Tweets of 8th March


RT @rmcaldwell01: WAIT A MINUTE....Someone's being a lil too sneaky......@rianjohnson https://t.co/bu9wU7xQci
03-08 23:37

RT @stars_animation: 【BD&DVD第7巻3月27日発売】映像特典として収録されるピクチャードラマ「弓道部」の試聴動画を公開しました!続きは、BD&DVDでお楽しみください♪★弓道部https://t.co/Spd5t30jhJ#あんスタ #アニスタ…
03-08 23:36

RT @mofnekoclub: 猫「ばいばーい仕事がんばってなー」 https://t.co/jPohShfecu
03-08 23:23

RT @natsuttekazu: THE FIVE ODDBALLS !!!!! TOGETHER !!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME CRYING https://t.co/430u4MUV6L
03-08 23:22

RT @D__elete: オデュッセウス https://t.co/g8KDmDqYRU
03-08 23:22

RT @akatsuki_810: 鬼滅の消しゴムはんこを彫ってみた(製作時間60時間、8版14色)#鬼滅の刃 https://t.co/CsBb9eZ1Bn
03-08 23:21

RT @calmt_01: ほんと、いろんなことがあったねぇ。卒業おめでとうおめでとうございます https://t.co/rbMHx71wk3
03-08 23:20

RT @Daniel_CraigFan: 📸 Daniel Craig for Saturday Night Live (via @nbcsnl IG stories) #DanielCraig https://t.co/i1KzgfjxOB
03-08 23:20

RT @ItsAiryBro: rarepair shippers making their own content
03-08 23:16

RT @twst_jp: 【COUNTDOWN】真っ赤な林檎を、一口いかが?#ツイステ #ディズニー #twistedwonderland https://t.co/OX4kzVFfF6
03-08 23:15

RT @69mizuki: #俺たちが作るエブリデイ 明日から何描こうかなーー!?✍️ https://t.co/Y9PSKkEFFW
03-08 23:15

RT @3nrrr1: It's been a bash 🎉🎉🎉#DMC5Anniversary https://t.co/CicMweqOIg
03-08 23:10

RT @akiratotsuka: that said if you wanna join in creating hype during the delays, I just found out you can add to the #//俺たちが作るエブリデイ (an "e…
03-08 23:10

@ensemble_stars @akiratotsuka 大丈夫です!がんばってください!
03-08 23:08

RT @ensemble_stars: 【重要なお知らせ】現在のアプリ審査状況や最終確認期間なども考慮しBasic・Musicのリリースを急遽延期させて頂くこととなりました。リリース予定前日の判断にて誠に申し訳ございません。延期後リリース日については1週間以内を予定しており、…
03-08 23:06

RT @ephemeral_smile: Eng fans, I'm BEGGING you. Please do not reply to the announcement with vulgarities. You have a right to be disappoint…
03-08 23:05

RT @shidokenai: 好きそうって言われた1 https://t.co/EnVPjIPQIV
03-08 16:52

RT @imasstruggletwt: https://t.co/VW7APS1akm
03-08 16:52

RT @hashima000: https://t.co/msYSrNJKut
03-08 16:51

RT @aaaiocha: マシュマロリクから胡蝶の司くんもうすぐ春だよ~🌸 https://t.co/L3jdiMJpZ1
03-08 16:31

RT @mamimumemonoma: 天の鎖#FGO https://t.co/HAFJzn02p5
03-08 14:31

RT @catmis8: attn everyone: my mom just sent me this please rt https://t.co/IGOR1U35ll
03-08 14:31

RT @remi_riri: 다 큰 토끼 https://t.co/JxhDbS18Ev
03-08 14:31

RT @kaifei_29: https://t.co/wdEYm74V8x
03-08 13:52

RT @xoxoreyloxoxo: if you told me I’d be saying this three months ago, I’d laugh in your face. but...wow, disney really did ruin star wars.…
03-08 13:52

RT @higanbachi: 掲載許可いただけたので「乱世上々」衣装の設定らくがきです🌞 https://t.co/p1hJBtv1V5
03-08 13:51

RT @Alaemihisunt: このいいね、RT、コメント数の違いが、スバルくんがアイドルになった証拠だな〜…… #あんスタ https://t.co/BS5GK0XgOi
03-08 13:51

RT @nrmimi_: れいうさチャン🐰🦇🍅 https://t.co/VsXdFZiL1k
03-08 13:50

RT @K_ansuta: デデニーではしゃぐKnights https://t.co/uHVRvg2xPT
03-08 13:46

RT @BABA_angstar: 아라시 boy와 츠카사 boy rkgk https://t.co/xvzRZJ94K7
03-08 13:45

RT @OPcom_info: ニュース|【東京ワンピースタワー】3月8日(日)に「ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION『MARIONETTE』」千秋楽がLIVE配信! #onepiece https://t.co/LGuTZYwlcw https://t.co/
03-08 13:45

RT @musicalgroot: MANY THOUGHTS. HEAD KINDA EMPTY. BRB. https://t.co/by971seftW
03-08 12:19

RT @kitkatwolfys: look at the differences between the subarus im gonna cryh https://t.co/lS6h7Ja8eS
03-08 12:16

@JohneAwesome A
03-08 12:06

RT @JohneAwesome: A) You get 1000 dollars but you can never use your phone on the toilet ever againB) Once a year you have to watch every…
03-08 12:06

RT @ensemble_stars: 【いよいよ明日公開!】本日が最終日となるエブリデイ。最後を飾るのは明星スバルの描き下ろしカウントダウンイラスト!!42日間のエブリデイありがとうございました!!明日からの新章公開を何卒よろしくお願いいします!! #あんさんぶるエブリデイ…
03-08 12:01

RT @sqshiijelly: Gastly Haunter doodle https://t.co/7PHJeHgVSt
03-08 12:00

RT @CrimChain: Dimitri’s hair style where it’s tied up and his butler outfit is just suuuuch a good look!!!#FireEmblemThreeHouses #BlueLi
03-08 12:00

RT @SamuelDeats: start // finish ! A couple cuts I animated for s3 ep9 of #CastlevaniaNetflix 😄 https://t.co/y75ZYr5fRc
03-08 12:00

RT @ai_valentin: Oh, for fuck's sake.Alcohol prep wipes for injections are all sold out on Amazon. Because people are fucking hoarding an…
03-08 09:51

RT @gyule_FE3H: 이번에는 절대로 효율적인 레이어 사용 해보겠다고 호기롭게 시작했는데 결국엔 레이어 하나로 다 합쳐버림 또또또... https://t.co/mh2WInQvDt
03-08 09:49

RT @InFormalMajesty: No one: Absolutely No one: Me: Hey, did you know that @PrimeVideo gets ~180% more engagements on avg from Adam Dri…
03-08 09:12

RT @MzEu4C0oUCOA4MJ: #ひらいて赤ブーあん♪んぶる☆ーズ!!🌙永🦁オ×瀬🐱泉レオいずプチオンリー『ライオンキャット3』をお願いします~!!🦁🐱 https://t.co/QLdDAuyEXv
03-08 09:11

RT @dekoboko021: 甘えたい夜 https://t.co/BhuyZoLZKm
03-08 08:42

RT @sachgau: I’ve never wanted a cat and then I saw this video and now I want a cat https://t.co/sBVwjiIjGK
03-08 08:22

RT @ominous_words: #SatonakaSaturday reminded me of the fact that Your Affection is a pretty sporty dance, so I let Chie try it. It works a…
03-08 08:06

RT @sion37a3: 三浦翔平のCMもあったけど1番印象に残っているのがブルゾンちえみのCM約3年前という… https://t.co/dutN3wDF3K
03-08 07:53

03-08 07:51

RT @delu_chill: ~~~~ #月永レオ流し ~~~~ https://t.co/W649TDthaP
03-08 07:51

RT @crescentmoontea: the difference between pre-skip and post-time skip quotes from ignatz is so funny. be the change you want to be. be th…
03-08 07:51

RT @_afterblossom_: I found the photo in reddit but no one mentioned the author, not sure the op is the photographer or not.Credit: https:…
03-08 07:50

RT @click_burgundy: https://t.co/V3tDKX5853
03-08 06:14

RT @unitohtoo: the reverse of Dracula {#alucard #Castlevania} https://t.co/dlqToqarzb
03-08 06:14

RT @hyakuraii: stan genjis send tweet https://t.co/Pn3bJYrFkB
03-08 06:13

RT @ssalrobyul: 바깥은 혼자 돌아다니기엔 위험하단다!이 아이들 중 하나를 데려가렴 https://t.co/xzVu2rETgO
03-08 06:04

RT @tsunekawa_: 空と海を注いだクリームソーダ https://t.co/Z0zPzJpEeA
03-08 05:11

RT @PBnTnocontxt: https://t.co/GjQxPrwaHB
03-08 05:10

RT @70_drago: LET IT RIPI CHALLENGE YOU TO THE RING OF FIRE https://t.co/j4HWBnufda
03-08 05:10

RT @Atlus_West: When not in Metaverse, you'll be spending your free time in the real world.Use this time to strengthen your bond with con…
03-08 05:09

RT @screensrant: #StarWars fans sigh with relief as single day goes by without franchise confirming anything that makes #TheRiseOfSkywalker
03-08 05:09

RT @FateGrandOrder: マーリンきたー!2ヶ月半ぶり!!#FGO #バビロニア #FGO_ep7 https://t.co/ClyiAsaIT2
03-08 04:29

RT @baimonart: Shamir https://t.co/2ltNus2UBS
03-08 04:28

RT @Merem110: ここまでのマラソンランナーお疲れマーリン #FGO #バビロニア #FGO_ep7 https://t.co/gN3ffFt7LQ
03-08 04:28

RT @jhocaaaa: 🦌💛 deer prince claude https://t.co/ez3s6B81K7
03-08 04:26

RT @reyswolos: 🌊✨💙 https://t.co/veewglAzQS
03-08 03:07

RT @ToshikiMasuda38: 誕生日です!色んな媒体でお祝いされてうれしいです、ありがとう!でも気持ち的にはまだ延期かな。笑顔で本物の30歳になれる日まで。20代も延長です〜〜☺️
03-08 02:54

RT @mayn_tw: これもう7台目くらい。大好きなおもちゃ。のはずなんだけどな。笑 でも消すと怒る😤 #かわいい https://t.co/OHJLw0zZoP
03-08 02:52

RT @FGOAP_ep7: Episode19 ~絶対魔獣戦線メソポタミアⅠ~をご覧いただいた皆様ありがとうございました。残り2話、藤丸たちの戦いを是非最後まで見届けてください。#FGO #バビロニア #FGO_ep7 https://t.co/7iQ9AJh0fe
03-08 02:52

RT @misokatsup: なんかほんとに狂ってしまって一心不乱にズ!の春からの思い出アルバムを作っていた... https://t.co/BYYXOdqvOe
03-08 02:49

RT @Jack_Septic_Eye: Sickness update: stopped shitting myself
03-08 02:48

RT @misokatsup: 祝 https://t.co/l1jMgYOxQI
03-08 02:44

RT @THTFHQ: Happy Birthday to the talented seiyuu, stage/musical actor, solo artist, UNDEAD's leader, IDOLiSH7 and Marginal #4's vocal, Tos…
03-08 02:44

RT @nin_h: 😭 https://t.co/jriG6cQiJ2
03-08 02:43

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