Tweets of 9th April


RT @AbemaTV: #アベマでヒプマイライブ 🙌Abemaビデオ限定✨\🤍麻天狼LIVE後メッセージ公開🤍/#シンジュク・ディビジョンが語った推しポイントは…#鬼龍院翔 が楽曲提供のあの曲で "パーティーしちゃった"#速水奨 #伊東健人😎先輩たちに…
04-09 13:27

RT @Juiceman513: People mad creative https://t.co/wBXANtRN2R
04-09 12:06

RT @poopue_: a cupable piggy 🐗🤲#鬼滅の刃 #kimetsunoyaiba https://t.co/VulyppGi7I
04-09 12:04

RT @esasi8794: 持ってないので、描くね https://t.co/wnzGEQT7nt
04-09 11:20

RT @philly_bernie: Bernie's campaign is only SUSPENDED, which means we can still vote for him in the primary and he can get more delegates…
04-09 11:19

RT @PleaseBeGneiss: I think today I’ll start writing in a jolonel
04-09 11:08

RT @ebi_baum: 「マジカメにあげんの?いいよぉ」(リクエスト:スマホ背景サイズの🦈※原寸なのでデカいです) #twstプラス https://t.co/U8ndqOYM2Q
04-09 10:53

RT @Kotaku: Hong Kong protests come to Animal Crossing: https://t.co/My8NufDqTb https://t.co/W489joXi28
04-09 09:43

RT @shenanigansen: https://t.co/eiFW1OYkG1
04-09 07:52

RT @noctilin: some cops are good https://t.co/m1gxG4GddL
04-09 07:52

RT @akechgoro: well at least he tried to be nice about it https://t.co/1ICHhKlbWe
04-09 05:06

RT @JoeZieja: One of you is reading this on the toilet and I wanted to say good luck, we all believe in you
04-09 03:59

RT @hamlinton_: my dad sent me this and i am LOSING MY MIND https://t.co/DWFXBapxZq
04-09 03:44

RT @RealistComics: Stay home https://t.co/XkPdudtNdS
04-09 03:12

RT @denkimouse: 🔥we are all in this together!!🔥🔥stay strong!!!🔥#PROMARE https://t.co/edShr5nhJ6
04-09 02:57

RT @OoCPokemon: https://t.co/Jih0024KCB
04-09 01:55

RT @aozora_010203: ✨ https://t.co/x3Eb9ECeaB
04-09 01:42

RT @sakura_Emon: 零ちゃん https://t.co/jZn7VG9cWr
04-09 01:42

RT @sunflwrwiegner: i’m literally so fuckinf hurt about all of this i don’t think y’all understand. he was the one hope we had for this cou…
04-09 01:19

RT @radiotomo: 「伊東健人と中島ヨシキがあなたを夢中にさせるラジオ〜ゆめラジ〜」第82回配信です【パーソナリティ 伊東健人&中島ヨシキ】みなさん楽しく過ごしていますか!?ゆめラジのトークを聞いて楽しんでくださいね♪https://t.co/CNcRHut12
04-09 00:33

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