Tweets of 2nd May


RT @maccccccya: 💀(🔥)監 🐶×3寮廊下にて「──どこにも行けなくなればいいのに」#twstプラス⚠︎監督生姿あり、喋る https://t.co/QxrH7hL5ve
05-02 11:33

RT @ntsn21: あんスタの、関係性の変化に伴って相手の名前の呼び方も変わるのがめちゃくちゃ好きなんだけど、作中でここまでキャラ同士の呼び名が変わるの珍しくない?あんスタの特徴 https://t.co/dJwNwFHeds
05-02 11:33

RT @seraruko: fruit must literally be half his size #marshal https://t.co/Uq8GAJZe1U
05-02 08:42

RT @andispyral: so like, kung fu panda 2's villain didn't have to go so hard but dreamworks animation studio was like "what if we went 1000…
05-02 08:41

RT @on_mt_p: 🇮🇳兄弟セットでお届け🎁🎁💨 https://t.co/lK1If2RQ1i
05-02 08:40

RT @redona_2846: #どうぶつの森 ちゃちゃまる・・・・w https://t.co/sJFpesNyL8
05-02 08:29

RT @r_r_N_3: やっと5人揃って撮影できた🥳 https://t.co/tjCIdj2Mzs
05-02 08:26

RT @akechgoro: they're so cute https://t.co/XqgeunnvxQ
05-02 05:33

RT @zomayuan: Showtime!☀️#P5R #makoto #新島真 #ペルソナ5 https://t.co/R2PhpsoDMe
05-02 02:59

RT @uniyumemi: 藤の花 https://t.co/TP6MIGwlfp
05-02 01:46

RT @ephemeral_smile: you ever think about how little we know about wataru? it's been 5 years and all we know about his private life is that…
05-02 00:45

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