Tweets of 29th March


RT @postedbygaslite: Men who relate to Luke Skywalker and not to Anakin or Ben represent immediate red flags.I’m not joking in the slight…
03-29 15:34

RT @ensemble_stars: 【スカウト予告】30日15時より『スカウト!ニャン銃士』を開催予定🐾⭐5 朔間凛月⭐4 朱桜司▽あらすじESの敷地内で昼寝をしていた凛月。悪夢にうなされて起きると、猫が自分の上に乗っていた。それから猫は凛月を気に入ったのか離…
03-29 15:06

RT @mothcoffee: more patches for all of your natural pathing needs! #AnimalCrossingDesigns #ACNH https://t.co/66GnRaYx3K
03-29 13:58

RT @kwanmaeng: 작년에 태그를 못 달고 올렸어서..! 올해라도 ㅠ0ㅠ#真白友也誕生祭2020 https://t.co/OBal5QGqrF
03-29 13:57

RT @ebisublack: たまに見かける薬で小さくなっちゃうクロレス…しょたク公式で欲しかった… https://t.co/xi5m1XNHZh
03-29 13:57

RT @oosuka_jun: 雪だねハマチ。寒い日はそうやってくっついてくれると暖かいよ。ありがとう。ただね。そこ、我の股間だから…。爪とか立てちゃイヤよ?いきなり駆け出しちゃイヤよ? https://t.co/pxQCofplYN
03-29 13:57

I can't believe Arashi's voice didn't help with this deep team. XD https://t.co/aB4vsl1g5C
03-29 09:35

RT @rebeccasugar: .@CBR asked some hard hitting questions so I gave some hard hitting answers! I know the longtime SU fans will know what I…
03-29 08:17

RT @masami820703: はいこれこれ https://t.co/q8C2Nk8QLe
03-29 08:15

RT @tecochet: [acnh] the nook household https://t.co/XLYJ5lK7QG
03-29 08:15

RT @SimplyAllegra: This is Milo, he is MY SON, and you will love him 😍🐱 https://t.co/29Gvr2DSPv
03-29 08:14

RT @ymtkmt: あんすたくん縦画面いけるじゃん!!!画質は荒れるけど足元までみれる https://t.co/2DjyUJJFLa
03-29 03:14

RT @paper_machette: Nook's Guide to Parenting 101#acnh #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #art #fanart #acnhfanart https://t.co/wmQ7Up7xn6
03-29 03:12

RT @robotoboy: #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons https://t.co/bfPMIWusMS
03-29 03:11

RT @royalquintet: Hey everyone (or i guess ucchu)!! i went ahead and tl'd Leo's idol story from the new app!!i've decided not to put link…
03-29 03:09

RT @catshitgirl: tommy: what’s up you broke bitch!timmy: ...ᵇᶦᵗᶜʰᵎ
03-29 03:08

RT @hiori_35: BRAND NEW STARS!!歌い分け配置はライブユニット選択画面での並びです耳で聞いただけなので確実ではないですが、ベストポジションに推しをどうぞ! https://t.co/r9UKBQWrsH
03-29 03:08

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