Tweets of 12th March


RT @royalquintet: Hi friend I tl'd Promise Swords because the lyrics leave me in a sweet puddle of tears... if you like please join me in f…
03-12 23:59

RT @syrcuit: ✨✨ https://t.co/TbkvaEM4PH
03-12 23:59

RT @twst_jp: 【COUNTDOWN】こんなところに来ちゃうなんて……君、運命の女神に見放されてるね。#ツイステ #ディズニー #twistedwonderland https://t.co/ojrPKe41wa
03-12 22:59

RT @hypnosismic: Peace for all 🙌https://t.co/w5P4ZtZD3Y https://t.co/eWcVo5MmTr
03-12 22:58

RT @benskylo: omg so we finally gonna have bts from the death star fight https://t.co/UXYmdKmxpy
03-12 19:54

RT @hypmic_en: In order to prevent the risk of COVID-19, the 5th Live that was scheduled to be held on March 28-29 will be cancelled.Due t…
03-12 19:53

RT @reyssben: i love cinema https://t.co/9hLco8X6Yk
03-12 19:52

RT @adamdriversputa: Some new and old Daisy Ridley bts footage that’s gonna be in the tros dvd 🥺 https://t.co/fR1FLN7Y7J
03-12 19:52

RT @es_StarryStage: 【グッズ協賛ブース情報】4月25日&26日会場にて展開する、イベント先行販売商品ラインナップを公開しました!「あんさんぶるスターズ!!」のイラストを使用したグッズもありますので、お楽しみに♪会場販売に関する詳細は続報をお待ち下さい!詳細…
03-12 19:52

RT @TonyxsteveStony: instructions for half demon parents🤣 #spardafamily https://t.co/cO1XOmPZEt
03-12 19:52

RT @NexusAkayuki: I'm fucking ... baffled at Americans who refuse to vote for free college... or even CHEAPER college like... "Where will…
03-12 13:42

RT @Brink_Thinker: This is so gratifying to watch https://t.co/HtVU0kjsAD
03-12 13:41

RT @lingeringsalt: He was basically dragged to the dark side kicking and screaming I - https://t.co/yMmKRiXlBi
03-12 12:12

RT @AlzzziMi: #ゼルダの伝説 #ゼルダBotW #LegendofZelda #BreathoftheWild Before:「さぁ!」After:「...さぁ!」 https://t.co/K8Q1KDLCNL
03-12 12:11

RT @hatano_official: 本日3月12日はむぎの誕生日です‼︎5歳になりました。おめでとう〜!これからも毎日楽しく暮らそうね。 https://t.co/TMphYyqVzU
03-12 12:11

RT @softssoIo: he in fact did THAT https://t.co/VtG1DtWIlp
03-12 12:10

RT @bentargaryen: that’s how ben became kylo. not because he was evil. not because he wanted to. but because no one wanted him. https://t.c
03-12 12:09

RT @DoodleForFood: Me: I should be careful about not touching my faceAlso me: https://t.co/yVxR5T9KL2
03-12 12:00

RT @KaggyFilms: So someone linked this to me on my discord. Its a clip from @JoeZieja stream... I just have one thing to say... Its true. h…
03-12 11:26

RT @calmt_01: もういいかい? https://t.co/YPcjm4UeHR
03-12 11:22

RT @amiami_amie: 【新商品情報1/2】『あんさんぶくぶスターズ!』より『スマートフォンケース』『パスケース』『マグカップ』各13種が一挙に登場✨本日より あみあみ ほか各小売店様にて受注開始予定!#ぶくスタ #あんスタ https://t.co/JuUC
03-12 11:21

RT @dorumon: i seriosuly can’t stop thinking about this https://t.co/9sYL2fhXuQ
03-12 10:56

03-12 10:38

RT @dileganda: What day should totodile day be on? https://t.co/ck6cyUKJPg
03-12 09:21

RT @haban35: 디미트리 낙서 https://t.co/QcIUMZ0uhL
03-12 09:13

RT @kejokaya: Fallen Star ☄️#ClaudeVonRiegan #fe3h #FireEmblemThreeHouses #illustration #fantasyart https://t.co/hPvsUUXss5
03-12 09:12

RT @JadedCreative: Feel a little optimistic today. So I thought I would tweet my favorite thing. You know what to do. Sound WAY up 🔊🔊🔊 ht…
03-12 08:58

RT @nswnsn1: しつけ https://t.co/aPWVQCEDO4
03-12 08:56

124スクラッチ達成♪ #ヒプマイARB の事前登録キャンペーン企画 #ヒプマイスクラッチバトル にDJとして参加すると、アプリゲーム内で使える豪華特典をGET!仲間も誘って果敢にチャレンジ!! https://t.co/cHlXnHWxEd
03-12 08:50

RT @io31_n: リクエストのやつ! https://t.co/6jRKBSUGDf
03-12 08:08

RT @ltoioiotl: 苦髪 ※雰囲気まんが https://t.co/1YwK1E99KS
03-12 07:18

RT @alcalafa: bleeding#BenSolo #KyloRen https://t.co/y2ySHwQPsw
03-12 05:44

RT @hiomnom: *whispers* This a load of barnacles. https://t.co/8bN57uq0OP
03-12 05:27

RT @blurring_my_day: https://t.co/Xx7Kg8ljJl
03-12 05:27

RT @Capt_Crappy: TROKR proves that women have understood and predicted the storytelling aspect of the st since 2015 and yet we are still pu…
03-12 05:26

RT @Cass_a_rollie: the tragedy of anakin skywalker (I have lots of art that I’ve already posted on my insta that I’m now sharing here) #Sta
03-12 03:37

RT @bunnyclvb: p..lay date https://t.co/1f3O1S7pwQ
03-12 03:17

RT @gwendy85: Just checked mg instagram. I think I'm gonna faint now. https://t.co/NzcERJD918
03-12 02:20

RT @sonicmega: Everyone Else: "Oh come ON! If E3 is cancelled, how are we supposed to get all the latest news about our upcoming games and…
03-12 02:04

RT @lordsoftheseth: https://t.co/nroJK2aoxb
03-12 01:17

RT @_afterblossom_: Star Wars episode X:Rey woke up in the middle of the night and everything happened in TROS is a fucking nightmare
03-12 01:12

RT @ilovestxries: He saw two of the most important women in his life before he turned 😭 https://t.co/mI2Nfw5kDu
03-12 01:12

RT @Kawells00: Dimitri https://t.co/XfrxRSxxeF
03-12 01:12

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