Tweets of 22nd February


RT @hataraku_maguro: 『P5 メメントスミッション』第1幕の下描き発見伝! 蓮がすこぶるかっこよく、もったいないので…… https://t.co/oSF53mCFdy
02-22 22:47

RT @Floof_n_Wool: Here it is finally aaaaaI drew Hapi as an exercise of composition and lightning. I love her design so much!💖#FireEmbl
02-22 21:35

RT @78pto: 👩‍👧‍👦 https://t.co/Qz4ceUbqeN
02-22 20:47

RT @hanari0716: ✨2分見るだけで上達する✨【洋服のデッサンの描き方】「フカン編」 https://t.co/9iq5nKcKF7
02-22 20:45

RT @avaleste: even without the context of ben’s backstory — this scene is so explicitly coded with the rhetoric of an abuser/victim relatio…
02-22 20:42

RT @IGN: The Friends reunion special is no longer stuck in second gear, the main cast is no longer on a break, and Joey still doesn’t share…
02-22 20:30

RT @Andr01dPeach: Can't stop thinking about/quoting this video https://t.co/c2Y7guJ7FO
02-22 20:28

RT @hoataaa__: 禰豆子と義勇さん🌸 https://t.co/2t0hcpoaGv
02-22 16:03

RT @BoissB_: ✨Villains up!✨I always loved Sailor Moon's villains designs 😩💦 https://t.co/JZqZDlup2U
02-22 16:01

RT @sleemo: Wookieepedia: "Art Department Assistant Roel Robles drew inspiration from various Filipino swords, knives, and spears; the Baro…
02-22 16:00

RT @sakasakitty: Hello Enstars fandom! With the near completion of the renders drive, I built a tool to make it easier to search and downlo…
02-22 15:58

RT @ensemble_stars: 【アプリ公開まであと16日!】本日のエブリデイは、fineから「姫宮桃李」「伏見弓弦」のイラストと、同キャストからのお祝いメッセージを公開!! #あんさんぶるエブリデイ #あんスタ https://t.co/5UyOCs5tw4
02-22 15:55

RT @adamdrivor: i was trying to find similarities between ahsoka, lando and poe and that was the FIRST THING I THOUGHT I'M SORRY https://t.…
02-22 15:55

RT @KrazehKai: More wip https://t.co/wNftrjRUnP
02-22 15:54

RT @hbomax: The Friends cast set to reunite for exclusive HBO Max Special 👏👏👏👏 #FriendsReunion https://t.co/89kTTKSREa https://t.co/hRKIElV
02-22 09:11

RT @Elelror: i'm preparing some watercolour doodles for friends that i'm sending and trading goodies to.. this one turned out so funny for…
02-22 09:11

RT @nijimaarc: サイトウちゃんのかわいいがつまってた…#サイトウ #薄明の翼 https://t.co/tE2VoSfKq3
02-22 09:11

RT @SnipSnipArt: I didn’t expected to end up doing 5 pieces but LOOKING GOOD TOGETHER! 🔥🤟 https://t.co/VCFRVSC5sj
02-22 09:10

RT @IGN: The fan communities for Animal Crossing and DOOM Eternal, which both come out on March 20, are in FULL support of each other, and…
02-22 09:08

RT @dileganda: please work https://t.co/jBKXM45cSO
02-22 07:14

RT @evildorina: The most relatable Batman yet
02-22 06:54

RT @homestuck: "The Contest" commentary and extras https://t.co/SBuJHwnpUu https://t.co/ZpF2dVp754
02-22 06:53

RT @bradwhipple: Facebook Messenger literally lost the star wars https://t.co/7GmFD1Crpa
02-22 06:29

RT @BBW_BFF: a photograph with therapeutic properties https://t.co/5fV90YPKzO
02-22 06:29

RT @gravitydusty: [#fe3h] yuri bird https://t.co/lsusI9FTDY
02-22 06:28

RT @gwendy85: See this is why I love Rian so much. There's so much thought that goes into his writing.
02-22 06:28

RT @AdamDriverFiles: He’s always awesome 😎 Top 10 times #AdamDriver was Awesome https://t.co/ZnhmAQz9Mz https://t.co/cjwqrliE0e
02-22 06:27

RT @_afterblossom_: More longo rights #kyloren #bensolo https://t.co/TCRyFBNVdB
02-22 04:31

RT @roalbumen: ❄️ https://t.co/7fBgKDE6DR
02-22 04:30

RT @UnusualVideos: https://t.co/BrLo90zTP7
02-22 04:30

RT @IMAX: Official announcement! Daisy Ridley is the narrator for IMAX’s new educational film #AsteroidHunters, a fascinating look at aster…
02-22 04:29

RT @unoobang: https://t.co/bymhPkVNXE
02-22 02:41

@starwars #stop
02-22 02:40

RT @yukiyuki_mnw: FGO 源頼光 https://t.co/BrGdghrd6V
02-22 00:41

RT @yajiro_2dime: ちょっと遅刻しつつ渉にフラワーボックス渡した!1765ptでした。お誕生日おめでとうでした!! https://t.co/61DC4IsOOe
02-22 00:41

RT @animeimpulse: SPOT THE DIFFERENCE @JoeZieja https://t.co/jfe6DMuwj8
02-22 00:20

RT @5_p_5: 金鹿学級と髪型弄り好き侍 https://t.co/wSBVdbsEMS
02-22 00:17

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: #ヒロステ通し稽古!してきたぞー!!だがしかし、まだまだこれから!引き続き頑張ります。りょうたが写真撮ろーって言ってくれた!嬉しい!笑 https://t.co/iXOWhOQLtc
02-22 00:16

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