫…
02-18 22:34

RT @imlllsn: https://t.co/pNFzEpd2T2
02-18 22:17

RT @toast_ryu: "No one dislikes Claude" but I think we should focus more on "No one respects Claude" https://t.co/SeuWm3rHmp
02-18 22:16

RT @hypnosismic: SCRAMBLE GAMBLE🎰🔱MUST BE HUMBLE🤬空撮からお金がガッポガッポ💰すれ違うパトカー?ururururururrアカペラからのprprprprprrpr🚓アーイ🙌🎥https://t.co/hwD8E4fr
02-18 20:36

RT @suzuen_xxx: ○○○年後ディミレス https://t.co/Ls1u6ThVDf
02-18 20:36

RT @kawanocy: Buttercup💚 https://t.co/Co85OwqvPH
02-18 20:36

RT @hypnosismic: #ヒプマイ デジタルスタンプラリー【#そうだハマをおそう】開催中❗️本日2/18(火)は横浜赤レンガ倉庫が休館日の為、CheckPoint3のスタンプに関しては本日のみゴール地点のアニメイト横浜にてスタッフが押印いたします!予め…
02-18 20:35

RT @ensemble_stars: 【お知らせ】本日15時より『アップデート直前 ストーリー無料公開キャンペーン!』第四弾を開始しました!追憶イベントのストーリー全話をアプリ内で期間限定公開中ですので、ぜひご覧ください♪ #あんスタ https://t.co/0Nwb8h
02-18 20:35

RT @behindjinfinity: Thank you for the hair appreciation 💦 I have shown my hair down and tied up, so here is a half-ponytail https://t.co/o
02-18 20:35

RT @anime_seton: 【🐬追加キャスト解禁🌟】宣伝隊長の #津田健次郎 より追加キャスト解禁✨\♀ シロイルカ/白海カナ役 #岡咲美保\♀ バンドウイルカ/板東ルカ役 #衣川里佳今回はキャスト2名を解禁❕ついに海の動物も登場🎵ぜひ本編をご覧くださ…
02-18 18:20

RT @sheaparfait: 👁👁 https://t.co/gGSIBhm8tn
02-18 18:19

RT @SimplyAllegra: I should have mentioned it on Saturday, but thank you all so much for your kind words after Demon Slayer this weekend. I…
02-18 18:19

RT @AdamSerwer: Rise of Skywalker is like the last season of GoT. People were willing to defend it at the time, but it was so dull that eve…
02-18 18:16

RT @Elelror: trickster! https://t.co/69dvKffMMc
02-18 14:33

RT @standcries: i forgot about this detail in botw... it still makes me wanna cry ngl https://t.co/IkrxWVa5U2
02-18 14:32

RT @northgalis: Kylo Ren’s burly thick refrigerator body and enormous pleading eyes, like if you agree https://t.co/rLiAMkCDkl
02-18 14:32

RT @CameraGuyPablo: Star Wars has fumbled every chance it’s had in recent years to be at the cutting edge of representation in sci fi and f…
02-18 14:24

:3c#FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/idpmnCCrpd
02-18 14:15

RT @relic_crusher: sewer kiddos https://t.co/qXSqvpSWUo
02-18 13:22

Let the Switch port happen!! #BreakFreePersona
02-18 13:21

RT @Rando___: ん"!食べて! https://t.co/A47kFt9989
02-18 07:10

RT @filmalchemist: Привет)))) https://t.co/RRbXxgXHhz
02-18 07:10

RT @alcalafa: "... all the Jedi."I know many reylos have the same head canon, and here I'd like to present my version.#reylo #BenSoloDe
02-18 06:53

RT @suika002: 母と子 (アビスネタバレ) https://t.co/moAmlas1lj
02-18 06:20

RT @lalalalack: Haine https://t.co/0wbGwKTimk
02-18 06:19

RT @MaxIsDrawing: Conquer yourself https://t.co/9tH8VhvhbJ
02-18 06:19

Critical finger gun!!!!#FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/N3X8QoJ1Np
02-18 03:54

Oh, Goddess... #FireEmblemThreeHouses https://t.co/9q0NTw5nWj
02-18 03:53

RT @JoeZieja: As promised here is me yelling the word bubbles very angrily https://t.co/Sy7ENMg7Gp
02-18 03:52

...so, Claude is extra?#FireEmblemThreeHouses #YuriLeclerc https://t.co/r12ytf2zK5
02-18 03:50

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