Tweets of 25th February


RT @twst_jp: 【COUNTDOWN】トランプ兵のように真面目な男になる。そう決めたんだ。#ツイステ #ディズニー #twistedwonderland https://t.co/bBGtrhdj4n
02-25 19:08

RT @alamanecer: Word? We must NEVER forget the time Lee Pace had the other girls SHAKING serving look after glorious look. Cis did what t…
02-25 18:32

RT @_mikarashis: idk who needs to hear this but nobody has this range https://t.co/VHLgnLmb99
02-25 18:31

RT @Happy19001: Might start posting some of my drawings here now that I'm getting into digital art. In the meantime, here's a small Totodil…
02-25 18:30

RT @behindjinfinity: Claude & Dimitri makeup practice with Gax. It's my third try at Dimitri and I think I'm finally getting it 💦📷: @merk
02-25 17:51

RT @Ryo_Kitamu: 「2.5次元レコTV」スペシャルに出演します!このメンバーで収録してきました!ヒロステの魅力などなど、お話ししてきたのでお見逃しなく!!
02-25 17:51

RT @ensemble_stars: 【アプリ公開まであと13日!】本日のエブリデイは、JIN&AKIOMI「佐賀美陣」「椚章臣」のイラストと、同キャストからのお祝いメッセージを公開!! #あんさんぶるエブリデイ #あんスタ https://t.co/uv7lBWXIrt
02-25 17:50

RT @Kawells00: Claude https://t.co/aQ2kGKrpCj
02-25 17:50

RT @toysame0: cosplay/ensemblestars!  valkyrie--------------------------------mika あめ様shu とやphoto くらら https://t.co/CW8LpozqTD
02-25 09:25

RT @Kylxri: Friend: who the FUCK put this crappy 00's song in the party's playlist again ? Me: https://t.co/RfYcqJB4G0
02-25 09:17

RT @IGN: CD Projekt Red is now the second most valuable European game developer, behind only Ubisoft, which is valued at $9.52 billion. htt…
02-25 09:17

RT @Cass_a_rollie: long story short- Star Wars am I right- dont u love Kyle Ben? #StarWars #KyloRen #BenSolo #BenSoloDeservedBetter https:/…
02-25 09:17

RT @radio_santaku: 📻公開生配信いかがでしたか‼️MC陣とゲスト中谷さんの名人っぷりにGVGS選手権がネクストステージに🤩皆さんグッスリ💤だったんじゃないでしょうか!またいつか公開配信をお楽しみに😆会員の方はTSもご覧になれます!https://t.co
02-25 09:15

RT @dileganda: Do not disturb him https://t.co/5t0uuWa3gt
02-25 09:10

RT @maruo_hamham: ♞ https://t.co/WlSPZujY7J
02-25 09:10

RT @harikoma1010: 神を屠る星 https://t.co/kJA7aSwLDG
02-25 07:19

RT @_Kiarou: Fire Emblem Three Houses - The Dead Will Have Their Tribute#FE風花雪月#FE3H#FireEmblem3Houses#DimitriAlexandreBlaiddyd #Dimit
02-25 06:15

RT @MaureenAPrice: I love it when other photographers share behind-the-scenes pics so I can get a sense of how something was lit/shot/etc.…
02-25 05:20

RT @futabangst: Wow nice design I wonder where they found the idea https://t.co/TLdeanIdE8
02-25 04:23

RT @Rinv_krs: dimileth/ディミレス Shall we dance?/踊ろうか? https://t.co/ckcZlcQqbF
02-25 04:20

RT @cym0rg: ignatz in 1180versusignatz in 1185 https://t.co/hrhVqpaCEN
02-25 04:20

RT @_Tvilin: [WIP]I love this commission so, so much !! 😭💚 https://t.co/JuairQFtJz
02-25 04:20

RT @JoeZieja: Me in Claude cosplay! Yay! If you want to see Claude's voice actor, playing #FireEmblemThreeHouses, wearing Claude cosplay,…
02-25 04:15

RT @awa_rss: おじいちゃんが盗んだスピーダー、まだあるかな https://t.co/qdsYPetMg4
02-25 03:22

RT @s_kamio113: #さんたくラジオ 公開生配信、ご来場そしてお聞きいただきありがとうございました!!中谷さんの声を横で聞いて耳朶が震えました、最高に素敵な声です、たまらん!また名人戦に来てくださることを切に願っております!
02-25 03:21

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