Tweets of 7th April


RT @moeshiznit: LOOL #PS4share https://t.co/VJh76FBTvq
04-07 22:11

RT @LennysanArt: The only thing I made that I like. #ACNHDesign #ACNH https://t.co/kEO0SGoGtq
04-07 22:10

RT @ikuyasu_elddrd: 1匹だけしばらく姿を見てない猫がいる事が気になり原稿が手につかず、夜中の3時に探し回ってやっと見つけました😩大きい声で名前呼んでも返事しなかったクセに、見つけた時に呼んだら「ん?」とか言って来てチャボォ〜〜💢 https://t.co/E
04-07 20:41

RT @hypnosismic: こんブクロ🤚🌝🌝🌝👍4th LIVE〝まずは“イケブクロダイジェスト🎬▶️ソロい踏みのソロ👟👟👟もちろんIWGPおはブクロ🌞感謝感激袋叩き袋小路🦉アーイ🙌🎞https://t.co/eazDfhfB3W🔎https://t.co
04-07 20:35

RT @ebi_baum: 「だからこそ魔法薬は……」等、⚗️先生が真面目に解説してる時にふと目が合いたいでしょ #twstプラス https://t.co/6rTEF6hKY4
04-07 20:34

RT @lcvleymalfoys: and that’s on that https://t.co/A6T1wljJxX
04-07 11:48

Raziel as an Ensemble Stars idol! Unit: KnightsClub: Archery ClubHair: Soap Orange and curlyEye color: SandstoneSpecialty: KarateLikes: CosplayOther: Is a megane#shindanmakerhttps://t.co/sQoyIdLtsR
04-07 11:47

RT @mascgay: me: everyone else: https://t.co/KsXM4qZEsT
04-07 11:47

RT @acnhfashion: ✨The Spellcaster Collection: Bonus Designs✨a few variations on previous designs plus a brand new dress and hat! 🌒#ACNH
04-07 11:46

RT @akechgoro: https://t.co/XkBJKL6RyL
04-07 11:45

RT @hypnosismic_arb: \App Store・Google Play✨無料Appランキング1位✨記念/🎊多くの方にプレイいただいたお礼に【Twitterヘッダー】を配布開始❗🎊👇公式サイト内「SPECIAL」ページ、ダウンロードアイテムへアクセス…
04-07 11:44

RT @crossingrosie: i found this on tumblr concerning the turnips!! i found it really clear and it’s the only one that made me understand ho…
04-07 10:27

RT @CHORU_P: 猫太郎を守るためのしっぽ https://t.co/2F6EkRdSMJ
04-07 10:23

RT @EIegantJapan: Seasons of Japan at Genko-an Temple https://t.co/0I7xPq38pW
04-07 10:23

RT @MarienneMaid: Bad Robot’s production process on The Rise of Skywalker https://t.co/6Y4fG118FD
04-07 10:22

RT @Lionsgate: #thankyourianjohnson https://t.co/TgWVM7P6Mu
04-07 10:22

RT @UltimaShadowX: Did anyone else get this weird cutscene in Persona 5 Royal? https://t.co/cPfz5HbJ5o
04-07 09:29

RT @binobinyo: ちゅ〜がくせ〜その③ https://t.co/mCEfHF4IZw
04-07 09:19

RT @vibeswithcisco: a whole ass mood https://t.co/h4KYaia0Ee
04-07 09:19

RT @slitherup: Desperately trying to juggle playing Persona 5 Royal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons https://t.co/ifUerRjkz2
04-07 06:04

RT @KnivesOut: https://t.co/OeOLkX8WZB
04-07 06:00

RT @GeorgeTakei: Oh, how heartwarming this was. 💕 Loving these #SomeGoodNews videos, bravo, @johnkrasinski! https://t.co/fyB2IKltJP
04-07 05:59

RT @grangershug: dying at their faces when lockhart started his first lesson please ashsjaj https://t.co/CdyOzRf5qs
04-07 05:37

RT @Skeli_Aura: Figured I’d share it here too. This guy explains it really well. I had a hard time explaining this to my mom when we had to…
04-07 04:39

RT @Kyuubs: i am once again asking for you to think about nyaitsu i want them on my island,,,,#knights #enstars https://t.co/ln8bO2FZbo
04-07 04:38

RT @vibeswithcisco: missing the bts of tlj a lot right now https://t.co/ekZbtzSblI
04-07 04:17

RT @THTFHQ: UMake to hold 3rd live in May #声優 #ユーメイク #UMake #伊東健人 #中島ヨシキ #TRIPPERS https://t.co/nvzWJBGnyv https://t.co/sbbOU4N5wn
04-07 03:32

RT @r_r_N_3: どうかその剣で導いて#朱桜司誕生祭2020遅刻ごめんなさい!改めて司お誕生日おめでとう~! https://t.co/vpw4DgecEk
04-07 02:21

RT @MdrnPMC: ライブ最高でした…!🙏✨ https://t.co/irB8tJgdNa
04-07 02:13

RT @melissafumeros: john krasinski and emily blunt surprising a hamilton fan by having the entire original broadway cast join their zoom an…
04-07 02:07

RT @kiha_ki: ジャックくん、我が島に来てくださああいいよぉぉぉ~~ #ACNH #どうぶつの森 https://t.co/oXN5Nijvel
04-07 01:00

RT @plus0_minus: 急に現パロで卒アルver.証明写真のような青いグラデ背景に真正面ネクタイ制服はアイテムとして強いかなり(以下妄想)百はロン毛でボサボサでも卒アルの全ページの中でひときわ端正で目立ってて今まで百のこと知らなかった同級生がアルバムで「このロン…
04-07 00:21

RT @BABA_knights: 꽃 브러쉬가 넘 취향이라 써보고 싶었다.리츠~ https://t.co/ncFYkBBqpi
04-07 00:21

RT @satorosona: ヒプマイライブ5thありがとう…最高に楽しかったよ…何度も見たよ…ハマカッコ良かった、描いた…ありがとう…😂 https://t.co/dZwkAVjCz5
04-07 00:21

RT @junya_ikeda2710: 念願のドームライブ、一生に一度の晴れ舞台。夢は叶わなかったけれど…でも大丈夫。おもいっきりしゃがむほど、いっぱい助走をとるほど、誰よりも高く高く跳べるから!!『アタマんなか、未来しか考えてない一等賞!スーパースター!オレがきっと…
04-07 00:20

RT @saffiecrossing: HAHAHA https://t.co/tG0Lf4Ktf4
04-07 00:19

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